Fighters React to Luke Rockhold’s Submission of Lyoto Machida Via Twitter

April 19, 2015
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Following Luke Rockhold’s second-round submission of Lyoto Machida at UFC on Fox 15 on Saturday, fighters took to Twitter to react to his dominating performance.

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  • FXSTC1

    When I saw him on the Millionair Matchmaker and he asked his date if she spit or swallowed, I decided that I was no longer a fan.

    • TheCerealKiller

      You wouldn’t like most athletes if you got an inside look at their behaviors.

      • FXSTC1

        I’m starting to see that more clearly now.

      • JimmyJimmy

        you wouldn’t like anybody if you got an inside look at their behaviors

    • Sir_Roy

      Yeah … put these celebrity types under the “faith in humanity” microscope, and you’re liable to fall into depression. Love em or hate em for their talent, and leave the rest I say. They are not heroes. They are not model human beings. They are cage fighters. That is all.

      • FXSTC1

        Good thoughts.

    • lostinsnow

      Am I supposed to find any comment meaningful by someone that
      watch millionaire matchmaker?

  • Mikep

    Great win,.He’s still acts like a punk

  • Luke Swallows

    Great fighter, but a complete douchebag

  • ulovemybehind

    Them fighters that go to twitter are all douches. Ha ha, what a joke. Twitter #Itweatasskisskisstogetufcattentionandcauseilikedanapusspuss

  • Bo Guss

    There’s still Jacare. He’s #1 contender for a reason. I’d love to see a next in line match between Souza vs Rockhold. Winner gets the champ between Weidman vs Belfort.