Fight Master: Bellator MMA TV Ratings Climb to Second Best Mark of Season

Fight Master Bellator MMA LogoBellator’s reality series, Fight Master: Bellator MMA, has had a tough time getting off the ground, launching over the summer viewing season, which is typically the off-season for America’s TV viewing audiences.

Wednesday night’s Episode 6, however, saw TV ratings increase to the second highest point of the new series’ season thus far.

The sixth episode of Fight Master drew an average audience of 629,000 viewers, second only to episode three, which garnered an audience of 676,000 viewers.

Fight Master has bounced up and down in the ratings, but Wednesday night was a marked increase over a recent two-week slump that saw the show’s ratings drop to 505,000 and 441,000 for Episodes 4 and 5.

Episode 6 benefited from a strong live fight card, Bellator 97, which drew and audience of 679,000. The fight card featured champions Michael Chandler and Ben Askren successfully defending their belts, and fan favorite King Mo Lawal winning the Light Heavyweight Summer Series Tournament.

Fight Master: Bellator MMA TV Ratings

Episode 1: 432,000
Episode 2: 545,000
Episode 3: 676,000
Episode 4: 505,000
Episode 5: 441,000
Episode 6: 629,000

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  1. I like this show a lot more then the UFC show. Focusing on the coaches training is much more interesting then the bulls*** that goes on in the house.

  2. What really helps them is that for one… it’s summer TV, so if you want to watch TV, there’s not many other options on.

    Next, UFC doesn’t have any TUF shows going on right now. So lacks the main competition.

    Third, they’re on SPIKE, which is a easy channel to find on all major cable / satellite providers unlike UFC, who keeps getting worse… FX is fine, but FUELtv and this new Fox Sports channel aren’t on Comcast, which screws me over.

  3. The format of this show is strange. I dont really enjoy it as much as The Ultimate Fighter.

    Also, do these poor guys live in a windowless building?