Fighters React To Chael Sonnen’s Suspension and Vitor Belfort’s Licensing Via Twitter

July 23, 2014
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Following Wednesday’s Nevada State Athletic Commission hearing that suspended Chael Sonnen for two years and granted Vitor Belfort a license to fight middleweight champion Chris Weidman at UFC 181, fighters took to Twitter to react to the decisions.

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  • VuckFitor

    Vitor fails before December. Steroids are all he knows, and he’s a retard. So, ya know, he’s learned nothing… History plus logic equals more Jesus talk.

    • mudd

      Internet tough

    • PrideMMA

      Calm down bro, why you no respect vitor bro?? lol just messing

  • RubeKegal

    Chael = guilty
    Vitor = Incredibly guilty
    Nevada State Athletic Commission = Hypocrisy

    Stay tuned for Dana White who would like to explain why Ronda Rousey is actually the reincarnated female Jesus!!

    • Wolf Ticket

      I’m sure that would still be more believable than his explanation of why Gina Carano deserves an immediate title shot…

      • RubeKegal

        Oh man you said it! Is it extreme to say if Carano gets an immediate title shot that I am done with the WWE….um I mean the UFC?

  • Seth

    Cody Gibson nailed it. First, they gave Vitor Belfort a green light to use TRT – because his own T was downed, due to HIM CHEATING WITH ROIDS AND PEDS. So they let him cheat even more as a reward for cheating before.

    Now they gave him license? Is anyone taking NSAC seriously now-days? They turned into total joke…

  • Joe Dog

    Bring back the Diaz bros.