Fighters React to Donald Cerrone’s Decision Win Over Benson Henderson Via Twitter

January 19, 2015
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Following the UFC Fight Night 59 co-main event in Boston on Sunday, fighters took to Twitter to react to Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone’s decision win over former champion Benson Henderson.

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  • Reeda

    Blame it on the bad choice of judges. This what makes UFC look bad.

    • JC

      Do you even know what you are talking about? UFC doesn’t pick them, its the Nevada Athletic Commission

      • Reeda

        Yeh I know. Still they’re bad judges.

      • Jeff

        The fight wasn’t in Nevada.

  • Sourgrapes15

    Live by the decision, die by the decision. 8 of Benson’s last 10 wins have been by decision. Every decision is not gonna go your way.

    Benson may have landed more strikes (pitter patter punches and kicks to the knee) but I gave the slight edge to Cerrone with significant strikes, takedowns and octagon control.

    To call this a robbery is ridiculous. Every close fight is not a robbery. If you want a robbery take a look at Bisping-Hammil.

  • Sir_Roy

    While I would have given the nod to Ben, I wouldn’t call that a “robbery”. I mean, both fighters seemed a bit tentative. Cowboy landed some of the more telling shots in that fight. He was also the one stalking Ben down most of the fight. I think folks see Ben’s “flying hair” and get confused … lol … thinking he’s being more active than he is.

    Seriously though, that was not a robbery one way or the other. It was a close fight.

    • Juan Lopex

      lol people see bendo’s flying hair and get confused yet you think cerrone stalking bendo and whiffing on punches is notable haha

    • uncle

      I agree Ben is not the same fighter if he doesn’t try to put a stamp on the win and keep
      rolling the dice with decisions I don’t care if he lose.

  • snapdad

    I wouldn’t have been upset if the decision had gone either way. pretty close fight

  • pagostoy .

    When you go back and look at the fight, the judges got it correct IMHO. Neither fighter looked top notch tonight, maybe because they are friends, but Cowboy was pushing the action, landed better strikes and sort of took him down twice. I gave the first round to Henderson and 2/3 to Cowboy.

  • Jon Holden

    Not sure what fight they were watching.
    I thought Henderson won the fight too, but it was razor thin.
    I thought Cerrone won the 1st, and I thought Henderson took the 2nd but the takedown might’ve been enough for Cerrone to steal the round.
    Most of these fighters on twitter were listening to stupid Rogan and his horrible commentary.

  • jon

    Gee, goes to the judges and it looks like we need a Benson-Cerrone 4. Just makes cent$$$$. See Lawler/Henrickson

  • United States Marine

    Its justice!!!! The first fight between these 2 was epic and it went to Ben and I believe Cowboy won now the third fight goes to Cowboy and Ben won so its only Carma….I have no problem with the judges decision..

  • Terry Sutlick

    It simply comes down to a saying we’re all familiar with…. “Never leave it in the hands of the judges”. Easier said than done, I know, but it’s the only sure way to be sure you’re walking away with a “W”.

  • Inquiring Minds

    Only hardcore fans will understand why everyone (including Dana White) thought Spencer and Henderson were robbed last night. Cerrone got worked all 3 rounds and missed a lot of strikes. Henderson should’ve scored enough points on his kicks alone to win that fight.

  • Austin, TX

    That’s payback for all those bs decisions with Edgar and everybody else that went Benson’s way. In title fights no less. It’s about time. I busted out laughing…

  • Maxamillion

    Cerrone won with significant punches and takedowns. Benson had zero takedowns, and the only effective thing he did was that useless and cheap Jon “Coke” Jones thigh-kick. That’s not going to win every decision.

  • uncle

    Nurmagomedov will destroy Cerrone

  • Abuse OfPower

    Cerrone won

  • lonniex

    didn’t see it, but sounds like karma: henderson has “won” several fights on the basis of questionable judging. so: ah ha!

  • Hal

    I watched the fight at a sports bar with no commentary or sound. Looked like Cerrone scored enough to win the fight, especially since he had the takedowns in 2 & 3. The people watching with me felt the same way. Didn’t even know there was controversy until reading this article. Joe Rogan’s commentary seems to have a lot of influence in swaying viewer’s thoughts on the fights he calls.

