Fighters React To Matt Brown’s UFC Fight Night 40 Win Over Erick Silva Via Twitter

May 11, 2014
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Following the UFC Fight Night main event on Saturday from the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, fighters took to Twitter to react to Matt Brown’s TKO win over Erik Silva.

























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  • Darin

    Settle down folks. It was a good fight, but not one of the greats. Silva’s ability to take a beating was the only thing that kept it going and a fight needs to be more competitive to be great.

    Brown showed what makes him so dangerous. If you land a devastating shot it just pisses him off and makes him beat you worse.

    • DanaDisownedMe

      Yeah. He’s probably the only fighter who starts a fight, going for the kill. No feeling out process. If he gets hurt, he’s durable enough to recover, and he immediately comes back twice as hard as when he started. Every other fighter makes adjustments in their technique so they don’t get caught again. Matt doesn’t care, he’s just out to take heads off. Like Fedor.

  • jimmy777

    Matt Brown made me chit myself! Great fight!

  • sleepwalker

    Tyron T-Wood Woodley ✔

    He got my stomach kinda cold, my power wasn’t there, and you deserve a title what? Does he know how to tie your belt G? #ImDone @ufc
    6:55 AM – 11 May 2014

    ..and still a douche, douche of the night award goes to.., wait for it? And that´s not the only comment from douche-man!

  • André Maranzato

    Dat Chuck Liddell mascot…