Fighters React To Jon Jones’ UFC 172 Win Over Glover Teixeira Via Twitter

April 27, 2014
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Following UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones’ seventh title defense at UFC 172 on Saturday, fighters took to Twitter to react to his one-sided unanimous decision win over Glover Teixeira.






















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  • Jason Jones

    Champions DEFEAT their opponents, JJ needed the judges to say he won and against a guy that never should have had a title shot in the first place, what rank was he anyway? 7th?
    All coming after judges made sure he kept his belt in his previous fight against a man that beat him.
    Another bland champion for the UFC.

    • #bonesknows

      You would rather have Gus as champ? He wouldn’t last a tenth of the time that Jones will. Bones will beat Gus again, just wait and see.

    • MuayThaiFood

      The outcome of the his last fight was arguable but that has nothing to do with his performance against Texeira, who is ranked #3 right behind Gus and was as deserving as anyone in the LHW roster aside from Gus. He was on a 20 fight win streak before Saturday night. Jones is fighting Gus next so I don’t really see a reason for the rant. It was an awesome performance against a tough but outclassed opponent. They both get my respect. Still pulling for Gus in the next fight though.

    • George C

      You’re right.

      GSP = GAY4LIFE

    • Wowyouaredumb

      Umm, JJ has 5 finishes and 3 decisions in title fights. So the majority of the time, you are an idiot since your criticism is not even really a criticism since noone has ever had a 100% finishing rate. And he didn’t need the judges to say he won. It may have gone 5, but there is not a single person on the planet that would say he lost that fight. As for is fight with Alex, that was by no means clear cut. I saw it as a draw more than a win for either guy.

    • derek

      you are the ultimate hater…Jones is anything but bland, he uses amazing techniques that nobody has used before

    • MostHated

      According to the UFC, as of April 21st, he is ranked #2. Since you don’t know who is even ranked, I see why you would make an uneducated comment about him losing a fight, when he actually beat Gustafsson and WON, which is defeating your opponent! Go educate yourself because you’re looking pretty stupid. Did JJ have his hand raised after the fight with Gus? Just answer that?

      • Cuzz

        I like the criticisms of Jason Jones by people who try to argue against his claim that Glover was ranked 7 or so. MostHated, who did Glover beat to be ranked 2-3? Yes, UFC had him at 3. But did he beat anyone in the top 10 today? Oh yeah, one. Ryan freaken Bader. Ranked 9 right now. Ranked 12 when he fought Glover. So Glover, who came in ranked 8 beats rank 12 and becomes rank 3? WHAT? Don’t be stupid. His rank was false.

        • MostHated

          Maybe you should write UFC and tell them not to be stupid! Did i make up the rankings? No, I was making a point, which was RIGHT! Thank you very much.

  • George C

    Jon Jones = P4P KING + GOAT

    Ronda Rousey = Female GOAT

    USA = #1

    • Cuzz

      Ronda isn’t a GOAT until she fights Cyborg.

  • D Graham

    Jason Jones its obvious u don’t watch much MMA if u say Glover didn’t deserve a shot and he is ranked 8th. Glover is the #3 ranked light heavy weight in the world if u gonna hate make sense please big ups to Glover from not giving up on that on slaught Jones gave. And Jon Jones rumble young man rumble.

    • deepgrim

      i thought glover would have a good chance if he could get inside jones range. but jones allowed this for all of the first round and was still out working glover. was a great performance again by jones. Big fights ahead against gus and likely DC, if he can beat them then he is surely the GOAT

    • Cuzz

      Actually the other guy is correct. Glover is ranked #8. He only eat Bader (raned 12 at the time, now 9) and Rampage who was around rank 10. Tehuna wasn’t top 10, nor was his other win.

  • I think the way you had to look at it, if it is a title fight, then the challenger needs to be dominated. If it ends in a draw, it should always go to the Titleholder, as i don’t think anyone would accept a champion that one in a match that could go either way.