Fighters React to Anthony Johnson’s Quick Finish of Alexander Gustafsson Via Twitter

January 25, 2015
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Following Anthony Johnson’s first-round finish of Alexander Gustafsson at UFC on Fox 14 in Stockholm on Saturday, fighters took to Twitter to react.

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  • taylor2008

    Johnson looked very good! I didnt see that headbutt though. Hate to be the next person that fights Gus. And I hate to be jones defending his title against Johnson.

  • tucsontoro

    Wow..I’ve noticed that rumble turns into hulk after you poke him in the eye

  • VoiceofReason14

    Jones is going to vacate the title due to extended absence- insert excuse here…

    • So Long

      Because JJ is known for dodging fighters…he’s only fought every former LWC and everyone that they have put in front of him. You can hate on JJ, and there is plenty to hate on him for but he’ll show up and put on a fight. And he’ll do the same thing he does to every fighter, which is beat them at what they are best at. Now don’t get me wrong he’s not going to come out slugging at first, I think he will utilize his wrestling, but come round 3, 4, and 5 he’s going to rain down elbows on Rumble once he’s gassed him out. You JJ haters all sing the same song from the tops of the mountains…this is the one to beat him! Let me know when it happens. Gus is the only one you can remotely can make a claim, and he still didn’t get his hand raised either whether you like the decision or not.

      • VoiceofReason14

        He vacated the title.

  • jordan2412

    it wasn’t a headbutt though. Thats a fact, not my opinion.

    If you watch the replay from a different angle, it shows the punch lands first and hard, which rocks Gus. Their heads do touch, but only for a split second after Gus is already going down.

    When it was live, it 100% looked like a headbutt, but it wasn’t.

  • Joe Dingus

    Rumble will KO Jones.

  • Brian D. Magana

    This guy is a straight up killer. Wow. Good luck Jon Jones trying to stay undefeated. I think your number is up…

  • Jason Wagner

    AJ showed serious mental toughness to go into a packed arena booing loudly at him as he was introduced and walked down the runway to the cage, and then had the footwork and composure to get inside and drop a skilled fighter like Gus in the way he did…nothing short of shocking! Jon Jones has got to be freaked out about now, after seeing that display of pure power!! Jones on the other hand seems like he’s in the middle of some kind of mental wasteland trying to find himself…and I wonder if its going to be perfect timing for AJ, when the two face off next. Funny how just a few years ago, Josh Koschek choked out Rumble when he was fighting at 170 lbs. And now he looks invincible.

  • peralez2383

    Did he died?

  • peralez2383

    Jones just got scared back into rehab

  • Terrence Dobson

    I guarantee he won’t do that to “Bones!” You don’t bang with someone that’s as powerful as “Rumble!” Speed/Talent beats power every time!!

  • ffff

    jj eats this fool alive

  • jomi0403

    I haven’t followed Rumble long enough, how’s his wrestling? Cause Jones would be a fool to stand with him after that.