Fedor Emelianenko Officially Retires; No “Fantastic Offers” to Tempt Him

June 21, 2012
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Fedor after defeating Tim Syliva at Affliction 1Initial reports following Fedor Emelianenko’s victory over Pedro Rizzo on Thursday left his retirement in doubt, but it appears that the legendary Russian fighter has finally decided to hang up his gloves.

“I think it is time I quit,” Emelianenko said, according to a report by the Russian News & Information Agency RIA Novosti.

“My family influenced my decision. My daughters are growing without me, that’s why it’s time to leave.”

Emelianenko, 35, also apparently said that there are no “fantastic offers” that could tempt him out of retirement, specifically mentioning that even exacting revenge on Fabricio Werdum was not of great importance to him.

Fedor defeating Cro Cop at Pride Grand Prix 2005Russian president Vladimir Putin was in attendance at Fedor’s final fight, getting up in the ring afterwards to congratulate him.

“I want to congratulate Fedor and thank him from all of us, martial arts fans,” Putin said; according to Russian news site RT.com. “It is because of him this sport became so popular in our country.”

Fedor went the majority of his career relatively undefeated.

He lost to Tsuyoshi Kosaka in just the fifth fight of his career in 17 seconds due to a cut.

Fedor fought to a 31-1 record before ever again tasting defeat, that being to Werdum under the Strikeforce banner. That started some dominoes toppling, however, as Fedor lost two more fights before he exited the promotion.

Fedor at the Pride Grand Prix 2005The win over Rizzo on Thursday was his third consecutive victory since a loss to Dan Henderson in Strikeforce.

Fedor dominated the heavyweight division in the early 2000s fighting for Pride Fighting Championships in Japan. Pride’s heavyweight class was considered the premier assembly of big men in the world at the time.

The UFC eventually tried to sign Fedor to fight in the Octagon, but company officials could never come to terms with the Russian great’s management company, M-1 Global.

Fedor Emelianenko’s record stands at 34-4 as he hangs up his gloves for the final time.

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  • Thank God! He had a great career and went out on a good win so it’s a good move to retire. I wish he could speak English so he could go into commentary in the states or continue to have something to do with the sport. Lots of other fighters need to learn when to hang it up too.

  • pooby

    One of the best of all time. Enjoy retirement, Fedor.

    • b-soc

      One of the best but passed up the opportunity to perhaps prove he was the best. Its like the fastest runner in the world opted not to run in the Olympics.

      • dgs

        Wow, I can’t disagree with you more. Sure, not every one of his opponents in Pride were high-level, but the list of wins he’s had in his career reads like a who’s-who of the best in the world. His three losses in Strikeforce do NOTHING to diminish his accomplishments in the sport of MMA.

        When another MMA fighter puts together a string of 31 straight wins (I do not include the “official” loss to Tsuyoshi Kohsaka as a loss) over a period of a decade, than we can talk. Otherwise, Fedor is currently the most dominant champion and fighter the sport has ever seen.

        • fightfankevin

          Well said, i know Dana always baited him by saying he wasnt fighting the best but he proved how great he was in Pride long before Dana wanted him. Regardless of his recent years, his overall record and level of talent he fought makes Fedor the G.O.A.T.

          • This is why Dana gets no sympathy from me, regardless of what illness he may suffer with. He was a prick to one of the top fighters in the world, consistently, for years, just to try get a cut-rate deal, on his terms. Even going as far as playing down Fedor’s ability, past record, legitimacy, etc.
            Fedor is pure class. Finkelstein… Not so much. Dana White… About the same as the Fink.

        • macgrubber

          you must be joking. His wins in pride are over the best in the world? Please name some1 he has fought that is the best in the world because most have come to the ufc to get demolished.

