Fighters React to Roy Nelson’s UFC Fight Night 39 KO of Minotauro Nogueira Via Twitter

April 12, 2014
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Following Roy Nelson’s stunning first-round knockout of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC Fight Night 39 in Abu Dhabi on Friday, fighters took to Twitter to react. Nelson knocked Nogueira down early in the opening round and finished with a one-punch knockout that left some questioning whether it’s time for the Brazilian fighting legend to hang up the gloves.









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  • lowlb

    I agree with Mike Brown that it was tough to watch. Big Nog was too tough/proud to stay down. Watching a guy, barely conscious with his hands down, get knocked out like that.. Betty White could have thrown that last punch and big nog would’ve gone down.
    Was DW surprised? Hopefully Big Nog will save some brain cells and call it a day..

    • Seth

      Doubt it. He’s name is still some sort of a draw. Even if he’s done with UFC, he will do same thing as Cro Cop or Fedor did – and he will just go wherever he can make some coin.

      • TW

        I think you’re right. Hope you are wrong. These guys have to think ahead and have more concern for their health after they hang em up. More and more research is showing just how damaging it is to get blasted in the head too many times. I don’t want to see legendary guys like Nog drooling on themselves 10 years from now.

        • Seth

          You don’t need research, just look at Wand. He barerly speaks and barerly can be called “Intelligent life form”

  • julian moran

    That’s what happens when you put a slow fighter against Nelson. That Nog. was too proud to run, decided to stand and trade with Nelson, did not help his case.

    • Bucket of Chicken

      Nog has more heart and is tougher than all the keyboard warriors combined.

  • Jon Doe

    Nog still had pretty good hand speed for his age and wear on his body. However, he has no head movement, no lateral movement and was visibly slow (movement wise). He stood toe to toe plodding forward against a known heavy hitter, got hit with at least 10 overhand rights. I know he was coached and trained for that specifically, yet he was still unable to avoid it. This tells me he was unable to and a clear sign he needs to hang em up.