Fertitta Says Cain Velasquez vs. Frank Mir On Tap

February 10, 2012
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Cain Velasquez and Frank MirThe UFC heavyweight picture is starting to unfold. Company CEO Lorenzo Fertitta took to a late-night Twitter jam session on Thursday night to unveil a slew of marquee bouts, including the big boys.

Aside from announcing Junior dos Santos defending his UFC heavyweight championship against Alistair Overeem at UFC 146 on May 26, Fertitta also mentioned a heavyweight clash between former champions Cain Velasquez and Frank Mir.

When asked what was next for Mir, Fertitta simply responded, “Cain.” He did not reveal whether or not the bout was verbally agreed to or signed off, nor did he reveal a date or location, but it is a bout that most people had already speculated about.

Velasquez (9-1) captured the UFC title from Brock Lesnar at UFC 121 in late 2010. He was then sidelined for a year mending from shoulder surgery.

Velasquez returned to face Junior dos Santos at the first UFC on Fox event last November in Anaheim, Calif., where JDS wasted no time ending Velasquez’s reign, knocking him out in little more than a minute.

Mir (16-5) fought a month after Velasquez’s last bout, finishing Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira for a second time with an arm-breaking Kimura.

Though Mir failed in his last two title bids, he is currently riding an impressive three-fight streak, which also includes Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic and Roy Nelson. A win against Velasquez would likely put him right back in the thick of things as far as a title shot is concerned.

With Shane Carwin still recovering from back surgery, whoever wins between Velasquez and Mir will surely join Fabricio Werdum at the top of the list of fighters knocking on the door to the championship.

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  • I smell a troll job.

  • b-soc

    Good night Frank.

  • mad96ss

    Mir looked like garbage against Nogueira up until he caught him in the kimura. Cain is going to tear him a new one.

    • Lesnardo

      I agree 100%.

      That fight convinced me that Mir’s chin (or lack thereof) is really weak. He has been KOed before and anyone that gets dropped by Nog in boxing (who is not a power puncher) should think twice before fighting someone like Cain, Carwin, Overeem, or JDS. Those guys pack some serious power.

      I predict Frank Mir lose via KTFO.

      Watch, he will hype up the fight. He will say how he can hang with the best. Then come fight night, he will try to clinch, use his size, use his BJJ, and his improved striking. Then Cain gets him to the fench and upper cuts him. Mir wilts like he always does.

  • markronin

    While Mir doesn’t have the hand speed and KO power of Santos, he does have legit striking and Cain has a weak chin.

    I suspect Cain will attempt to wrestle him down and GnP like he did Kongo. Looking at what happened to Nogueira, that’s not a good idea for Cain. Cain’s chin has been tested and he failed, and now his submission defense will be tested.

    • Lesnardo

      Anyone that gets dropped by Nog should think twice before self-proclaiming to be an elite striker.

    • maddawgmar

      First off Cain’s chin hasn’t been tested, his temple did. Anyone, even those who have tough chins, get hit on the temple will go down.

      However I like both fighters but I grew up down the road from Mir and being a Vegas native I have to go with Francisco Miranda. He has the boxing skills to stand with Cain, if Cain takes him down Mir can submit. If Cain wins it will be by KO. Decision or Sub I feel will go to Mir.

  • surley join fabricio werdum at the top of the list ajajajaja? WTF mir and cain are the best in the world both former champions. werdum only beat roy nelson camon frank destroy nelson to, werdum is 3 fights away of a shot, very stupid comentary in the staff post. anything could happen in this fight but for sure this is not going to the judges.

    • Lesnardo

      Two fights away. But that is not because Werdum sucks in absolute terms. The HW division in the UFC is ridiculously stacked right now. Bring Barnett, Bigfoot, Sergei, and Cormier over to the UFC!!!

  • Maclovin106

    Frank is getting ko’d in the first

    • Lesnardo

      100% true. He cannot hang with fighters with power.

  • Towers66

    Werdum is in the top contenders spot after his last performance. Who has he beat….hmmmm…well he was the man to dethrone Fedor for starts. Cain does not necessarily have a weak chin because he got KO’d by Dos Santos. Considering Dos Santos has the best boxing in MMA. Bar none. Mir is not even close to the best even when he was in his prime. His golden days are far over. Cain wins with a KO/TKO for sure.

    • Lesnardo


      Markronin sounds delusional. Werdum has face top competition throughout his career. In pride he fought Sergei, Overeem, and Nogueira. In UFC he fought Arlovski, Gonzaga, and Dos Santos. In SF he fought, Fedor, BigFoot, and Overeem. He also fought Aleks.

      The dude should not have been kicked out of the UFC in the first place.

      While I disagree with Werdum being a top contender, I do see him as a contender in the UFC and not a middle of the pack guy.

      And yes. Getting knocked out by JDS doesn’t mean you have a weak chin. JDS hits like a mule. His punching power is probably one of the strongest we’ve seen in MMA. JDS’s punches waay stronger than anyone in the HW division (yes HW division!..maybe Carwin comes closest) and his accuracy is unmatched.

