Fighters React to Conor McGregor’s Finish of Dennis Siver In Tweets

January 19, 2015
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Following Conor McGregor’s dominant win over Dennis Siver in Boston on Sunday, fighters took to Twitter to react to the Irishman earning a title shot.

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  • Sir_Roy

    Running out to scream in Aldo’s face was a bit much.

    That’s not really necessary. Not really my thing. But I guess Conor knows what he’s doing as he sure knows how to sell fights. So who am I to argue.

    Funny though how Conor’s performances keep getting downplayed. I’m not sure he deserves a title fight yet either, but c’mon, even if we all want to believe Siver is a gatekeeper (top 10 ranked but whatever), how Conor dismantled him deserves some modicum of respect. He’s finishing fights left, right and center. And doing it in style. But we all like to complain about something I suppose.

    • benoit

      Agreed. I was quite impressed. But, at the same time, I have the bad feeling that Aldo will easily win by leg kicks…I should watch it once again but Siver seems to have kicked him once and Conor almost fell (just to complain hehe)…anyway, that will be a great match for sure

      • Nam Pham

        In the Poirier fight too Connor has been knocked down when he gets his leg swept out as he’s throwing a kick himself.

        Against Aldo, Connor can’t afford to be so loose and turn away from Scarface for a wheel kick or else his plant leg is gonna go flying.

        As for the out of cage stand-off, it was great because nothing sells better to the casual fans than pure animosity (See Jones vs Cormier).

        • stuyn

          “As for the out of cage stand-off, it was great because nothing sells better to the casual fans than pure animosity (See Jones vs Cormier).”
          Spot on. Fans will tune in just to either see Aldo kick the crap out of Conor and the other fans will tune in to see their boy Conor win.
          Aldo was smart though, in the way he responded to Conor.
          I will be tuning in to hopefully see an epic battle and I don’t care who wins.

      • Ben

        Watch it again, that’s not what happened.

    • Mma Fan

      It was awesome, I’m glad he did that because Aldo was supposed to come inside the ring after the fight and stand off with Conor but ofc he did not and perhaps Mystic Mac had a feeling he would not do it so beat him to the punch and so the fans still got to see them face to face kinda. It was very entertaining!

      • Bruce

        Well not everyone likes clowns and some don’t want to stand near them. Forget all his abilities, the one thing he seems to want to show off the most is what an over the top clown he is. I hope Aldo puts him completely out. I don’t care how, punch, kick choke doesn’t matter, just shut him up for two seconds. This guy probably babbles all night in his sleep too.

        • stuyn

          Ok, I don’t mind Conor really, but your last sentence was particularly funny.

        • Informed One

          Im gonna LMAO if Conor smashes Aldo, you little crybabies are going to hang yourselves. You have far too much invested emotionally in this, I guess you are giving Conor exactly what he wants. You will likely pay every dollar the UFC asks for to see him lose, and he probably won’t for a long time.
          Love or hate him, dude is a beast. Nobody has done to Siver or DP what Conor did.

    • shakejunt

      dc was rolling through the keep warm fights too.

    • Rob

      The act of climbing the fence to get into Aldo’s face will be used so much in promotion videos to sell the fight that it has to be worth a few million to Aldo’s pay check alone. Connor will be making much more . . .

      • Sir_Roy

        No doubt. It’s not a dumb move for folks who buy into that type of thing to be sure. It jives with Conor’s character persona as well … otherwise it would have come off as merely awkward and obnoxious. So yeah. It is what it is.

        Anyone else notice how buzzed he seemed after downing his whiskey in the final Q&A at the post fight press conference? Hilarious. Guess a couple ounces of whiskey right after a huge adrenaline dump and a weight cut don’t mix well!!

  • snapdad

    dustin “butt hurt” poirier

    • Don Lee


  • EshamTheUnholy

    I guess I just do not like the mick.

  • Lucas Freire

    I still believe Aldo will destroy him.
    But…It’s getting old saying his next adversary will destroy him, so, let’s just wait for this fight! 😀

  • Seth

    I don’t get Poirer’s comment…Dennis got SMASHED. When the first round ended we all saw that he’s done, so that mount came in handy for him and let him found a way out. He didn’t defend himself and Connor was smashing him even more…

    Underestimate him more and more. We will see what happens in his next fight 🙂

  • uncle

    Poirier is mad like he put his house on Siver

  • dandogood

    McGregor is great for the UFC