Fighters React to Ronda Rousey’s UFC 170 Win Over Sara McMann Via Twitter

February 23, 2014
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Following the UFC 170: Rousey vs. McMann main event on Saturday from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, fighters took to Twitter in reaction to Ronda Rousey’s first round TKO of Sara McMann.





































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  • put me in the sauna coach

    Ben Askren wins most compelling tweet.

  • CyborgVsRuddy

    Ben Askren’s tweet is the most realistic and on point tweet of them all. I bet if it had been Ronda going down Herb would’ve let her recover and given her plenty of time. And for Ronda to say she focused on the liver shot during camp, LOL, what a moron. She landed a lucky shot and all of the sudden she’s saying she had trained for it all along. You could tell she was lying. Now…enter the Cyborg!!! We’ll see who drops who.

    • deepgrim

      i agree with askren too, but the shot was not lucky, she landed 2 or 3 on the liver before hand, they started to add up.

    • Bogo

      She was landing that knee the entire time. Now I agreed with everything you said up until the point where you said she landed a lucky shot. She landed 6 left knees to the same general area before she landed the last knee that buckled Sara. That’s not luck, that’s probability. YOU sound like a moron. Bad stoppage it was, lucky shot it was not.

  • horace

    Sara Mcmann looked terrible

  • horace

    Does Cyborg realize her big mouth has closed the UFC door for him forever. Cyborg is in no position to tell Dana anything. Cyborg will never fight in the UFC ever at 135lbs unless on a 7 fight contract with Rousey being the 7th fight 3 years from now.

    • afansinceufc1

      Horace pull your head out of rhonda’s azz you comment on every comment that does not hail your queen. Does she pay your internet bill?

    • TheCerealKiller

      Oh, I’m sorry. The #1 pound for pound, on everyones list besides the UFC, women fighter in the world can tell Dana anything she wants. Ronda is the Fedor of WMMA right now. WMMA is so weak right now and she is simply ahead of the pack. Cyborg is way ahead of her on skills. Ronda is going to get smashed if she fights Cyborg.

      • Jimmy Rebel

        actually, Rousey is much more technical than Cyborg. she can be #1 nuclear physicist, #1 dog catcher, #1 ping pong player in the world she still can’t tell Dana White what to do. she can inject her overly entitled opinion all she wants but she’s in no position to make demands. sounds to me like Dana doesn’t even want her in the UFC he’s not going to be on his hands and knees begging her anytime soon. the woman has more testosterone than Brock Lesnar, and I use the term woman loosely. in case you haven’t kept up with the media, several doctors have advised against her dropping to 135 for health reasons.

  • Ricky Muller

    Early stop but she a beast

  • Bogo

    That stoppage was early, and that fight was disappointing to watch.

    • Jimmy Rebel

      I thought it was a damn good fight until the early stoppage.

      • Bogo

        It was, that’s what’s so disappointing. They got off some pretty good shots on each other and it looked like for the first time there was gonna be a really competitive bout for the women’s belt.

  • Seth

    J-Lau commented it best. And Im pretty shocked that so many fighters say it was early…Was Pettis/Cerrone early? Yeah, she was on her way back up – but it’s like Sarah said after the fight, you can’t make your liver stronger. She would be out in a few seconds again. I was (un)lucky enough to be hit like that. So many people do not realize what good body shot does to you. I can understand guys like Swanson saying it was early – some of them are tough as nails and would try to fight through that, but I don’t care how tough are you – liver shot works on every single human being. No exceptions here. Deal with it and look for other reason to hate on Rousey, because she made her way up, pissing people off on her way. It all comes down to what Kos says “Love me or hate me, I don’t care”. As long as you watch her fight, either if its to see her win or see her lose – you still put money/attention into her case.

  • horace

    Sara Mcmann barely beat the terrible sad Baszler and now after the Rousey destruction Mcmann has been exposed as a nothing.

  • horace

    There is no woman’s division in the UFC without Rousey. the rest of the woman are dull are plain are boring and are extremely hard to look at. really hard to look at.

  • KOKO

    Actually, Shayna Baszler would be the most technical opponent but RR would make her look like a paperdoll besides they’re galfriends

  • uncle

    Brian Stann had the best tweet nobody can see what Herb saw
    its safety first ,instant replay and camera angles is just not the
    same, when your 3ft away from a fighter that is in pain you
    want to prevent injuries