Fighters React to UFC 169 Main Event Stoppage Via Twitter

February 2, 2014
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Renan Barao defended the UFC bantamweight title for the first time at UFC 169 in Newark, N.J. on Saturday, dispatching of Urijah Faber in the first round, but some felt it was an early stoppage.

Following the event, fighters reacted to the stoppage via Twitter.






















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  • FrankB

    This was Barao’s third title defense, not his first.

    • Kevin

      First title defence as the undisputed champ. Had interim champ label prior to this fight.

  • Denny Swain

    But “what if “, faber was “clowning ” like silva, then he didn’t really lose fight. Right????? I mean, silva got ko ‘d and broken up by weidman yet somehow weidman didn’t i guess there will be no more losers, because of the “what ifs “.

  • André Maranzato

    Mark Bocek said it all.

    • Maddawgmar

      There is no way of knowing. Faber was doing okay and hanging in there with Barao until he got rocked. Had he been given a chance to recover, you never know what could have happened

      • André Maranzato

        It’s just my 2 cents but I believe there’s no one who can compete with Barao atm. Just like there’s no one who can compete with Bones or Cain in their respective divisions.

        • some dude

          Not so sure about Bones, there still is Mousasi who would offer quite a few problems. Jones knows he is going to lose soon, hence him pushing for a super fight. Gotta secure that large pay check before your stock drops.

  • Chicago

    i use to like Ian McCall… until i started to focus on his personality. He is kind of an ahole.

  • uncle

    Looks like a lot of fighters were drunk tweeting
    because ,your body shouldn’t have to go limp for a stoppage, so Herb did the right thing

  • LazyM

    World class NCAA wrestler had Barao’s leg and was working for the takedown from the bottom. Does Herb Dean even understand wrestling!! Dana better make this up to Faber quickly or he will never see another $54.99 from me!!!

    • Cam

      Did you not see the first fight? Faber landed 0 of 14 takedowns. Do you seriously think a rocked, injured Faber was gonna land a powerful double leg and win the fight?

  • Rence

    Its very likely that the end result would have been the same, but at the time i do think faber was defending himself. Yeah Barao was throwing those hammer fists but how many were actually hitting anything but fabers arm/hand and doing any real damage?

    And while its likely that the end result would have been in favor of Barao, anything can and usually DOES happen…just look at the Varner/Trujillo fight. Varner was >< from winning that then BOOM! he's out and Trujillo is getting his hand raised. So, never know. I get that Herb has to protect the fighters but i'm just not convinced that Uriah was i that much danger when the stoppage came.

  • horace

    Faber is a loser.

  • the bold truth

    hum …No more highlight videos from UFC. Booooo

  • richard duncan

    I think (Herb) was stoned, Hennan had looked at (Herb) and was like, whats up? you going to stop this fight or what? (Herb) being stoned was like, OK dude! There, that’s why (Herb Dean) stopped the biggest fight of FABERS career.FUCKING POT HEAD>lol