          • shereko

            LOL I’m assuming you’re being a smart ass again. At that time, Tim Sylvia and Andrei Arlovski was ruling UFC HW Division, we see what happened to them. There was no JDS, Carwin, Lesnar, Cain, etc in the HW’s of UFC. Yes, guys like Big Nog and Cro-Cop got beat up when they got to UFC but, that was after the hay day of Pride. Give Pride its due, and guys get old and those battles take their toll. Come on the Goodrich fight alone was awesome back in the day.

      • mrsister

        This sounds like it’s from the ‘say something enough times and becomes the truth’ file.

        He fought the best and beat the best for a long time.

        The fact he couldn’t come to terms with Zuffa is both sides fault. Fedor had monetary expections that he wanted met and they weren’t for whatever reason. Dana played it in the press to his advantage but I admire Fedor for sticking to his guns.

        I lost a lot of respect for Dana and his sour grapes responses to Fedor. He got beat by a middleweight is what Dana said. I guess Henderson doesn’t stand a chance against Jones, who Dana himself has said could fight at HW. I won’t buy the PPV then.

        In my opinion, the best of all time.

        • bammargera

          Face the facts : Fedor fought PLENTY of cans in Pride. Hong Choi was 1-1 when they fought. Lindland was in a lighter weight class, who the hell was Khosaki (who fedor fought).

          And M1 is completely to blame for Fedor not going to the UFC. Their demands of co-promotion were completely unreasonable. They were opportunists and they ruined his career. Blaming Dana is ignorant.

  • One of the greatest fighters of all time. It will be interesting to see if anyone will ever match his accomplishments. JDS probably has the best chance. The only thing missing from his resume was fighting in the UFC. I blame M-1 is not managing Fedor correctly. He should have been dominating the UFC for a few years before retirement. Now we will never know.

    Check out this article about Fedor http://www.ufcfightblogger.com/news/cain-velasquez-thinks-daniel-cormier-deserves-ufc-heavyweight-title-shot/

  • I think Fedor was the best HW at his time but I dont think he would be as dominant against todays UFC HW divison. I would have love to see him drop down to 205 though I think he could still wreak havoc but the UFC has currently the best HW division we may have ever seen. I anxious to see how long JDS can hold that belt….

  • Fedor was lucky to rule in an age when MMA was still developing. He gets to be considered one of the greatest of all time for beating great wrestlers with no striking and great strikers with no wrestling.

    Anderson Silva’s accomplishments easily dwarf Fedor Emelianenko.

    • Bob

      I agree that Anderson Silva’s accomplishments are against higher level fighters.

      Fedor ducked a lot of fights to keep his record clean. And when he finally took on some high level fighters in Strike Force we seen what happened. The myth was shattered and the truth became clear. Fedor was a good and skilled fighter but not the best pound for pound.

      I enjoyed watching him fight in Pride- but stopped watching Pride near the end when I found out that they wrote in the fighters contracts that they would not test for steriods.

    • TKD

      I couldn’t agree more!

    • RubeKegal

      Pure poppycocck! Anderson Silva beat who? The great Patrick Cote? The great Thales Leites? The great James Irvin? The great Travis Lutter? The great Chris Leben? He beat Franklin twice. Franklin should have retired after Loiseau fight where he broke both his hands and 2 ribs. The guy is 28-6 but only 6-5 in last 11. Guy should be retired.

      Face it, Anderson has fought a laundry list of cans and so has Fedor.

      Who’s the biggest name Anderson beat? Franklin?

      Fedor destroyed Arlovski and Sylvia when they were “the big 2”

      Fedor’s legacy is greater than Andersons by far.

      • Lesnardo

        This is true. The 185lb division is full of 205 rejects.

        In any case, I am not sure if a middle weight could ever be the greatest ever. He could be the greatest P4P or something like that.

        The big five were Fedor Nog and Cro Cop in PRIDE and Sylvia and Arvloski in the UFC. Fedor beat all of them.

  • joan

    Long life to the last emperor!
    The best mma fighter in history!

