Fedor Intends to End His Career with Bellator

While many mixed martial arts fans would have liked to have seen former Pride champion Fedor Emelianenko fight in the UFC’s Octagon, it doesn’t appear likely it will ever happen. “The Last Emperor” would like to finish his career in the Bellator cage.

Though Fedor had retired following a fight with Pedro Rizzo in 2012, he returned three years later. Having won back-to-back bouts during his recent comeback, Fedor recently embarked on a return to fighting in the United States, inking a multi-fight deal with Bellator. 

As always, there had been rumors that the Octagon was imminent. According to Fedor, the UFC was a realistic candidate for his services, but in the end, he opted to go with Bellator, rekindling his relationship with company president Scott Coker, whom Fedor had fought for under the Strikeforce banner.

“We had made great relations with Scott Coker,” Fedor said during a Monday appearance on The MMA Hour. “I received a very good offer from Bellator. In addition, Bellator invited my entire team. So all of the guys will be performing as well.”

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Fedor admits that there were also negotiations with the UFC, but it doesn’t appear that the promotion was willing to agree to the terms he wanted. Namely, he wanted to provide opportunities for other fighters on his team.

As in past negotiations with MMA’s juggernaut, the UFC was once again a near miss, getting down to the wire before stalling out.

“A lot of time you can be close, but then go around and around and never get to it. That’s what happened. There were some things that were not satisfactory for UFC, there were some things that were not satisfactory for me, and we never came to an agreement,” said Fedor.

“One of the main reasons was the ability to have my teammates to perform and the others were financial reasons, as well as some smaller things.”

Neither Fedor nor Bellator has revealed details of his contract, but it doesn’t appear that he intends to fight much longer. He is slated to meet former UFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione in the main event of Saturday’s Bellator 172 in San Jose, Calif.

A short Bellator tenure wouldn’t be much of a surprise considering that Fedor has retired once already and will turn 41 years of age later this year. On Monday, he said that he intends to end his career with his current contract.

“I would like to end my career with Bellator. I would like to work in accordance with my contract,” he said. “Relations with people is of great importance with me. I value highly the relations with myself and Scott. So I do want to end my career with Bellator.”

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  1. Fedor was an overrated joke who fought no one great and had a fake rep. Fedor getting KO’d by Hendo in a few seconds proved that. Once in the UFC Fedor was quite average. screw Fedor

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      • stfu dickrider. Fedor hasn’t been good in years. His last opponent Fabio Maldonado was 2-2, he barley won a decision, before that he TKO the tomato can Jaideep Singh who had a 2-0 record.

        • stfu you little American coward ,nobody will ever be like fedor ever again….so keep being a keyboard warrior…that’s all you are….bitch…

    • Lol you have not seen if fights in Pride, he was the beast there, and he fought all the greats. Its just sad that he never went to UFC, and he got into a losing streak with strikeforce. Is last fights where more for money then fame, but he fough cro cop at its best that was one hell of a fight and many more.

      • Back when they all fought in Japan and there was no drug testing. Almost all of them folded once drug testing was mandatory. Rampage, Silva, Belfort, Hendo, Cro-cop, AA, Mark Coleman, Alastair Overroid, Bob Sapp, Josh Barnette, ect, ect..

  2. ufc is garbage boring….not great fighters there ….bellator is way better and better fighters….many are leaving ufc-wwe….

  3. That’s awesome of Fedor. Thinking of his team before himself. Sure, he wanted to get in the cage, but he wanted create an opportunity for his fight team. He’s building a legacy and Bellator is a perfect platform for him. Sure, UFC is great, but Fedor’s legacy is intact without them. He’ll always be one the best, to me.

    • he’s the goat////

      • He was the greatest of his time, that’s it. As soon as he faced the next level of evolving fighters, he lost 3 in a row.

        • Next level of evolving fighters? Hendo is a middleweight dinosaur and werdum is almost as old as fedor. Styles make fights

          • …forget to mention next level evolving fighter, Bigfoot the Acromegalic giant with one win in his last nine fights? Fedor should have quit after Werdum submitted him.

        • are you stupid are what ? he was undefeated for over 10 years and beat everyone that mattered and after he destroyed 5 former ufc champs then lost 3 lololol big deal, he had personal problems then he wins 5 in a row again…. your probably 10 years old and knows nothing about the fight game….fedor is the goat on all levels….and if he rematches those 3 little losses in his whole career he would win …that’s why the fighters voted him the goat…the mma world says he’s the goat and every nation on earth voted him the goat…you Americans have no say because you are nothing but garbage fighters…and you just talk like your cnn news …fake propaganda and thinks you could fool anyone hehe get lost….

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  4. Thats the best place for him
    Fed hasn’t seemed interested in putting for the effort to compete at the dog eat dog top level of the sport for at least a decade

    He’s more of a celebrity of the fighting culture these days
    And Bellator is a good stage for that

    The tito fight would have boon good,
    but I’ll watch Fed/sonnen or something equally disposable yet entertaining

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