    • Pat

      Christ man, how many drinks did you all have in you to see this fight this way. You could see the looks on the fighters faces after the fight of how it went until the official decision. Cerone looked disappointed that he had just lost the fight and Henderson the Victor. Cerone’s expression did not even change when the decision was made. Henderson, clearly won and I like both these guys. It was not just this fight, that judges were shabby on. Terrible night of fights.

      • Hal

        It wasn’t just me who saw it that way. Everyone watching alongside me saw it that way. all I can say is that Ben Henderson can’t keep relying on the judges. He needs to finish fights if he ever hopes to get the belt back.

    • Whorible Asp

      Exactly. The fight was very close. It could have gone either way & I’m surprised it was unanimous.

      Rogan was right about the Cathal Pendred fight though. That was Spencer’s fight all the way.

  • This web page is just making up BS

  • Jesus

    I though he won but benson deserved to lose that fight. After that head kick in round 3 (the one that stiffened cerrone) he should have tried to finish it then and there but instead he chose to point score the rest of the fight and looking for the same head kick over and over. But wow donald looked bad. Maybe it was the short notice fight but cerrone did not look high caliber last night and im afraid he never will be high caliber. Pettis, numergomedov would murder him. Heck even a rematch with nate would expose cerrone for how medicore he really is

    • Jim

      When friends fight, this is the kind of bout you end up with. Neither will really do much damage against the other. I don’t even think there was one elbow thrown in the clinch.

      • Jesus

        you are right. it seemed like both were hesitant. but kudos to cowboy for taking the fight on such short notice but mann. I don’t know how cathal even let his hand be raised in victory. he had his ass handed to him in that fight. the whole night was sketchy

  • Jesus

    Cerrone will never be high caliber. He looked horrible in this fight. Hence: why everyone is making a big deal on this fight

  • wut huh

    Had Benson pressed the acton and was the one walking forward backing up Cerrone then Benson would have won..These judges obviously only cared about agression and octagon control.

    • Inquiring Minds

      Cerrone even know he didn’t win that fight. That’s why he gave Henderson that (idk shrug) after the announcement. He was surprised as well

      • Ely Slade

        Compare Cerrone’s response of the non win to Hendersons past response’s of his non wins. At least Cerrone wasn’t celebrating like Henderson has done in the past.

  • mrelectriccity

    this exactly why u cant leave the decision in the hands of judges because we all know they know nothing about what their actually doing and happens all the time where the loser of the fight gets the win. Like Lawler vs Hendricks 2 thats the first time in over 5 years that the title has changed hands due to decision and theres been plenty of fights where the champ clearly lost the fight but was still given the decision due to u suppose to clearly beat the champ if its close its gonna go to the champ. But Lawler in my opinion didn’t do enough all damage he did to Hendricks was the first 2 mins of the first round and the last 30 secs of the last rd

    i’ma big Cerone fan but i admit he lost that fight Benson kill’t with them leg kicks and front kicks to the shin.

  • Thrillmetothemarrow

    Looked to me like they either had to much respect or didn’t want to actually hurt

    the other guy.

    I thought Henderson did more. but neither one of them did much

  • Zach DeVille

    Thats what happens when you fight just to win rounds…score points.

    • Braeden Van Asperen

      Learn your sport. You go out there to knock out a guy and you won’t have the gas tank to fight the distance. You cannot finish everyone especially in 15 minutes. What you said is silly because you have to win each round, one round at a time. If you aren’t doing that then you’re going to lose to everyone you can’t finish. And in the LW top ten its hard to finish

      • Believe It

        Pettis doesn’t let it go to the judges

  • Mike

    I had a feeling that Cerone was getting the split decision. The UFC loves him and even more so due to the fact that he took this fight on short notice. As a reward, he get his first win over Henderson. They (UFC) didn’t want him to carry the emotional burden of being o-3 against Benson. Benson got robbed and the UFC judging is as crooked as professional boxing.

    • shakejunt

      who gave this +1? the ufc has no affiliation with the judges.

      • Hawaii Dave

        LOL…you reallt think the UFC has no affiliation with the judges? hehe, really?

        • Braeden Van Asperen


        • shakejunt

          yes i reallt think that. hehe really.