    • TKD

      Keep dreaming…

  • fries171

    Wow he was the best in his promotion which we found out to be fixed fights. I dont think hes top ten at any time. His management set his fights and had a in with pride sure none of his fights were fixed. Not one of the best of all time.

    • Nameo

      Who found that out?

  • dez

    Fedor is the most accomplished Heavyweight thus far in MMA. He is not the G.O.A.T. That title belongs to Silva hands down. Silva has dismantled and ruled a very stacked division for years and moved up twice to fight quality opponents. Fedor would even in his prime would be slightly lost in today’s HW division, but that doesn’t diminish that he was the best in his day. Dana did a lot to discredit Fedor, but M-1 did a much greater disservice by trying to build a promotion on his back instead of letting him get the exposure from the UFC. The truth falls somewhere in the middle fan boys.

  • Lesnardo

    I can’t believe this Silva vs Fedor argument still goes on.

    Silva fights guys that weigh exactly the same as he does at the weigh-ins. Fedor has fought guys who outweigh him by 20lbs.

    Fedor is GOAT because he was a dominant heavyweight. Who cares if BJ Penn is technically better? Who cares if Miguel Torres was the best? Those guys are not the baddest man on the planet.

    Fedor was the baddest man on the plant for 8 years. Until someone else takes that away from him, he is GOAT.

    BTW, Sugar Ray Robinson and even Mayweather is arguably P4P better than Muhammad Ali. But Ali is the GOAT.

  • daviduppercut

    The only reason this guy was any good is because he destroyed people that were out of their prime but when he fought some high level heavyweights, he got destroyed! lets see his wins consist of knocking out cans like Tim Sylvia, Andrei Arlovski and submitting Hong Man Choi ( Who the hell is that?) He didn’t even fight randy couture who would wipe the floor with him. Have fun in retirement selling vodka and perogies

    • RubeKegal

      lol did you start watching MMA last week son?

      When he crushed Nog twice was Nog out of his prime?

      He fought Cro Cop when Crop Cop was 16-2, is that “out of prime”

      From 2002-2009, Andrei Arlovski only lost to a man named Tim Sylvia, then he faced Fedor.

      Fedor ends careers therefore he is Greatest Of All Time!!

      • daviduppercut

        crushed Nog?! Mir crushed Nog, Fedor in no way shape or form crushed Nog ever! He was big when the heavyweight division was full of cans. I mean he knocked out Brett Rogers, who the hell is Brett rogers?! He got triangled by Werdum who sucks! His last fight was with another over the hill guy in Pedro Rizzo, list goes on. His padded record doesn’t make him greatest of all time. But hey if you think crushing cans make you the best

        • Lesnardo

          The Nog that Mir fought was a joke.

          Werdum doesn’t suck but yeah…

          In any case, you seem like a dude that just started watching the UFC about 2~3 years ago.

          You are aware that about 20% of the people bet that Sylvia would beat Fedor. And Sylvia was considered a top 5 guy at that time.

          Mind you, JDS/Cain/Brock/Overeem/Carwin were not around when Fedor dominated the HW division.

  • markrenton

    For 9 years Fedor absolutely dominated everyone he fought.. You can argue his competition in Pride, but Fedor beat up Nogueira and Cro Crop when those two were destroying everyone else. It’s a shame he couldnt have came to an agreement with the UFC so we could have seen him fight more in the US. It seems that his management was partly responsible for that. As stubborn as Dana is, no one was going to walk in and get the demands they were asking for. He was extremely well rounded, didnt talk trash or over celebrate and was great for MMA. There is an age limit for this sport and Fedor is bowing out at the right time.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3r8jwDNwMQ&feature=related

    He looked amazing in that fight, what ever he does he will always be a legend. He was unbeaten for a very long time and he as faced the best.

    • Lesnardo

      Just “a” legend?

      Fedor is “the” legend. Pretty much every fighter in Fedor’s era wishes he were Fedor. And every fighter after Fedor’s era should wish that he would become Fedor.