Fighters React to Controversial Diego Sanchez Victory Over Ross Pearson Via Twitter

June 8, 2014
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Following Diego Sanchez’s controversial split-decision victory over Ross Pearson at UFC Fight Night 42 in Albuquerque, N.M., on Saturday night, fighters took to Twitter to react to the decision.

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  • moodyledzep71

    Danna white was right don’t leave it in the judges hands,i thought the ultimate fighter descion was bad a couple of weeks ago but jesus anyboby who sees that fight is puzzed at the outcome

    • Wolf Ticket

      I hate this “don’t leave it in the judges hands” BS. Obviously, both guys left it in the hands of the judges, so why should the better guy be punished for that?

      Also, I wonder I they summed the scorecards correctly.

      • moodyledzep71

        I don’t like it either but the point is if you don’t want to be screwed by a stupid judge tko him

        • smedrano0206

          Not everyone can be TKO’d or submitted

          • Dellbert

            That’s why we should have more sudden death rounds and draws.

  • Maddawgmar

    A very bad decision yes. But worst decision ever? No. I wasn’t impressed by either fighters performance.

    • Lucas Freire

      What was worse than this? Sanchez vs Gomi?

      • TKDGuy

        I agree – seemed like most of the fight was circle and jab, circle and jab…

      • Maddawgmar

        I’d say GSP v Hendricks was worse. But if you are content with a couple hits here and there, and not trying to do anything to press the issue, then this is gonna happen. JMO

  • Charles

    I was expecting this was going to be like the Mike Pierce fight where one judge got the colors confused and scored it the opposite of he meant to.

    Don’t leave it to the judges is the most ignorant response I hear from this. Sanchez has been stopped once and that was a doc stoppage for a cut by Penn. He’s fought a ton of KO artist and none have knocked him out.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Try explaining to your casual fan friends that it’s not WWE…

    • smedrano0206

      WWE has judges?

      • Dellbert

        They have writers. There seem to be little difference right now. Both form the narrative of how things will be.

  • Austin, TX

    That was one of those things where you just hit mute because you dont give a sh*t what sanchez had to say. His comments were probably even worse than the decision judging by his ridiculous facial expressions. Clear cut Pearson U victory. Ludicrous decision. Puke fest. What can be done? Appeals? Reviews of the fight? A board?

    • Austin, TX

      PS Dana White and Fertitta need to count this as a Pearson win. A Sanchez loss.

      • Seth

        They can’t :/ Its same as Jones’ “loss”, they can’t say that Pearson has now 16-6. Each time fighter is clearly robbed, they pay him the win bonus anyway and I doubt that “loss” will push him back, he will most likely stay in same place he was before that fight

  • deepgrim

    i thought sanchez may have won round 1 but that was about it, its crazy that 2 judges can score it 30- 27 for each fighter. they say dont leave it in the hands of judges but its not possible to finish every fight- so really the judges need to be better trained

  • Daniel Martin

    WWF suddenly looks serious now

  • backkick

    Yes, bad decision. But IMO, it wasn’t the most impressive performance by either guy. I get Pearson’s game plan, clearly, to stay out of the crazy exchanges that are Diego Sanchez. The problem with that approach is a lot the judges are complete morons and unfortunately, when you play it safe, this type of s–t happens. An idiot watching that fight may have saw Diego moving forward and thought that meant he won, LOL, who knows. Number one priority for the UFC should be to push the different commisions to revamp the scoring model and select qualified judges. This garbage decision making will have a huge effect on the legitimacy of the sport in the public eye. Insult to fighters and real fans.

  • Joe Dog

    Should have fish-hooked him and thumped him on the back of the head to finish him. I remain puzzled…unless Sanchez’ sweety was alternating oral favors under the table during the fight.

  • diazfan209

    Get rid of judging all together and let Bruce Buffer decide who wins when a fight goes to decision.

  • InTheColosseumTonight

    unfortunately for pearson counter-punching doesnt always play best in the eyes of the judges. He moved back the entire fight but landed solid punches, especially in the second round. Sanchez threw alot of punches and kicks and landed fewer strikes. The issue is that I watched the fight on television and the judges watched live. In boxing there are 10 rounds to get wrong or right, in mma only 3 or at the most 5. That means if you get one wrong: its a loss. I thought it was closer than most did with a close 3rd and 1st, but the second round was lopsided in pearsons favor, I was surprised when one judge scored 30-27 for sanchez. Pearson should have finished, the fight was in Sanchez’ territory and these things happen. Pearson wont drop down the ladder, but he could have moved up. Sanchez wont move up, just stay as a mid guy to put on exciting fights (like Jamie Varner).