    • james V

      Watch the fight again people and Count the punches and the kicks. Cerrone won. I love Benson But Cerrone had more hits. Judges dont count punches to upper thigh.

    • Braeden Van Asperen

      It was a uninamous tho

  • armbars

    I didn’t see the fight so I have no idea if this was valid, but NO ONE has won more bs decisions than Benson Henderson in ufc history. He can’t complain.

    • Braeden Van Asperen

      How are close fights bs decisions? Edgar and him took two rounds each and he squeaked out the winning round? Its not a robbery unless one guy gets destroyed and still wins like Diego Sanchez over Ross Pearson. A split decision is not a robbery — its a very close competitive fight

  • alan

    The first round was close but Cerrone won it. The second round was very close. Henderson hurt Cerrone in the 3rd round but didn’t follow up. Cerrone looked the strongest at the end. I had Cerrone winning 2-1 but a 2-1 decision either way would’ve been ok with me. Not much happened in the fight and it was a major disappointment because it had been so heavily hyped. It certainly wasn’t a robbery to award Cerrone with the decision and, as I’m sure many people have said, Henderson has won many more close decisions than he’s lost. One more thing, Joe Rogan needs to go. Very biased announcing – totally pro Henderson from the 2nd round on. He’s worse than Jim Lampley (and that’s saying something).

  • LOL

    2-1 Cerrone. I could even see this going 3-0 Cerrone.

    • System

      Ya, I had it 2-1 as well

    • Braeden Van Asperen

      Wow way off

    • Jesus

      how high were you saw this fight?

  • If you have never witnessed a live armed robbery, this is one of them because Sean Spencer and Benson Henderson got robbed in broad daylight. How do those judges sleep at night?

  • Hawaii Dave

    Henderson won a fight in which neither fighter did very much of anything…some of the comments are as if Benson destroyed him…..Benson won, but please!

    • rich

      evidently he didn’t

  • ManHunited

    The only worse decision than that fight was giving the unanimous decision to Cathal Pendred. Those judges were terrible.

  • jomi0403

    If all you did was look at the tweets and these comments you’d think Benson destroyed him. The fight wasn’t that good, neither fighter appeared to want it more, and nobody went out and took it. The way they fought, it was going to be hard to argue any decision.

  • Patrick Kane

    I thought Benson won, but I also thought it was close. This isn’t as egregious as some people are making it out to be.

    • candy kane

      Chicago!! Patty Kane from the Hawks?

      • Braeden Van Asperen


  • Jesse Cannon

    Worst fight ever! i hate when 2 guys that are as good of friends as these two are fight. It makes for a very boring, dont want to hurt you to bad, type of fight. Just crap!

    • Braeden Van Asperen

      Those headkicks they landed on each other were just so friendly eh?

  • james V

    Watch the fight again people and Count the punches and the kicks. Cerrone won. I love Benson But Cerrone had more hits. Judges dont count punches to upper thigh

    • Look at the stats, Cerrone & his team knew he lost that fight. Watch their reactions and that will tell you pretty much everything. Even Cerrone knows he lost that fight.

    • Braeden Van Asperen

      No he didn’t look at the stats. Bendo landed more

  • numskully

    I like Benson’s face after his decision losses. Hilarious!

  • Seth

    Benson won that fight. No doubt about it.

    Though…Im kinda happy Cowboy stays on the roll, I hope to see him fight for the belt in the UFC 🙂

    • Jesus

      LOL he would get murdered!!!!!!

      • Seth

        Maybe, but then again – maybe not. We won’t know untill fight happens.


          Cowboy is destined to always be a bridesmaid, never the bride. The guy is a slightly above average fighter who is overachieving and overhyped. Reminds me of Clay Guida and Keith Jardine when they were at the top of their popularity. Cowboy has lost to every upper echelon fighter he’s ever faced. I’d liken him to the redneck American equivalent of Conor McGregor, but McGregor has a lot more talent and upside.

          • Seth

            For how long we said the same thing about Alpha Male camp? Every now and then someone will break out of what we think that person is – and Cowboy is clearly one of the best LW on the planet. Him fighting Pettis would make a pretty cool fight – especially that it would be a rematch.