    • fsunoles09

      right when u said even in his prime ur comment lost all credibility, not to mention sayin ko FOR SURE.dude idk what u and lesnardo r thinkin but yall sound about clueless.and werdum lost majority of them fights u just named haha.y would u even bring up the overeem fight in sf.i dont hear nobody sayin anythin about that sissy **** werdum pulled in that fight yet he a contender get the **** outta here.werdum is a gatekeeper homie and frank mir is a really good fight who gotten him a championship brotha idk but it seems like u used no logic in your argument for werdum bein good and mir being a bad fighter haha.

      • Lesnardo

        Never said Werdum is good and Mir is bad. In fact, I think they are about equal, a notch below Carwin/Cain.

        • fsunoles09

          u lost me again i personally think carwin is overated to.mir is a beast he has that 1 punch ko power and will rip ur arm off if he gets ahold of it i cant say the same about werdum. he has good bjj but despite werdum having elite bjj mir is good enough where he could get back to his feet and stay outta danger, idk i might be wrong but i just think werdum is super overrated at this time in his carrer.he beat an old washed up fedor beat what i thought was an overrated silva and then did the lay and beg with overeem.idk bro like i said it might be me but i just think werdum should be nowhere near title picture right now

          • AdamBianski

            funny you say carwin is overated then say mir is a beast? did you see them fight lol looked a grown ass man fighting a child.

          • fsunoles09

            i hear ya bro that doesnt really make sense does it but carwin has only fought twice since then if im not mistaken and he has looked like poo in both fights.idk but i think that was mir underestimating carwin strength in the clinch i mean he was defending pretty good carwin is just really strong im sure he would use a lil better footwork the 2nd time around.but yea im lookin at where carwin is now and where mir is despite not lookin to good his last fight out, sports is a what have u done for me latly thing bro.

  • Darren2112

    I don’t really like Mir that much but he keeps finding a way to win. I think this will be a great fight.

  • matty

    ko from dos santos doesn’t mean a weak chin. Cain by ko in 1st.

  • bbtakayama

    Frank Mir by “holding on to Cain’s leg for dear life and twisting it three ways” after being dropped by a jab. That is a real submission name, look it up.

  • Towers66

    Werdum should not have been kicked out. I totally agree with that statement. His stand up was a sad sight in his first Ufc run. Also i shouldnt have said he was a top contender…i just think he fits in the contender picture pretty well. He needs two more solid wins or a highlight finish on a top ten guy. I think he’ll be around for a while for sure. I love Mir and all, i mean that guy fricken breaks limbs and manages to keep himself in the top spots for years and years. I just think Cain is going to come back ferocious. Maybe if frank runs away the whole fight he’ll get a unanimous win. lol. had to say it.

  • I am not too excited about this match. I’m gonna go with Cain of course!! It would be nice to see Werdum in the mix there amongst the heavyweight contenders, so hopefully he will get an opponent some time soon. Wasn’t Big Foot coming to the UFC?

    • Lesnardo

      Seriously, the UFC should bring Barnett, Sergei, BigFoot, and Cormier to the UFC ASAP. Imagine the HW division where Roy Nelson wouldn’t even be considered a gate-keeper.

      • AdamBianski

        Big Roy might beat all three guys you just named. I wish people would give him credit because the dude is a beast and one of the best fighters to watch.

        • AdamBianski

          oh yeah reason i said three is because silva is garbage and if he fights in the UFC i will boycott.

  • zap

    Cain does not have a weak chin. Anyone who gets hit in the temple by a UFC heavyweight will lose the ability to stand. Its physiology. Although I like Frank a lot, I think Cain will dismantle him. Frank has proven that he does not have a chin. He was actually out vs. Nog before Nog tried to grapple on the ground.

    • AdamBianski

      Yes if Nog was not such an idiot he would have one the fight.

  • RubeKegal

    I can’t disagree with any comment. I literally never know what Frank Mir will show up. The guy that dropped Kongo or the guy who didn’t throw a punch in his 2nd fight with Nog. I will be rooting for Mir, but I don’t have a good feeling about it.

  • AdamBianski

    Cain will murder him I am so sick of Frank Mir being given chances. He has been physically dominated by every good fighter he has ever fought PERIOD Anyone see him fight carwin or lesnar. His biggest win in the past two years is beating Big Roy in a fight that Roy looked like a big fat slob.

  • fsunoles09

    both are physical freaks bubba, who have you seen other then another freak in overeem dominate carwin or lesnar physically.you talkin crap about that nog fight but mir finished him twice thats nog fault for ****** up, the same thing could be said about maynard and edgar in their last 2 fights does that mean edgar aint good.and mir lost to carwin and has beat roy, mirko and nog so i mean not bad for a 2 year stretch and werent u just talkin about nog being sweet, and there is a reason roy is on the hot seat right now brotha