Fighters React to Ronda Rousey’s UFC 184 Arm Bar Win Over Cat Zingano Via Twitter

March 2, 2015
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Following women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey’s arm bar finish of Cat Zingano in the UFC 184 main event on Saturday, fighters took to Twitter to react to the record-setting fasted submission in a UFC title fight.

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  • Sadstrangelittleman

    Evans-Smith is really posting about wanting the belt? How do you pop for PEDs and get suspended and then thinks it’s logical to post that you want her belt cause she is in your organization and division?? A simple congrats would have been better………

    • kateperry

      WillisI get ㎩id fօr ㍵er <-$87 peraո hօur wօrk㏌g frօm hօme with 2 kidѕ at hօme. I ոever thօ㎍ht I'd be abᇉ tօ dօ it but my best frieոd ear㎱ ㍵er 10k a mօոth dօ㏌g thiѕ aոd ѕhe ㏇ոⅵոŒd me tօ try. The pօteոtial with thiѕ iѕ eոdᇉѕѕ. Hereѕ w㏊t I've beeո dօ㏌g,


    • Stephen seeley

      not stickin up for her, her comment was mad dumb. but i think ashlee got caught using diuretics (to pee a lot and make weight) not peds.

      • Sadstrangelittleman

        A diuretic is a PED. It is not steroids but is still classified as a PED

        • Tyree D’artargnon Brasillio

          No, no it is not.

          • Sadstrangelittleman

            Yes, yes it is. It’s used to lose excess water weight to aid in weight cutting plus it is used to mask the use of steroids.

        • Stephen seeley

          oh really? my bad :/

  • Fundamental

    Pretty sure it was a joke dude.

  • Nate Blank

    I head it took her longer to finish off her first chicken wing post fight victory dinner.

  • Jerry Deil

    Anyone say cyborg?

  • Thefind

    I’m not sure who is going to pay for her fights anymore. It was an exciting 14 seconds… but still… only 14 seconds. They better find her some competition if they want to make more money on her.

  • dmoore334

    I really dont understand why everyone hypes her up. All her fights are freaking boring. She cant fight at all. She immediately goes for the armbar every fight because either she cant stand and fight those women or thats all she knows how to do. I don’t think she is as great as everyone says. This was boring as hell. I feel sorry for the people who pay for her boring fights. I want to see a fight not women/men tussling on the mat.

    • Ricky

      I don’t think words can describe how stupid you are but it’s ok everybody has an opinion.

    • SingingBreeze

      I am speechless at your ignorant comment

    • Tony Brackett

      you dont watch the woman fight? the 2 previous fights she did win pretty much off the matt. she is a very strong and wicked fighter and i think she needs to step up in class to at least the 160 LB level. the woman in her class are no match for her. the last 3 fights for a combined 91 seconds.

    • cere tomer

      And the very first comment that popped up was your stupid comment. Of all the luck.

    • truthsay

      Gosh, you are ignorant. I am lost at words to describe how dumb you are!!

    • Jonathan

      So if a great fighter knows how to take out an opponent with great technique in 14 seconds instead of getting knocked around the ring for a while, it makes the fight boring? Post interview Ronda said these quick fights will help her last longer in the sport. Instead of knocking Ronda for boring fights, you should be knocking the rest of the weight class for their inability to become great.

    • John Floyd

      Cool your jets folks. No one’s that dumb. He’s simply trolling.

  • GeneralLee_Write

    I love the insightful tweets that say, “Wow”. Twitter is so useful.

  • RandomUser

    P4P best female fighter in the globe.

  • pogodog

    Doesn’t anyone get it? Ronda was trained to be a champion since she was 5 years old by her mom, another champion. Most of the other women got into MMA because they went to a gym to lose weight or get in better condition and than discovered fighting. There isn’t another woman in the world that Ronda can’t do anything she pleases.

  • dandogood

    Rousey is a super star and the UFC’s biggest attraction. Cyborg is a disease that cannot be allowed into ther UFC. Keep the UFC clean and Cyborg out.