Fight Master: Bellator MMA Extended Preview (Premiers Wednesday Night on Spike)

June 19, 2013
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Fight Master Bellator MMA LogoBellator MMA launches its unique take on the reality series genre on June 19. Fight Master features a cast of 32 welterweight fights that must fight their way onto the show and then choose between coaches: Randy Couture, Greg Jackson, Frank Shamrock, and Joe Warren.

The winner scores a $100,000 prize, as well as a spot in an upcoming Bellator tournament.

Fight Master: Bellator MMA will air weekly at 10 p.m. ET beginning June 19 on Spike TV.

Check out a special extended video preview of the Fight Master: Bellator MMA premiere episode…

  • This looks like a much better concept than the Ultimate Fighter (and I’m a big UF fan). I like the idea of fighters choosing their own destiny, rather than having Dana & crew choose it for them. I also love the tournament format. We see the best fighters, not the guys who are best at P.R. (ala Chael Sonnen).

  • FTC

    i wonder how many voice over auditions they had to do before they found a voice so similar to joe rogan’s? you cant actually think it is a coincidence that this guy says many of the words with the same inflection and same emphasis as Rogan.
    this is going to be unwatchable if they continue to commentate on every single move these guys make. these guys are supposed to be professionals. seriously do you have to keep giving them credit for putting their hands up to their face in defense or actually point out repeatedly how he brings his hands back to his face to protect himself after punching? i get that this is for the general pubic and they want to dummy it down but i think even the most basic of people understands that you need to protect your face. when you are a pro fighter you shouldnt be given props for following rule 1, class 1, first lesson ever taught.