Fighters React to Hector Lombard Testing Positive for Steroids Via Twitter

February 11, 2015
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Following the news on Tuesday that UFC welterweight Hector Lombard tested positive to steroids following his UFC 182 fight against Josh Burkman, fighters took to Twitter to react.

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  • Seth

    Matt Van Buren…? Who the heck is he and why his tweet is so important? Dude should just go back to losing fights and getting knocked out. That way he won’t have to worry about failing his own drug test, since he won’t make it to the UFC, where everyone is getting caught…

    On side note, Lawlor’s tweet was awesome 😀

  • dana

    Matt is in the ufc

    • JJDNB

      Dana please ban this cheater.

  • Raymond Gonzalez

    Why, O why is Tom Lawlor NOT a color commentator for UFC/FOX?

  • Darin

    Who is Rothwell to comment on this?

    • Simon

      Devil’s advocacy: Ben tested for extra testosterone (which, although a steroid, is something the body produces) using a medical practice that was ludicrously allowed at the time. He was so barely over and was so well within levels throughout his camp that the commission declared they didn’t believe he was trying to cheat and offered only a warning, not even suspended (it was the UFC that went above and beyond the commission by suspending Ben). Ben even applauded the decision and said it’s good to have proof that the UFC is going after cheaters.

      Hey, popping a test is popping a test and the fighters should still be accountable for their actions, but there is a bit of difference between some guy doing designer bodybuilding steroids and some guys own hormones going off-kilter during regulatory procedure, so let’s not try to crucify the guy as a hypocrite.

      • JJDNB

        Didn’t know any of that. Thanks for sharing

  • taylor2008

    Dana should kick these roidheads out on their second offense. No 2 strikes!



  • james j


  • clarkw90

    Y’all scared to comment on Anderson Silva? He should be kicked out of the UFC, GOAT removed from his name and he should be branded a cheater for life. You know, if he got caught once, he must have done it before. Tis ain’t the first time only the first time getting caught. Anyways, let them all use PEDs, y’all only seem to want blood and violence, there’s y’alls means for it to happen.

  • Arxangel1

    I thought this sport was supposed to be the toughest people fighting each other. Cheating shows a lack of confidence. So, these cheaters and “champs” lack confidence, willpower and work ethic to achieve results. Have to laugh at Burkman’s comments. If Cagefighting is your only ability to feed yourself and your family in this life, then you are not a valued member of society. Dana is okay with them doing roids, just not getting caught. After all, he sets up big name fights with no intentions of them happening just to sell tickets..then the fight gets ‘cancelled’. This sport has become a haven for straight up cowards.