Fedor Defeats Monson, Faces Ishii Next

November 20, 2011
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Fedor Emelianenko

Earlier Sunday morning (US time, Sunday evening Moscow time) Fedor faced Jeff Monson at the main event of the evening during M-1 Global’s “Battle of the Legends” at the Olympic Stadium in Moscow, as he was greeted by 22,000-plus people in attendance including the Russia’s prime minister Vladimir Putin at ringside, and many more around the world via PPV; from Japan and Korea to North America and Canada.

During the course of three rounds Fedor showed composure and patience while taking Monson apart round-by-round.  As Jeff Monson had made several attempts for takedowns starting with some early in Round 1, Fedor successfully escaped each one, refusing to play Monson’s game, and returning fire with precise leg kicks and repeatedly delivering jabs and the right hands that dropped Monson twice in the first round and couple more in the second. Fedor did not go to the ground for the finish and allowed Monson to stand. Round 3 comes to an end with Fedor connecting more lefts and rights. Judges score a unanimous decision as Emelianenko (32-4) picks up his victory and breaks out of the loosing streak, while Monson (43-13) suffers his second loss in nine fights. During the post fight press conference, M-1 Global’s Vadim Finkelstein mentioned that Fedor will be meeting Olympic gold medalist Satoshi Ishii at DREAM’s big year-end event in Japan.

Official results:

Fedor Emelianenko def. Jeff Monson via Unanimous Decision
Daniel Weichel def. Jose Figueroa via KO (strikes) – Round 1 (becomes new M-1 lightweight champion)
Alexander Yakovlev def. Juan Manuel Suarez via TKO (punches) – Round 2
Yuri Ivlev def. Jerome Bouisson via TKO (punches) – Round 1
Mairbek Taisumov def. Joshua Thorpe via KO (punches) – Round 2
Mikhail Malyutin def. Seydina Seck via KO (punches) – Round 1
Albert Duraev def. Xavier Foupa-Pokam via submission (triangle choke) – Round 2
Salim Davidov def. Sergey Kornev via unanimous decision

  • adice89

    If anyone saw this fight, they know Fedor has not only switched his stance but actually followed a gameplan instead of coming in like a madman like he used to. Fedor was even using very good kicks in this fight and even looked a little more bulkier too! This can be a great sign for Fedor, having the right gameplan and using his kicks are great ways to a better start.

    • Mario

      I was watching the fight early morning, and yes, I totally agree with you.

      Fedor fought smart this time.

      Hopefully after the Ishii fight, he can fight tougher competition.

      He just needs to fight smart.. That’s all

  • BlackDog2009

    I will always be a Fedor fan no matter what, but if he wants to make a come back he gotta beat some established, good opponents. Monson was a good come back warm up, now Fedor needs to stay active and pursue big fights.

    And I bet if he wanted to come to UFC, no matter how much DW would bitch about it, he would still let him come.

    • Mario

      “And I bet if he wanted to come to UFC, no matter how much DW would bitch about it, he would still let him come”


      I can see that happening as well!

      Only time will tell..

  • adice89

    I think he needs 2 more wins against solid opponents. Only issue is that the solid opponents are in the UFC. A rematch with Werdum would be alright. All them guys in strikeforce will be in the UFC too so…IDK. If anyone out there thinks Jeff Monson is a can they can go shoot themselves. The guy is 43-13. But people think hes a joke right? But a guy like Cain Velasquez who is 9-1 is a beast though right? lol mma haters are so funny. Its all about having the right gameplan to beat certian fighters. Fedor couldnt finish Monson but who the hell has been able to finish him since 2007? NOBODY.

    • afk

      I don’t think Monson is a can by any stretch, but the quality of his opponents in recent years hasn’t been high enough to catapult Fedor back into any ranking of interest. Monson is an elite grappler who is past his prime. It was the perfect fight for Fedor to go in and not get hurt, get back into the groove of winning and now we’ll see if he’s actually learned anything from the past few years… or if M-1 wants to continue to dick around and hype him against nobodies while fighting at 5am eastern lol.

      Personally, I wish Fedor had dropped to 205 a few years ago and committed himself to becomming a tremendous athlete to balance out his incredible natural talent. Imagine Fedor in 2007 moving to the UFC’s 205 division under a camp like Jackson/Winklejohn or AKA? Could have been scary!

      • wonggfan

        Back in 2007, Fedor was an undisputed P4P king at HW. In 2008 and 2009 he beat Sylvia and AA. I doubt Fedor had any reason to cut weight to compete at 205 when he was destroying fighters at HW.

