Fighters and MMA Personalities React to Jon Jones Being Stripped of UFC Title Via Twitter

April 29, 2015
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Following Tuesday evening’s announcement that UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones had been stripped of his title and suspended indefinitely due to repeated violations of the organization’s Code of Conduct Policy, fighters took to Twitter to react.

Jones was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run accident in Albuquerque on Sunday that resulted in injuries to a pregnant motorist. He fled the scene, but later turned himself into law enforcement on Monday after a felony warrant was issued for his arrest.

Jones was scheduled to defend his 205-pound title for a ninth time at UFC 187 on May 23 against top contender Anthony Johnson. Johnson now faces Daniel Cormier for the vacant belt at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

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  • Seth

    Who the hell is Aljamain Sterling?

    • TrueStory

      If you watched Mixed Martial Arts, you’d know.

      • Danasdaddy

        Undefeated doesn’t mean a single a thing, whats his UFC record? Beating up unknown Japs and local tough guys doesn’t matter. All these “undefeated” fighters arive in the UFC and get a loss within 2 fights so stick that up your arrogant twat.

        • shakejunt

          mizugaki is an unknown?

      • Seth

        That was sarcasm. I guess I really have to add #Sarcasm each time, because looks like people do not see comism in his stupid comment…

        • deepgrim

          sarcasm is much easier to detect speaking to a person due to their tone of voice and body language. over a computer not so much, there are a lot of dumb comments all over the net, sometimes a random person is not going to distinguish sarcasm and a dumb comment

    • shakejunt

      you know… that undefeated prospect in the top 10 bw?

      • Seth

        Sorry, for someone who is so-called “mini-jones” this dude is really not-known. He should stick to his prelim cards and wait for his turn.

        • shakejunt

          i don’t quite see your angle here. is there a reason you’re trying to detract from his accomplishments?

          • Seth

            I don’t. By all means, good for him. Awesome that he’s undefeated and going only up. Really.

            I just have a problem with him making a comment, like he’s some big shot already. At this point his comment is as relevant as any of ours, which is FAAAAAAAAAR from being actually proper thing to send with a tweet as official UFC fighter. First make sure people know who you are, then make fun of others. Same as was with CM Punk’s signing comments – they found guys from prelims that tweeted something that supposed to be funny, but was silly at the end. Same with Connor’s tweet here – they should keep certain level. Doesn’t mean they can’t throw a joke, but at least make sure you know how to do it.

          • shakejunt

            you probably shouldn’t read twitter reaction articles if you’re looking for relevant input.

          • Seth

            …I will say it slowly: As. Official. UFC. Fighter. He. Should. Make. More. Relevant. Comment. That’s all I meant.

          • shakejunt

            your issue is with the editors on this site, not sterling. you can drop the condescending tone whenever you’re ready.

  • mmalive

    this SUCKS. I was hoping to see jon jones BIG floppy balls flopping around as he moves around the cage. DAMN I wanna suck jon jones” balls.

  • Darin

    What is with McGregor’s completely irrelevant tweet? I guess they just have to include him in everything, so if he doesn’t say something about Jones, they’ll just show his tweet about himself.

    • Groinstrike

      He actually has a decent point. Right now in the UFC there aren’t very many polarizing champions. Great fighters yes, but not polarizing. I’m not saying it’s great to be polarizing but it does seem to get huge amounts of attention which translates to money. With Jones gone if Connor wins the title he might just be the Floyd Mayweather of mma.

      • anmmafanfromday1

        Point or no point this article has nothing to do with his arrogant azz. He is just an egotistical dick head that thinks everything MMA has to be about him, can’t wait for Aldo to knock him the F out

    • shakejunt

      it shows just how conceited and spiteful of a person he is.

  • kid

    It was a stupid move for Bones to do this, agreed, but it is a terrible decision to strip the belt from the best fighter in the world. Everyone knows there is no one who can beat Jon Jones. I have no real interest in watching Cormier vs. Johnson. UFC just lost one paying fan right here.

    • Juan Diablo

      Terrible decision lol I’m sure your tune would be different if it was your pregnant wife who he hit and injured. I think this is going to be a great fight, rooting for DC. They may have lost one viewer in you, but they may have lost a lot more if people boycotted the fight because they don’t want to support a terrible person like Jones. This was the right call

      • cheflacsto

        The right decision, I just wish they could of found someone else to fight Rumble, because if D.C. wins we are going to have to pay to watch him be dominated by Jon later this year. We all know he won’t be suspended all that long, the case will probably get pleaded down, unless all the drug stories are true, and he will get a title fight in his first fight back unless he doesn’t want it.

        • Juan Diablo

          Just to be clear, I meant *lol at shakejunt calling it a terrible decision*… I think that was clear by the rest of my post tho 🙂 But idk man, I think this suspension might last longer than you think. The division is about to become a lot more competitive, and that’s good for business. Phil Davis has to be kicking himself for leaving right about now lol I

          • cheflacsto

            The division will be more competitive until he comes back. I would be shocked if he is not reinstated before the end of the year.

          • deepgrim

            it will depend on what the verdict is on this case and how good jones p.r. makes him look as that lost christian who is about to be reborn again. to be honest i think they would be more likely to rush jones back if rumble wins the title, that fight hypes itself without any press scenes etc. And i think phil davis left at a bad time even tho he is not an exciting fighter to watch

    • shakejunt

      i think we all wanted to see that fight, but cmon…

      you might not pay for it, but you’ll sure as hell be watching it.

    • Rob

      I wasn’t going to buy any ppv that featured JJ. That’s the strongest voice a fan has. The UFC did the right thing.

  • ILuvfatshamers!

    Like pro wrestling, you won’t want to watch him win, you want to watch him lose. Its all the same as long as you watch. He did his job.

  • Joe Dog

    Half stepping drunk, blowing out the smoke from a big bong hit, Jones says, “Got a lot of soul searching to do, but first, where the ‘F’ did I put my cocaine and car keys. Jesus help me!”

  • GM

    “Got alot of soul searching to do” ……
    Its not about getting into rehab…Christians have Jesus…
    Not about having the people that love you around you help….Heck you have that already and look where your at…you are probably hanging out with idiots who…smoke weed, do coaine, drink alcohol…must be your prayer group buddies…..your too old to have a babysitter…

    Your a grown man….wake your ass up….Get on your dam knees and get right with the Lord Jesus…
    get married and quit sleeping with the mother of your kids…dive into your bible, if you have one…

    Only friend you should be hanging out with is Jesus…

    • capoeiraike .

      Lol! I don’t think fairy tales are going to cure his addictions. They didn’t work the first time around.

  • capoeiraike .

    Conor Mcgregor is a douche.

  • Bill

    Running away, while leaving the pregnant woman you hurt behind–Jones is no champion. What if that was his pregnant wife and some accountant hit her? Jones would threaten to kill the guy. The UFC is also morally responsible–sending him to a one day rehab was a joke on the public and if they had taken care of the problem then, this poor woman would not have been hurt.