Fighters React To Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone’s Head Kick Finish of Jim Miller Via Twitter

July 17, 2014
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Following UFC Fight Night 45 in Atlantic City on Wednesday, fighters took to Twitter to react to Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone’s second-round finish of Jim Miller in the main event.

The fight wasn’t without controversy. Early in the second round, Cerrone delivered a front kick to the body of Miller, sending Miller crumbling to the canvas. Referee Dan Miragliotta momentarily stopped the action thinking the kick was low. The fight was immediately restarted. But if it were a low blow, Miller would have been given up to five minutes to recover. He was not. If it wasn’t a low blow, Cerrone should have won by TKO. Two minutes later, Cerrone logged a Performance of the Night head kick finish.
































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  • asd

    LOL at Holly Holm, what an MMA n00b!!
    Barry finished Kongo at least 2 times and then got finished himself. Non-finishing flush KOs happen sooo often. GTOH

    • Shownig

      If barry would have finished Kongo he wouldn’t have been KTFO. Know your facts internet fighter. PS: Holly Holm would kick your ass!

    • TRT-rex

      That doesn’t make sense. You can only be finished once. It’s called getting rocked or stunned, not getting finished twice. If that was the case Ronda Rousey had 3 finishes in her last fight, the left hook that rocked her, the Uchi Mata on her head, then the Kesa Gatame hold to ground and pound. So just look up the word finish in the dictionary. Kongo never got finished in that fight, pat Barry did.

    • Maddawgmar

      The difference in what you bringing up and what happened last night is, the ref didn’t stop the fight and let Kongo recover. Once Miragliotta (probably misspelled, but don’t care enough to scroll up and find out) stepped in and didn’t call a foul, the fight should have been ruled a TKO. And no one would have argued that it was an early stoppage, Miller was done. But Miller was given like 10-20 second to recover then the fight was restarted. With the head kick, it’s like Miller got stopped twice.

  • brad king

    does cowboy got bendo’s number this time? It’s like Silva vs Rampage all over! Winner of this fight deserves a shot at Pettis.