        It wasn’t until the new breed of HWs, JDS, Cain, Carwin, and Brock, came into picture when Fedor should have, in hindsight, cut weight.

  • afk

    Also for the person talking about how Cain is a beast at 9-1 but Monson is a joke to many with 40+ wins. I definitely understand where you’re coming from, but here’s the way I see it. Quality of opponents aside, I think you have to look at the next generation of MMA athletes sort of like technology. With time, we can only assume that fighters are not only getting better earlier, but getting better faster and learning at an increased rate. I think that in the example of Cain and Monson, Cain would probably destroy Jeff in the stand up and have no trouble keeping it on his feet with his wrestling. That’s not to say Monson isn’t an incredible grappler… it’s just that, wear and tear, explosiveness, young lion hunger and drive are such powerful variables… and when combined with raw athletic talent like somebody in Cain who’s grown up around the sport of MMA… it’s an entirely new ball game. Generational gaps exist in everything that has the ability to improve over time. We’re seeing the most evident signs of it right now in mixed martial arts.

  • julianmoran

    Great win for Fedor. Monson is by no means a can. Monson recently enough did beat top ufc heavy weight Roy Nelson (in a boring fight). If this fight was boring in any way it was due to Monson’s refusal to engage with Fedor. Same as Werdum vs Overeem. If Fedor continues fighting this way (smart) he would easily beat Werdum in a rematch.
    Fedor fought very well, and if he keeps it up, will quickly climb back up the later to the top.

    l even see this Fedor beating Velaskes in a UFC welcoming fight.
    Make it happen.

  • wonggfan

    First, contrary to what some of you TUF noobs think, Fedor makes a lot of money. Vladim is not using Fedor as a slave. That whole Russian mob stuff started with Dana because TUF noobs, mostly uneducated American white boys, are easy to manipulate.

    Second, Fedor fought a safe fight. I’ve never seen him fight safe before, especially against an opponent of this caliber. Just two years ago, Fedor would have tried to take Monson’s head off in 2 minutes. He wouldn’t have even thrown leg kicks.

    Third, while the UFC would invite Fedor, I don’t see him beating top 10 fighters except for the old school fighters like Nog, Barnett and Mir. And of those three, I see Fedor knocking out only Nog. With the other two, he might lose at this point.

    • You need to get over whatever that guy said to get you this worked up. Following him around and replying to all of his posts kind of makes you look like a crazy ex-girlfriend. Let it go dude, gonna give yourself a hemorrhoid.

    • Cptmats

      Dead wrong again !….just sayin

      • wonggfan

        SHORT_BUS Reply
        November 21, 2011 at 12:11 pm
        You need to get over whatever that guy said to get you this worked up. Following him around and replying to all of his posts kind of makes you look like a crazy ex-girlfriend. Let it go dude, gonna give yourself a hemorrhoid.

        • This remark was intended for someone else (I believe his screen name was “Black Belt” or something to that effect) but his comment has since been deleted.

  • Yeah, that was indeed to much a statement of wong.
    I looked at it, the fight didn’t excited me so much as Fedor used to do. Monson looked slow and tried to strike maybe once. Although he has nice statistics, it looked like they wanted a sure win for Fedor. And it is right he fought like if loosing would end his career, so disciplined to a non typical Fedor style gameplan. Well unfortunately due to the UFC “monopoly” he will find it tuff to find good quality oponents. Maybe Kole Konrad?? If he wants to continue in heavyweight. But i all ready see the Dream new year like another fight like he did for the last 4 years no real top competition but still proper money, and M1 has it’s co promotional deal to.
    Why for all of us who not really know the true relation of fedor and his management it looks so much like cow milking.
    It helped his mistification, but i would have loved Fedor to learn English over the time.
    I don’t think fedor is as durabel as henderson or coutoure, so he has maybe 2/3 years left. Hopefully we see him restore some of his old glory. Although he did enough to remeber him as an altime great.
    I do agree though with AFK MMA is evolving fast the new genarations that has as first sport MMA will come soon. To lift mma even to a higher level, the last remainders of the old generation are just out classed. Only extreme talent can sometimes cause an anomali, look at how JDS with only boxing and take down defence, beat an in many eyes most well rounded mma fighter in the HW division. Against the odds JDS won.

  • fador sucks he alway beat wash up fighters ufc should let him in to the ufc with a 3 fight deal she sould face junio dos santos and brock and cain just so he can get beating up so hard and every one see he is a foeny

  • Why so blue panda bear?