Fedor Emelianenko Talks PEDs and Possible Return to Fighting (Video)

February 25, 2015
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(Video courtesy of USA Today/MMAJunkie)

Fedor Emelianenko once ruled the roost in mixed martial arts’ heavyweight division, but it’s been nearly three years since he last set foot in the cage. Living in Russia, Fedor is currently Stateside to do some promotional work for Bellator MMA, and did a round of interviews.

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In this video, Fedor talks about the current state of the heavyweight division he once lorded over, the current performance-enhancng drug epidemic, what the odds are that he’ll come out of retirement to fight again, and more.

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  • Sir_Roy

    They need a new translator. Damn. I know it’s not an easy job, but c’mon …

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      I’m sure they couldn’t pass up her billing rate.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Sounded like she has Tourettes.

      • Sadstrangelittleman

        Classy, making jokes about a serious condition…. I applaud you for your class sir. I bet you like to laugh at the handicapped and throw around the R word all the time too. All class.

  • Seth

    …Seriously? HE will talk about PEDs? HE? PRIDE stars have no right to speak about that stuff. Just go back to your fake russian promotion and live your retirement to the fullest.

    • UFCUltimateFloorCuddling

      Wow seth what a loser if you feel that way. You talk about peds in PRIDE? Seriously.. how about UFC NOW???! cokehead jon jones. Oh right.. its allowed and is ok. the use of TRT. Oh that “ok also” Its legal. Ufc is by far the most corrupted sport i’ve seen.. way worst than boxing. That says alot. With the judging, Matchmaking are bad also that favor certain fighters.. like Mcgregor. Seriously when will he fight a wrestler? Never. Put frankie in front of him.. nope… Its only a popularity contest.. what Mcgregor and chael sonnen does. Their mouth talk and make PPV.

      People talk about how pride corrupt is.. when the UFC is far worst than pride would ever be. If pride fighters were on steroids.. F it.. atleast it was fun to watch. The ufc.. fighters are on steriod and is boring as F.

      One thing about pride was.. its fun. It had alot of memorable matches. I can’t say much about ufc.. the fights are lackluster and i hardly ever enjoy it anymore.

      I’m glad fedor didn’t fight in the ufc. They are only going to use him and throw him out once hes done. They do that to most of the UFC fighters… All fighters are pawns for EVERY SPORT. Dana white and Fertittas brothers also. Don’t be a sheep man. Its how the world works.

      • TheCerealKiller

        So basically you’re not a fan of MMA, but more an “entertainment” fan. PRIDE was run like an unprofessional joke. I too am glad Fedor never found in the UFC. He would have destroyed all of his delusional fans unicorn world.

        • Drock420

          The UFC is looking more corrupt then PRIDE. Pride rules, now that’s fighting!! UFC is skeet with its increase price in PPV’s and watered down cards that aren’t near as stacked to the consistency that they used to be. Say whatever you want about Fedor, fact of the matter is he’s never been beaten in the ring, before you haters say he’s been beat, I’m talking about fighting in a ring as opposed to a cage. An where do you think the UFC got all their fighters from that are the best on there roster? From Pride, WEC, Strikeforce, etc.

          • TheCerealKiller

            Out of the UFC top 15, Cain, JDS, Travis Browne, Mir, Mitrione, Miocic, Struve, Gonzaga, Rothwell and Nelson never fought in any of those promotions. Besides that, you named three promotions that don’t exist anymore. Where do you expect them to go? As for Fedor, his opponents have a combined winning % of 65%. Out of their wins, almost all of them are over complete nobodies. He was a great fighter, but he wasn’t as great as people want to remember him as. He was just the first really good HW.

          • deepgrim

            but most of them top 15 have been around in recent times since pride stopped been a big promotion. when fedor was at his peak in 2000- 2009 most of them top 15 werent big names. but fedor did beat ufc champions around his era such as tim sylvia, andrei arlovski, mark coleman and big nog, they were all big names at the time. Maybe he missed a chance to fight brock and frank mir but he beat most of the ufc champions in that era, he probably beat them two debatably as well but we will never know. heavyweight division is a hard division to get a good winning streak in cause of the heavy hands so i think fedor winning for a decade is some achievement. at the minute people are giving cain stick for only beating big foot and jds in the last few years but the reality is that there are only so many top contenders to beat in the heavyweight division. i dont think there are many more fights fedor could have taken to enhance the reputation

          • CerealMOM

            Yeah…PRIDEs been dead for many many years. Kinda silly for Cereal to argue that none of those organizations matter because none of the current UFC HW roster is made up of fighters who were previously with those organizations.

            But that’s him. He is not as smart as he thinks he is or tries to be on this board, posting at times he should be at work.

          • TheCerealKiller

            I completely agree. It’s not his fault that he fought at the beginning of the sport. At that time, most fighters were very one dimensional and most were not full time fighters. It’s kind of like comparing football player from the 70’s to players now. An all star team form then couldn’t beat the 0-16 Lion’s team. You can easily say Fedor was the greatest of that time, but not all time.

            P.S. For troll talking about jobs, go get yourself a good one and you’ll find out that you get a lot of freedoms at work.

          • Cereal’s Mom

            Yeah…I remember you nut hugging Lesnar in 2010. I remember you predicting Tim Sylvia to beat Fedor in 2007 and I remember you picking Arlovski over Fedor in 2008 and then talking crap on Fedor post Arlovski fight saying how he was getting destroyed before Arlovski ran into his lucky punch.

            But the fact of the matter is, he is the most successful MMA fighter of all time when you take into account his fan base, his legacy, and his success outside the ring.

            Bottom line, neither Fedor nor Dana White cares about what smallfolks like you think. You post here everyday at hours you should be at work. Go get a life.

        • Sadstrangelittleman

          Yep cause he was awful right? So anyone who fought in the old days by your logic is crap and has no credibility? Ok bud keep on thinking that and enjoy your own “unicorn world” You’re not an MMA fan in an sense of the word, you’re a troll and one of the dudes who probably shows up plastered to fight cards with “BLEED” painted on your chest/forehead.

      • Seth

        So you have no problem with a cheater talking about how bad it is to cheat? NO ONE from PRIDE should be allowed to talk about it, since they weren’t even tested back there! They were silly pro-wrestling/MMA promotion, looking to laundry Yakuza’s money and make even more money. UFC at least puts the effort to try and do something, instead of putting in fighters’ contracts clause “We do not test for roids”. Sounds like a legit MMA promotion to me…

    • SethsDaddy

      lol at you.

      Yeah, Fedor took PED but remained a chubby guy throughout his career.

      • Seth

        So what? Not being ripped doesn’t mean he was clean. He used them = cheater. And how’s cheaters opinion on cheating relevant again?

        It’s like a thief saying that stealing is bad. Same here – PED abuser wants to say that abusing PEDs is bad? Another fame-addicted, self centered has been is looking for attention. Same as his girlfriend – Wandarlei.

        • TheCerealKiller

          Massive steroid abuser, “remained a chubby guy throughout his career.” lol at the troll.

  • TheCerealKiller


    He didn’t say that. He said he doesn’t have any plans to return.