Fedor Makes Cinematic Debut This Week In “The Salamander Key”

March 22, 2011
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Fedor Emelianenko on the set of The Salamander Key

Fedor Emelianenko on the set of The Salamander Key

His mixed martial arts career may be flagging, but the former No. 1 heavyweight fighter in the world, Fedor Emelianenko, may see his star rising in the cinematic world.

Fedor is set to make his cinematic debut with the world premiere of The Salamander Key on Thursday in Moscow. The action film, in addition to Fedor, also stars Rutger Hauer and Michael Madsen.

M-1 Global, Fedor’s management company, released the following description of the movie on Tuesday:

Premised on a group of international scientists who disappear on a remote island in South-Eastern Asia while conducting advanced medical research, the Rescue Group commissioned to seek out the team locate remnants of a high-tech laboratory revealing evidence that experimental testing has been conducted on animals and humans. The last communication from the scientists prior to their disappearance cautions the world of immanent, grave global disaster.

“Today we’ve been given a priceless gift – the Elixir of Life…” was the sensational statement decreed by the CEO of ‘Farm-line Corporation’ in Bangkok. The miraculous discovery came whilst researching the salamander’s ability to renew its cells.

‘Congressman commits suicide to mark the eighth death in one month!’  ‘An epidemic of suicide!’ reads headlines on the front pages of all major newspapers, leaving one of Thailand’s top-cops to initiate the investigation behind the continuous string of rash, mysterious deaths.

What joins all these events together? And why is a small island in South-Eastern Asia key to solving the complex questions. The Salamander Key opens the door for a peek into a scientific breakthrough abused for personal gain.

The Salamander Key Cast: Fedor Emelianenko, Rutger Hauer, Zunis Dzhongsavat, Govit Vattanakun, Adrian Bowden, Bo Dzhittrang, Valery Nikolaev, Pavel delagila, Michael Madsen, Oleg Chernov, Valeriy Solovyov, Julia Gorshenin, Alexander Lenin, Aleksei Gorbunov, Anna Geller

Watch The Salamander Key trailer below…

  • wonggfan

    I guess this is good for him. He can make some money and not worry about fighting again. No need to fight when you can pull gigs like this. Of course, assuming that he got paid $1million for this, which I doubt.

    Just retire, throw some M-1 events, related, film movies, and just go to a Russian buffet! He doesn’t need to fight anymore.

  • shakejunt

    agreed, he was on the very top and striving to maintain that position after a string of defeats would just prove detrimental to his legacy

  • wonggfan

    Yeah totally. Look, his loss to Werdum was really not degrading at all. His loss to Bigfoot is not bad. Imagine if he had gotten KOed via elbow from Carwin or Cain..I mean it could be really ugly then.

    He held on to his consciousness and was able to make that epic statement, “Yes, maybe its the right time. Maybe its the high time. I enjoyed a beautiful long sport life. Thank you very much.” <– No other MMA fighters can make a retirement speech so beautifully. E.g., Liddell, Cro Cop, Nog, Randy. All of those guys will be dragged out of the octagon in a stretcher.

    He really has nothing to fight for. I mean, you were the #1 fighter for nearly 10 years. I totally understand how Cro Cop feels and why it will be painful for him to hang it up. He was never #1.

    From the beginning of the reign (Pride entrance with Russian anthem before fighting Semmy Schilts. Watch this on youtube. Very nostalgic) to that epic speech… no other fighter can have this sort of legacy.

    P.S. Vladim Finklefuck and Scott Cockstroker are fucking greedy pigs. If you cared about Fedor, you would support his retirement plans.