Fedor Still Tops Accomplishments, but Fabricio Werdum Contemplates Path to UFC Title Shot

June 9, 2013
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Fabricio Werdum_StrikeforceAs great as it was for Fabricio Werdum to avenge a loss and topple his idol at UFC on Fuel TV 10 in Fortaleza, Brazil, on Saturday night, beating Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira still didn’t rank as the highest accomplishment of his mixed martial arts career.

That position is still reserved for Werdum’s victory over Fedor Emelianenko when the two fought under the Strikeforce banner.

“It was definitely Fedor,” Werdum said at Saturday night’s press conference.

He fought just one more time for Strikeforce following the win over Fedor. He lost a unanimous decision to Alistair Overeem in what proved to be lackluster efforts from both men.

Werdum immediately rebounded when he moved to the UFC, reeling off victories over Roy Nelson and Mike Russow en route to his rematch with Nogueira.

Now he is in the thick of UFC heavyweight title talk.

Fellow Brazilian Junior dos Santos is next up for champion Cain Velasquez, but Werdum could face the winner of that fight. Following his recent stint as a coach on the second season of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil, however, it’s likely he’ll take another fight while Velasquez vs. dos Santos 3 unfolds.

“I gave the UFC the idea of doing a TUF in Mexico and I’d like to do it against Velasquez,” said Werdum.

That is, of course, if Velasquez gets past dos Santos and if the timing works out for an Ultimate Fighter Mexico, which is currently in the early planning stages.

Waiting around isn’t something that Werdum is keen to do, though. Injuries and the lengthy time involved in doing the reality series in Brazil put a year between his two most recent fights, and Werdum would like to stay busier than that.

“I’ve been away for too long,” he said. “I’ve already spent one year without fighting because I did TUF in Brazil, so I wouldn’t like to do that again.”

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  • julian moran

    Though he UFC will probably do Cain vs Dos Santos 3 for the title and Cormier vs Werdum for the following title shot. I think Werdum deserves the title shot much more then Dos Santos. It is also a more interesting fight, where Cain will have to make sure to keep it standing.

    • Cereal Killer

      Saying “Werdum” in the same sentence with the word “title” is laughable! This guy beats people on the verge of retirement and you think he deserves a title shot… LOL

      • Mark McDowall

        I have to agree. With the exception of the Nelson fight…where Nelson had the death flu so he wasn’t at 100%…he really hasn’t fought any top fighters. And his fight again Overeem was laughable it was so bad…

      • Werdoomb

        That’s because you are a TUF noob.

        So Demian Maia, Thales Leites gets title shots but not Werdum? Frank Mir and BigFoot get title shots (although as an alternative or lack of choice) but not Werdum?

        • Cereal Killer

          Give him a guy that isn’t about to retire and see what he does. He looked like a total joke vs Overeem. The timing is right, Cormier vs Werdum should be made. If he can beat Dan, then we can talk in the realm of “title” talk.

          Bigfoot beat Overeem, who was basicly the #1 contender at the time, and you call me a noob? Nog isn’t ranked on any site except the UFC rankings.(we all know they rank anyone that has an upcoming fight)

    • Baller31

      JDS ko’d Werdum back when JDS was still relatively new to MMA, and he has only improved since then. That, and the fact that JDS has already beaten Cain, makes JDS much more deserving of the title shot. I was not very impressed with Werdum’s stand up last night, and I think either JDS or Cain would beat Werdum fairly easily.

      • julian moran

        I think JDS can beat Werdum easily. I think Cain vs Werdum is a toss up.

        Though I was not very impressed with Werdum’s stand up either.

        • drkdisciple

          hope u were not impressed with his cardio cause he gassed out after 1 round. Cain is a cardio machine and would run him over. “Toss-up” is not how i would describe that match up.

          • Baller31

            The UFC just needs to try and make it look like there are other heavyweights of the same caliber as JDS and Cain…because they need matchups to make after the two fight again.

  • Budah

    Say what you will about Fedor, but hes never been beaten in the ring.

    • Brasil

      Nope. Just bludgeoned half to death by Big Foot. Then knocked cold by a middleweight.

      • Lucas Freire

        In the RING.
        And his loss to Hendo is debatable. But he was far far away from being knocked cold.

        • Sir_Roy

          While the stoppage was slightly premature, he wasn’t that far from out … and the position he was in when the fight was stopped, was one that invited two or three more hay makers that were sure to seal the deal. Hendo was in top dominant position and set only to continue unloading on Fedor. So to be fair to Henderson, the finish was leaning extremely heavily in his favor.

  • Sir_Roy

    Werdum looked chubby and gassed in a three rounder. He wants a crack at a 5 round championship match with either Cain or JDS (with the pace both are able to maintain), he’d better start training like he wants it and lay off the cheeseburgers.

    • Werdoomb

      You don’t know what you are talking about so hush.

      • Sir_Roy

        I know what I see. And Werdum is loose around the cage without doubt. He also looked tired coming into the second round without doubt.

        I like Werdum. I want to see him succeed. I just think, based on what I saw, he needs to get into better shape for a 5 round war with Cain. That is all.

    • Baller31

      I agree..if he fought that way against JDS or Cain he would be finished in the first round.

  • Werdoomb

    JDS Ko’d Werdum and of course should be ranked higher.

    But I think the UFC has always been dismissive of Werdum. They never gave him a title shot or contender shot even when he was doing well.

    Come on. Why give Werdum Roy Nelson and then Mike Russow? Why not Frank Mir?

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Werdum’s next fight is against Matt Mitrione in the undercard. BS.

    • Cereal Killer

      Maybe you didn’t see him look like an ass-clown against Overeem? he just beat Nog, who is about to retire. I find it kind of a joke that the UFC have him ranked as #3 contender.

      • Baller31

        I agree, but I would also love to see him fight Frank Mir.