Fedor vs. Henderson TV Ratings Hit 571,000; Was it Worth $2.3 Million?

August 2, 2011
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Dan Henderson and Fedor Emelianenko

Dan Henderson and Fedor Emelianenko

Saturday night’s fight between Fedor Emelianenko and Dan Henderson lived up to expectations and more in regards to the excitement factor, but while Strikeforce & M-1 Global: Fedor vs. Henderson pulled in strong TV ratings, it didn’t vie for the top spot during Strikeforce’s tenure on Showtime.

Fedor vs. Henderson drew an audience of 571,000 viewers, but the top spot for Strikeforce on Showtime still goes to Fedor for his fight with Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva in February. That event pulled in 741,000 viewers.

While the ratings for Fedor’s fights have been solid, the bout with Henderson has to be one of, if not the most expensive fight the promotion has run on Showtime. The two fighters combined for just south of $2.5 million according to a report from ESPN.com. That’s well above what the UFC pays its entire fighter payroll, not including bonuses or other contractual stipulations, for most pay-per-view events

Henderson TKO’d Fedor just past four minutes into the opening round after the two took turns rocking each other in the non-stop opening minutes of the fight.

With Fedor having lost three consecutive bouts and Henderson, Strikeforce’s light heavyweight champion, completing his contract, it’s unclear what the future holds for either.  But even the strong TV ratings don’t seem to justify the payout for a non-pay-per-view event.

  • Beaver

    Thats ridiculous!!! Fedor/M-1 is the main reason StrikeForce was in financial trouble. And Hendo got run out of the UFC because he was past it…can’t see this fight making that kind of financial sense at all.

  • armendo420

    wow fedor is way over payed!!!!!! lol and he got k.o’d

  • Nick Morris

    Fedor got $1.5mil & Hendo got $800k….but after the GOONS from M-1 take all Fedor’s $ he most likely got stuck with about $25k….those GOONS have destroyed Fedor’s career! I he had of came to America after Pride, and dropped the clowns from M-1 and actually got with a good camp, (Imagine Fedor being with Greg Jackson for the last 8 years) actually got in shape, and fought in the weight class he should have fought in (205), he would have ruled the UFC LHW division for a long time, and probably for a long time to come!!!

    • afk

      i actually like a lot of what you said there.

      fedor has always walked around between 230-240 and with a good diet and strong camp i can see him making 205 easily. would’ve been neat to see him take a different route given his current status.

    • wonggfan

      That $1.5 million salary DOES NOT go to M-1’s pocket you retard.

      Fedor makes waaaay more money than you think. He is probably the richest MMA fighter, Brock being #2.

      Anyway, Fedor lives extremely comfortably in Russia.

      Just think dude! If Wandy and Randy could open gyms and live well, what about Fedor??

      Fedor is probably laughing his way to the bank right now. He milked so much money from MMA through his 4 year battle with the UFC.

      He made more in one fight than Nog, CC, Wandy, or Shogun did in 4 or 5 UFC fights.

  • BigGuy

    Fedor was a good fighter, but clearly an idiot when it came to his own finances. Getting hitched up with M-1 was a disaster for him.

    Hopefully he will retire now and move on. I can’t see the UFC paying him anywhere near that kind of money again, especially after three straight losses. Fedor should have taken their deal when they offered it to him, but again, M-1 was there to thwart any chance of it.

    Smart move M-1 & Fedor!!

    • wonggfan

      For a 35 years old guy, you sure are dumb.

      Fedor is a part owner of M-1 and he is no peon, contrary to how Dana White has been portraying him. He is a partner in M-1 you retard. He makes money off of M-1 events you retard.

      Oh wait..but you are a blue-collar, shitty apartment dwelling, uneducated trash…forgot.

      Get off the internet old man!

  • rezsurfer

    well you cant blame them for that contract, id rather fight for strikeforce for 800 k a fight then UFC for 80 k , at the end of my career. Dan made the right choice for himself. UFC pays tito 500 k while GSP Silva make change compared to tito… Slap in the face i say.

    • Cptmats

      you should do a lil research before you commment ! GSP is among the highest paid mma fighters in the world !

      • wonggfan

        Ummm. no he is not.

        GSP’s fight salary is lower than Tito’s. This is because GSP fights in the lighter weight class. The HWs and LHWs get paid more.

        GSP is one of the best paid IF and ONLY IF you count his Canadian endorsements. For fight salary, the best paid is Fedor, Brock, Chuck..etc..

  • Wonder if M1 got paid a “consulting fee” like they did with Affliction.

    • wonggfan

      I am sure. M-1 is now down to Kogan, Vadim, Fedor, and that translator lady(?).

      Pretty much M-1 MILKED Bodog, Dream, Affliction, Strikeforce, and Showtime.

      M-1 shows us that fighters can get paid more if they follow the boxing model.

      UFC at best offered Fedor $800k per fight. I don’t think UFC ever paid it’s fighters $800, except maybe Brock and Chuck.

  • longtime fan

    fu ck m1 global… fedor would be well more loved than what he is now if it wasnt for those fu ckin idiots. fedor is still the man and i would say he would still destroy most of the heavyweights in ufc…. the only two he might lose to is cain and dos santos, but he would destroy brock, mark my words. that matchup is perfect for him

    • wonggfan

      Dude, Fedor is loved more BECAUSE he didn’t sign with the UFC.

      Look, only UFC nuthuggers hate Fedor for “dodging” the UFC. And most of them are ignorant kids.

      I admire Fedor for his ability to stand up against the UFC.

      Morons like Tito used to say, “I am proud to stand up against the UFC” when infact he was just getting laughed at.

      And you got guys like Barnett who couldn’t get a job for 2 years because the UFC wouldn’t sign him.

      Even Randy was eventually strong armed into signing.

      Fedor was the only person that wrote his own check. Anderson Silva and GSP can’t do what he did.

      That makes him the greatest of all time.

  • bajafox

    M-1 can take credit for single handedly destroying Fedors career post PRIDE