Fighters React to Junior dos Santos’ UFC on Fox 13 Win Over Stipe Miocic Via Twitter

December 14, 2014
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Following the UFC on Fox 13 main event on Saturday, fighters took to the social media site Twitter to react to Junior dos Santos’ decision win over Stipe Miocic.

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  • Austin, TX

    Stipe won the fight. Robbed in broad daylight. Dana, Cain vs Stipe for title.

    • kale

      Jds won rds 3 4 5 and i would be fine if it was a draw also. Jds is getting beat up to much and i would bet his face has taken so much damage that he’ll be busted open everytime he takes a punch.

      • kale

        Jds vs brown

  • fonzob1

    There is no way Stipe won that fight. JDS won rounds 3, 4, and 5 no question.

  • dandogood

    Great 5 round epic war between two tough warriors. Both were winners along with the UFC. Why waste time with clowns like the Diaz brothers when all these good men are ready to rumble in the uFC.

  • dave

    great fight, close one, could have gone either way, can’t understand the 49-46 judges though…

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    Dont get hung up on the scorecards, JDS had the knockdown, Stipe didnt. Plus JDS landed better shots over all. JDS won but exposed himself a little bit too, he is completely one dimensional and bit out of shape now too

    • deepgrim

      jds looked a bit slower alright, not sure if that was extra muscle or ring rust but he didnt impress like i thought he would. i gave the last 3 rounds to jds but wouldnt have been outraged if stipe got the decision- looked like he tired as the fight wore on. jds didnt mix up his game at all exclusively boxing

  • Patriot

    Great fight! JDS won it, but not 4 rounds. Stipe won the 1st and 2nd. JDS knocked him down and hurt him bad in the third. The 4th was the closest round, but I think JDS took it and he definitely carried the 5th. Great fight though!

  • mmafanguy

    People seem to forget that this sport is judge roud by round! An unanimous decision of 50-45 can still be a close fight if the judge think that the winner did a little better at every round. So saying that the fight is to close to be a 49-46 make no sense. The only think you can say is that you are disagree that Jds won 4 round.

  • Bradtruefight

    Good fight??? A war? WTF!!! This only show me how the heavyweight suck big time… This suck was bad. Seriously the heavyweight division suck big time, this fight was lame and boring. There a serious lack of talent in this division, they are just un bunch of jobbers…

    • SickOfButthurtFans

      I think you watched a different fight, idiot. oh and its spelt “sucks”. go watch WWE

      • Bradtruefight

        wwe is for moron like you