Fighters React to Johny Hendricks Winning UFC Welterweight Title Via Twitter

March 16, 2014
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Following UFC 171 on Saturday at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, fighters reacted to Johny Hendricks becoming the new welterweight champion via Twitter.
































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  • Piotr

    Crybaby Diaz.

  • Ron Bidelman Jr.

    And of course thiers crybaby Diaz. Those Diaz sisters have zero brain cells. They lose and still talk shit??? LoL

  • Maddawgmar

    Effin Rory. Why is he always calling people out to fight him in his back yard? I was starting to like the kid and he says stuff like that. If you call out someone especially the champ, you fight them anywhere, otherwise you sound like a wuss. He did the same thing to Condit. I hate his smug demeanor.

    • El Gvapo

      Couldn’t agree with you more my friend. Like you say, you have to go and get the belt, not sit there and demand it comes to you. It’s not like he’s even the number 1 contender right now, he should be clamouring for a shot whenever, wherever, not specifying the event in his hometown. Pathetic.

  • Seth

    1. No one wants to see MacDonald fighting for the belt now. Get to the line, son. 2. HOLY SHIT! DOMINICK CRUZ IS STILL ALIVE!?

    • Lucas Freire

      I heard he injured his ACL after this tweet.

      • Seth

        lol, good one 😀

  • Jon Doe

    I’m betting on Big Dong to be champ in 2014, Hendricks was average at best and got handled by Lawler. Woodley wasnt impressive neither, he actually look relieved after Condit injured himself, People keep saying the overhand rights but Condit was in control pushing the fight. He’s like Diaz, crazy cardio, iron chin and he just wears on you until you break. Erick Silva, Big Dong, Diaz, Lombard and Rory (if they actually try) these are the real guys at the top.

    • Lucas Freire

      I disagree. As time goes by I think Diaz only goes further and further behind on the WW division, these guys are on always improving, while he decides its better to keep on smoking some green till a new champ comes out and he begs for a shot.
      I think the all the top5 fighters would demolish him.