Felice Herrig Says UFC on Fox 15 Bout Against Paige VanZant is a Mismatch

April 7, 2015
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On April 18, top ten-ranked female strawweights Felice Herrig and Paige VanZant kick off the UFC on Fox 15 main card in a bout that has turned into a bit of a grudge match.

Shortly after the bout agreements were finalized, VanZant characterized Herrig’s fighting style as ‘predictable.’

“She has a very strong Muay Thai game. That’s kind of what she’s been known for, but I do think she’s a predictable fighter,” VanZant told MMAWeekly.com in February.

Herrig took offense to the remarks and believes she’s on a different level than her 21-year-old opponent.

“I think the only thing predictable about me is that I can beat her anywhere the fight goes. I know I’m a better striker than her. I know I’m a better wrestler than her. I know I’m better on the ground than her. I know I’m physically stronger than her. I know I have more experience than her,” Herrig recently told Submission Radio.

“Everybody has a punchers chance, but I definitely wouldn’t bet against me in this. It’s just, you know, I think she’s actually so new and so green in this sport that she really doesn’t get it,” added the 30-year-old 15-fight veteran.

“She doesn’t realize that there is a difference. Like what, she’s got five or six fights? I’ve been fighting for 12 or 13 years now. Between kickboxing, boxing, Muay Thai and MMA, I have over 50 fights. I was the world champion Muay Thai fighter,” added Herrig.

Herrig doesn’t think VanZant matches up well with her in any situation and considers the fight a mismatch.

“Honestly there’s nothing Paige is going to do to me that I haven’t seen before or felt before. I really don’t believe she’s better than me anywhere,” she said. “I think that when I fight Paige, people are going to see a difference in levels. I don’t think that this is actually an evenly matched up fight at all.”

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  • who what huh

    Yeah, the last time Felice fought a 4-1 fighter with all her experience she just got submitted in the first round.

    • shakejunt

      haha fair enough, but i don’t think paige has the same raw talent as randa.

  • Hippity Hoppitus

    There’s something about Felice that I don’t like. Perhaps it’s all that muscle. I’d still bang her, though. Up the arse too.

  • sheep2012

    I feel herrig is pretty overrated.

  • shakejunt

    first impressions upon hearing about this fight were that paige would take her down and blanket out a win as long as she could avoid subs from the guard.

    current impressions of this fight are that i’m confused. i made the right pick with stallings over justin jones so i think this will be another “too much too soon” type of fight.

  • MmanMman

    Whats the evenness of the matchup got to do with it Felice? The UFC is just putting to little blondes into the ring for the boozed up crowd…

  • Mark McDowall

    I think that as usual Felice will come in worrying more about her cardio and not much else. She talks about how she’s stronger in all these different area’s, yet was made to look a fool on TUF by getting caught in a bad submission. And lets be real…her main weapon is her cardio. She has finished 4 of her fights…not exactly what I would call an exciting fighter. Her prefight talking sessions and weigh in antics are usually more exciting than her fights…

  • watcher

    So Felice your face does prove your statement that you are on a different level than Paige