Fight Motion: UFC 182 Jones vs. Cormier Highlights in Super Slow Motion

January 13, 2015
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Check out the super slow motion highlights from the UFC 182: Jones vs. Cormier pay-per-view event.

UFC 182 took place on Jan. 3 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Light heavyweight champion Jon Jones defended his title with a unanimous decision win over Daniel Cormier in the main event.

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  • taylor2008

    If Gus can get by Johnson he will put another beating on Jones. That was a CLOSE fight. First time I heard jones ask to go to the hospital.

  • Austin, TX

    Jones left on a stretcher. He couldn’t walk. Gus was signing autographs and giving interviews after the fight. Did you see the expression of surprise on Jone’s face when they gave it to him. He knew he had lost. His expression was one of surprise.

    Coke headed arrogant cheating prick. Totally bogus champion. Should be stripped of his belt. But for people who get tagged with marijuana in their system from 2 weeks earlier, now thats a problem….

    Now we see how he wins his fights. He’s a cokehead. Another reason he makes me want to vomit. Quick get him another Christian slogan from the New Testament to tattoo on his chest. Big fat liar.

    Against people his own size he loses. Jones you’re a joke. So are you Dana. There’s not even a system. It’s just Dana’s money show. Legit fighters lose their place in line at Dana’s money whims.

    DC fight was a boring joke that everybody saw coming . IE unanimous (another) decision win for Jones. This time against somebody he should have annihilated given his size and strength and reach.

    Whole thing is a joke.