          • CRAPPY CHANGE

            Yeah, if you’re into mindless groupie hype surrounding fighters maybe. If you want a competitive match, then absolutely not.

          • Seth

            Come on, you can’t say that wouldn’t be competitive. Cowboy comes to fight – he ain’t afraid of getting hit and he goes forward. Both guys are amazing strikers and both have equaly good ground game. First time Pettis caught him perfectly and Im sure Cowboy will avoid to make those small mistakes. Pettis is laser-accurate and lighting-fast with his strikes (as you can see in his first fight with Cowboy) and that’s where he has an edge, when it comes to striking – but Donald’s attitude and move-forward-no-matter-what style would make for a really good fight

  • rich

    As Dana white says… Don’t leave it in the hands of the judges… Cerrone had the power shots controlled the octagon and had all the takedowns… It was pretty even but Hendersons pitter pat kicks certainly could have made for an argument for out-pointing him… McGregor didn’t leave it in the hands of the judges… Where are all the folks complaining about BENSONS STRATEGY! HE DIDN’T TRY TO TAKE CERRONE DOWN ONE TIME!!! He tried to out point him and no one is complaining about that… IT was a close fight and acting like it was some travesty of justice is lame… All the judges saw it the same way…If Benson would have tried one takedown instead of trying to out point him he most likely would have won… no sympathy here…

    • Braeden Van Asperen

      You have to score a takedown to win a fight? what about the 7 takedowns Ben defended? Do those not count? Only counts when they get the takedown eh, he could have tried 100 times but getting that one takedown means he won?

      • Jesus

        don’t forget that amazing take down cathal landed. he won that fight just by that take down

    • Frank Ryan Freeman

      dude dana says that cuz there’s nothing he can do. Sometimes you CAN’T leave it in the hands of the judges. Who was the last person besides Ben Henderson himself and Anthony pettis to stop Cenrrone??????? These are grown men who train all day to KILL you with their bare hands for 15-25 minutes. Sometimes you can’t knock or submit the guy in 15 minutes and cerrone is especially hard to put away. ben landed just as many hard shots a cerrone. And he landed A LOT more shots in total. The urgency to finish a fight has NOTHING to do with holding judges accountable for making sound decisions, subjective or not. He didn’t try to out point him he tried to beat a muay thai expert without looking his jaw or brain cells. it was a close and competitive fight but it was still clear who won. Cerrone himself knew he lost.

    • Tavor Brown

      bendo seems to think MMA is Olympic Boxing. Trying to point fight all the time.


      Henderson is almost as bad as KJ Noons about fighting stylish, pausing after each exchange to comb back his locks, and pose for the camera. At least KJ cut his hair and make an effort to focus on fighting. Ben needs to take out the lopping sheers and concentrate on the fking fight instead of trying to look good in the Octagon.

  • John Roush

    Sucks for him should have finished him did not lost life goes on.

  • cjmorelikepj

    I think it is pretty telling when EVERY other fighter (the people who know more about this than anyone) thought Henderson won. I love Cerrone but cannot be happy when another fighter clearly beats him in the cage. Even he was shocked when the decision was announced.


      Even Cerrone knows he lost it. He gave Henderson an apologetic shrug after the decision. The feel good story of fan favorite Cerrone fighting twice in about two weeks time was enough to sway the judges, who were horrible all night long about letting the emotion from the crowd cloud their judgement.

  • jk funk

    it was a boring fight neither on took control that’s what happen when you leave it in the judges hands

  • Steve Blackman

    Cerrone gave him a one sided beat down, is what happened. Go Cowboy! Hoo rah!

  • Steve Blackman

    Donald whooped dat ass. Big time. Henderson gonna be sore for days. Weeks, even.

  • Tavor Brown

    Lol. did these morons run to twitter and complain when Frankie beat bendo, or when Gilbert beat bendo, or when Josh Thompson beat bendo. Next they will say bendo beat Dos Anjos.

  • stuyn

    I thought it was VERY close, but had Cerrone at a win by by split decision. I truly can’t see what all the outrage is about.

    • Urdad

      You had Cowboy win by split decision? Split decision does not mean a close fight. Split decision means one or more judge messed up. Just like you did.

