Fighters and Insiders React to Chael Sonnen’s Failed Drug Test Via Twitter

June 11, 2014
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After the stunning news on Tuesday that Chael Sonnen failed a random drug test administered by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and was out of UFC 175, MMA insiders took to Twitter to react.























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  • MuayThaiFood

    Stunning?!? Only that he was caught. What is stunning is the number of people who thought he’s been clean up till now.Just because he hasn’t had the success of Vitor only shows he’s not as good as him when the scales are even. I would also be shockedif his low T wasn’t the result of steroid abuse to begin with.

    • riverdawg

      I’m sure guys like Chael, Wanderlei, Vitor, Hendo etc were all on some kind of anabolic steroid at some point in their careers which is causing their low T issues. When MMA was in its infancy there was little to no testing so I’m sure everyone from the early era was on something or commissions looked the other way. I’m in no way a Chael nut hugger but his explanation as to why he failed this test makes sense to me as the substances they found in his system had no way of giving him any performance enhancing edge. They were banned substances that he had to take after he stopped his TRT regimen. Like Kenny said on his twitter, theres a process to getting off the TRT. After they banned TRT the commission should have just told these TRT fighters that you can’t fight for like 6 months to a year while they come off the treatment. I’m sure between fights Fighters deal with injuries,conditions etc and have to take meds that are on the banned list but since they aren’t competing it doesn’t matter. Just seems like a little bit of a grey area here and I don’t think Chael was trying to fool anyone or get an edge over his competition.

      • Wolf Ticket

        Question: Does anyone know why those substances are banned, if they do not give any performance enhancement? Makes no sense to me.

        • I’ve Lost My Smile

          Clomiphene – is used to increase testosterone levels

          Anastrozole – some athletes and body builders use it as part of their steroid cycle

      • Empty bag of chips

        the reason these non performance drugs are banned is because they are used to counter the negative effects from steroids / trt. When your doing a roids, they all have negative side effects (hair loss, huge nipples, rapid skull growth etc etc) But you can counter those reactions with the drugs that chael was on. Thats why they are banned.