Fighters Involved In Nemesis Fighting Show Not Paid, Checks Bounced

December 14, 2010
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Keith Jardine UFC 96

Keith Jardine

Nemesis Fighting’s MMA Global Invasion show has run into several problems, the first being a tropical storm that pushed the show back a month. Now, after the card has finally taken place, fighters have not been paid and checks are bouncing left and right.

The card that took place in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic last weekend has resulted in the fighters not being paid, and the situations seems to be getting uglier by the minute.

Several former UFC fighters appeared on the card including Keith Jardine, Paul Buentello, Eliot Marshall, and Kerry Schall. confirmed with at least eight of the fighters on the card that while checks were handed out, all of them have bounced.

Coach Mike Winkeljohn, who is a lead coach along with Greg Jackson at Team Jackson/Winkeljohn in New Mexico, spoke about the problems with MMAWeekly Radio on Monday night.

“As far as I know none of the fighters got paid,” said Winkeljohn, who worked with fighters like Keith Jardine and John Dodson on the card. “I believe they all got handed checks, but the checking account bounced those checks. It did not have any money in it, so a lot of fraud involved and it’s real upsetting. It’s a black eye to the sport. They promise these guys one thing and do the other.”

According to Winkeljohn, one person in particular involved may not have the best reputation in the industry, especially following this latest debacle.

“The other gentleman involved, his name is Tim Fields, and he’s been involved in some shady deals in the past, and other businesses that we’ve known about,” said Winkeljohn.

“I’ll step up to the plate and be that guy and I’ll let everybody know to stay away from that guy cause he’s a scam artist, that’s what I’ve been noticing.”

Fighters and managers speaking to confirmed that checks that were attempted to be cashed were returned, and as of now there’s been no contact by the promoter to try and rectify the situation. sent messages to both Nemesis Fighting and Tim Fields directly to get comment on the situation, but none were returned as of Tuesday afternoon.

It’s unclear what legal action can be taken against the promotion or promoters with the show taking place in the Dominican Republic, but the fighters, trainers and managers involved in the situation aren’t sitting back and taking it lightly.

“I’ve got no problem throwing them under the bus. What are they going to do? It’s the truth,” Winkeljohn stated.

The Nemesis Fighting website has little to no information about the show other than stating that an internet pay-per-view that was set to show on Dec. 13 has been canceled and will be rescheduled.

  • Christian

    I was one of the undercard fighters of the event and there was no commission and the judges were all from the Dominicans fighter’s camp. The only ones that didn’t won, were the ones that loss by submission or KO. No fighter has been paid. I was paid because the guys that rented the cage ( made the promoter withdraw the money from his personal account to cover the cage transportation and my purse since they managed me.

  • Pretty shitty. Where is the promotion and it’s people (Tim Fields) based out of?

  • jafs321

    I am very disappointed with the event. I’m training partner of some fighters who participated in the event, like Ramon Emilio Martinez (Won by KO 1r round) and Wascar Cruz (Won by decision). And they haven’t received any paid, just fake checks. I just hope this is resolved soon because this may affect the integrity of the fighters who only tries to keep progressing in their lives, especially the Dominican fighters who have few resources to train.

  • allaround27

    Tim Fields is co-owner of a company called hd vr tours:
    I was personally scammed by tim in a deal with this company.

    • Oracle52

      Dear allaround27,

      It appears that we have something in common.
      Care to swap stories about Mr. Fields?

      We are still trying to get to the bottom of something that he had us involved with within just the past couple of weeks.

      • allaround27

        Yes – can you provide an email address? Would love to swap stories!

  • iutorio

    @allaround27 – HD VR Tours has no part in this production or fight and is part of any business related to MMA, or Nemesis Productions other than shared web hosting. Currently Nemesis Productions owes us costs for hosting and as a result we have suspended their website (pending deletion). We are a virtual tour production company. Further, Tim Fields is not the co-owner of HD VR Tours. Mr Fields was not in any form acting on behalf or as an agent of our company during this fight or in relation to any MMA. It’s unfortunate to read about this event. We will take note of Mr. Fields personal business in relation to this report and deal accordingly.

    • iutorio

      Sorry about the typo. Line 1 should read: … has no part in this production or fight and is NOT part of any business related to MMA, or Nemesis Productions other than shared web hosting.

    • Oracle52

      It appears that Mr. Tim Fields is still very much at his game of smoke and mirrors. We were recently (as of last week) involved with him and his represented association with HD Virtual City Tours. He indicated that he was the owner of that company and has taken several payments from us as part of that business – but only under a different name – Appy City out of Myrtle Beach. He has now dropped off the face of the earth. I would be very interested in knowing if anyone knows what the real situation is with this guy.

      • core568

        @Oracle52 – This is allaround27 – new username. I would love to exchange stories for this scam artist.

        @iutorio – Interesting how I have an HD VR Tours business card that reads: Tim Fields, Vice President? And emails from the CEO Dan Boorn claiming that Tim Fields is associated with HD VR Tours.

  • nick

    This is so crazy! I can’t believe they got dogged like that. Especially a lot of the guys who need that money to survive. It’s like running out on your restaurant tab but a million times worse.

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