      • stuyn

        Yes, I’ll repeat it again S-L-O-W-L-Y for you, last time mind you: “I had Cerrone at win by split decision”. Not too bright, are you son? Genetic or trauma???
        That’s “Sir Dumbo” too you, only intimate friends and family can be so familiar.


          LOL @ “I had Cerrone at win by split decision”

          Thanks for reiterating in slow witted fashion how you’re an imbecile. You had Cerrone with the win by split decision, eh? Let me guess, the queer groupie in you along with the mindless fanboy hype of your personality had the fight for Cerrone (for the split decision), while the common sense reality had it for Henderson.

          • stuyn

            “You had Cerrone with the win by split decision, eh? ”

            I don’t think I can dumb myself down enough to answer the question in a way the you are able to comprehend. I’ll refer you to my previous two posts, but other than that you appear to be beyond help. Please don’t breed.

          • deepgrim

            what they are trying to say is that if you thought cerrone won, then that is unanimous to you. The split decision only comes into play when the judges see the fight differently- it does not make sense to say that you think someone won by spilt decision.

          • stuyn

            I know what they are trying to say, but what I am trying to say is that I wouldn’t have been surprised if judges saw that fight differently at all.
            The debate rages on around the net about what judges were looking at, even live scoring by journalists/sports writers were different, eg two giving it 10-9 for one fighter and the third writer giving it 10-9 the other way.
            Then you had those that had in unanimous for Benson and others unanimous for Cerrone -but they do an addit and say a “close unanimous.

          • stuyn

            Sorry half my post went AWOL.
            I just assumed, because I was one person that naturally implied that saying split decision I could see how the judges easily could have scored accordingly for that result to happen. I thought the fight went back and forth and the only thing I found surprising that it was a unanimous victory to one party.
            It didn’t surprise me Cerrone got it by split decision, but I wouldn’t have been shocked if Henderson got it via the same way. Other then doing a bit of light stirring with another poster, I’m not that emotionally invested that I feel that strongly about exactly who should have won.

    • ^^^This Guy LOL^^^

      How can you (being one person) say it was a split decision?? Do you even know what that means!? LOL! If you had Cerrone for the win than it is unanimous because you are only one person fool !!!. Oh My! LOL!

      • stuyn

        I think you may find that’s what is called having an “opinion” about something and you may not like it, respond in good ol’ stomp foot, breath holding fashion but that’s the way freedom of speech operates.
        Meanwhile, those that disagree with it can (rightly so) say so, but for those who appear to have emotionally invested in the decision allegedly being wrong and squeal/moan/name call/throw tantrums, will just have to suck their thumbs to self comfort. The win for Cerrone is on the board and won’t be reversed. 🙂
        CERRONE VS HENDERSON – Cerrone winner by UNANIMOUS DECISION. Woo hoooo….
        Now, as fun as this is, I’ll just rest my arm from the big stick I use just for stirring the slow witted in to action for one moment.

  • SixToedPete

    It was a terrible decision. I like both fighters but Bendo clearly won that fight. No surprise to learn one of the worst judges in UFC history, Doug Crosby, was right in the middle of that bad decision as well as the outrageous Cathal Pendred vs. Sean Spencer decision earlier on the card. Is it incompetence, dishonesty or both? Are some of these blundering MMA judges betting on fights they score?

  • stuyn

    Well if Dana said something, it MUST be so and if you say it, that makes it doubly so. Mind you, you are a brick short of the load so naturally (and I feel I have to state the obvious for you) that is sarcasm.
    If you are going to TRY to insult someone, can you at least put some effort into originality, after all when I cast my line , I want a half way decent bite back. 🙂
    “Tard” and “Skippy” are also ran, although I’ll give you half a point for “nonsensical idiocy”. However, it may be worth noting for your future reference, that it was really only technically necessary for either “nonsensical” or “idiocy” to be used, they both have the same meaning, especially in the context you were trying to achieve.
    nonsensical- silly, idiotic, makes no sense
    idiocy- silly, stupid, lacks sense
    Still, you tried your best and I know you have to work within your limitations, so really considering your handicaps, you’ve done well.
    Now, keep an ear out for those pig buckets rattling, it will be your signal to make yourself available.
    (Cerrone def Henderson unanimous decision)