Fighters React to Benson Henderson and Josh Thomson Split Decision Via Twitter

January 26, 2014
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Twitter-LogoImmediately following Saturday’s controversial decision in the main event of UFC on Fox 10 between Benson Henderson and Josh Thomson, fighters took to Twitter to react. Some agreed with Henderson split decision win while others certainly did not.







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  • brad king

    neithier men deserve shot! unless they can get by Jim Miller who has to get a shot once

    • The second best eva

      Your gay

    • brad king

      im saying miller will quickly submit bendo this time around.

  • Kenny Powers

    I hope Josh doesn’t retire cuz of this BS, i’d still like to see him fight TJ Grant or Cerrone maybe. Melendez vs Pettis should be fun tho.

    • Maddawgmar

      I don’t think Melendez and Pettis is very intriguing quite yet. I say give Melendez another fight first. I’d like to see Gil and Khabib, TJ and Thomson, then Benson and Dos Anjos. Pettis gets the most deserving winner after he is healed up.

      • solo

        Pettis vs Gil – no, not yet.
        The problem with TJ is that he’s out indefinitely. And Thomson lost his footing on Saturday night, so its tough to know what match-ups we could see next. Gil vs Khabib probably won’t happen, since it didnt work out the first time. I would like to see Gil vs Dos Anjos (if he beats Khabilov of course), and Bendo vs Khabib (two guys that almost nobody wants to fight right now), but either way is pretty interesting.
        And, im not so much into rematches but man i would looove to see Cerrone vs Diaz 2.
        If i would give someone a shot to jump into this mix i would like that to be Edson Barboza.

  • Maddawgmar

    I agree the most with Dan Henderson’s and TJ Grant’s Tweet. I scored it for Thomson the same as Dan yet it wasn’t like it was clear cut rounds.


    Fights to make before Pettis return in 6 mo?
    1. Gil vs TJ – winner gets Pettis
    2. Bendo vs Khabib – since no one else will fight him!
    3. Thompson vs the loser of dos anjos & Rustam
    4. Nate Diaz vs the winner of dos anjos & Rustam
    5. Cowboy vs winner of Diego vs Jury
    6. Jim Miller vs Bobby Green

    • JDMMA

      Cowboy vs Diego would be an epic!!!

  • Jon Doe

    Ben UD, no doubt about it, he was the aggressor, he landed more shots and caused more damage. Josh out grappled but caused no damage. I will always judge fights on aggression and damage. What I witness was solid leg kicks, brutal knees and hard rights to the body all fight. I also saw the ability to stand back up and amazing Sub defense. However, Josh Thompson is clearly the better fighter, Grappling, Speed, Striking (even with one hand) for a former champion to not finish or even dominate a one armed opponent is truly a reflection of how good Josh really is. If not for breaking thumb (kind of important) he easily would of been able to grasp his hands and pull off a submission. Ben showed nothing at all at stopping Josh grappling. So sad,
    Note) Josh probably could of KO’d him also, landed good half power combinations with the broken thumb. Serious warrior right there. Gonzaga too

  • Tom

    Nate’s tweet is the best

    • Derek

      The best?? From a guy who got his ass kicked by both of them, and got ktfo’d by Thomson last time out….

  • Baller31

    Rogan was on Bensons junk the whole fight. Can the UFC get an impartial announcer with a little more mma knowledge??
    No, playing on the mats with his homies on the weekend between standup gigs isn’t real mma knowledge.

    • Jimmy Rebel

      he has a blackbelt in both gi and no gi jiu jitsu, he has a black belt in taekwondo and was a champion in taekwondo competition. have some respect, he does more than “play on the mats with his homies”.

      • Verdes Lutz

        I don’t watch the fights to listen to Rodent telling us what techniques are necessary and how to execute. He needs to make some training tapes and sell them if he likes telling us. I get sick of Rodent telling me how the fight is going especially when it makes me wonder just what fight it is that the guy is watching. Should I believe Rodent or my own eyes?

    • Verdes Lutz

      Every time Rodent starts talking up one of the fighters and ignores the other I can see that the fix is in.

  • Scoobs

    I agree with Baller (shot caller). Rogan is a koksucker.

  • horace

    Josh won the fight

  • taylor2008

    I thought Josh wont too. Close fight but Henderson did not win. Pettis will beat Ben again of they fight.

  • Verdes Lutz

    Of course Josh won that fight. The decision was a travesty! By the way, who were the judges, Larry, Curley and Mo? Enquiring minds want to know.