Fighters on Twitter Blast Germaine de Randamie’s Controversial UFC 208 Title Win

February 12, 2017

Germaine de Randamie made history at UFC 208 on Saturday night, defeating Holly Holm to become the UFC’s inaugural women’s featherweight champion. Not one, but two late strikes after the bell, which went unpenalized, left many of her fellow fighters doubting her victory.

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  1. 87 headstrikes to 16- How does DR not win that fight? She also hit with power, while Holly’s 16 hits were for points. The fans love Holly, a wonderful person and a weak fighter (1-3 against top 15 fighters).

    Congrats to Germaine, who now gets the honor of being destroyed by Cyborg.

    • Holly won 48-47 WITHOUT the point deduction. You are incredibly stupid like the majority of people that post at this site.

      • So, since you have no facts to back up your bias, you call me “stupid”.
        Grow up Neil!

      • I agree with Neil, Holly should have won 48-45 with deductions.

    • Where did you get your stats? I have 38 strikes to 40 in the significant category. Holly also dropped her twice. Once with a head kick, and once with a punch. GDR’s biggest shot was after the bell. She should of lost, and if the referee did his job it would of been a draw at the worst. Doesn’t really matter anyway, sacrificial lamb for Cyborg.

      • Official stats published after the fight. Very eye-opening.

        • That’s not how MMA is scored though. It’s rather a lousy system. It’s round-by-round. If the total strikes mattered then GDR would’ve won by more than just the one point.

          • Very true, and MMA trolls often miss that point. But in this case the great disparity in head strikes is a good reflection of how the fight went overall. It would be very difficult numerically for Holm to have won 3 rounds when she was outstruck so significantly. That would make the other 2 rounds go so far into GRs favor that they would have to be 10-8 rounds (especially considering the 2017 scoring changes).

            Another point is that the body and leg strikes were close, but I think were won slightly by Holly. In any case, leg and body strikes combined totaled a number far less that 87.

    • Holly knocked that bitch silly in the 3rd and the 4th. Holly lost round one no question and round 2, but round two should have been 9-9 with the terribly late shot and the round was fairly close. Holly won the rest of the fight for sure, I don’t know how you could say GDR one any of the final 3 rounds? Did GDR ever drop Holly?

    • A fight is judged on a lot more than who hit who the most.

  2. I keep reading about the 2x hit after the bell?
    Keep in mind she was In the midddle of a 3 hit combo…. Which she probably executed 100000 times,
    DR is used to this because its thai/kick boxing style standup.
    its the ref’s fault, he should have been in between like he did the last 2 rounds.
    Now about this: What about the kick pointed at DR’s face while on all 4’s? nobody saw?
    Or how about a full force groin shot that hit the target? nobody mentioned????
    joe rogan commentating clearly for the point deduction, but silence when these 2 things happened?
    Its fine with me, but its not fair for the easy to manipulate crowd, yes? and what about the booing, lolz. what a respect for fighters??!

    For me it was a GREAT fight, and this time DR won!
    (i like holm and i like dr btw)

    Now lets see what cyborg vs dr will bring?

    • Go watch the fight again. The second time was a flurry that could have been an accident. The first time was a clear late hit after the bell. It was done on purpose, and rocked Holm. She went wobbly from it. That one late punch could have ruined Holm for the rest of the fight. My guess is DR is on the sauce. Think I’m wrong? Check out her hair line. She’s a woman who’s losing her freaking hair… I doubt she’s legit.

    • “What about the kick pointed at DR’s face while on all 4’s? nobody saw”? We saw it, but that is not a foul.