Fedor Breaks Down Fight with Pedro Rizzo, Differences Between M-1 and UFC (Video)

April 28, 2012
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Fedor Emelianenko returns to fighting on June 21 in Russia, where he will face former UFC heavyweight contender Pedro “The Rock” Rizzo.

The former No. 1 heavyweight is on a two-fight streak since leaving Strikeforce. Rizzo, however, has been out of action for a while, having difficulty lining up a fight.

Fedor spoke with GroundandPoundTV recently in Germany, breaking down the fight with Rizzo, and discussing the differences between his promotion, M-1 Global, and other promotions such as the UFC, whom his management has been unable to come to terms with in the past.

Check out the video below…

  • M-1 is bad for the sport.

  • BlackDog2009

    Stoic as ever that Fedor. I admire him for his composure, his approach to MMA. Never a boring fight with him, NEVER! Best HW fighter in MMA history imo. But what he says about UFC only building their own fighters… isn’t true any longer if it ever was. They just got all the Strikeforce HW and those guys weren’t built in UFC: Reem, Bigfoot, Cormier, Griggs and I could argue that guys like Nick Diaz and Barnett got better only after they were out of the UFC.

  • elguapo

    This fight makes me feel like I’ve woken up ten years ago. Fond memories of fedor though. Once he beats rizzo I’d like to see him fight cro cop in a retirement fight for the pair of them; pride rules, in Japan, old school, would be the perfect way to wave them both off into retirement.

    • BlackDog2009

      What would that prove? Fedor and Cro Cop faced each other in their primes and Fedor won. I understand your intention to subtly categorize Fedor with Cro Cop but it’s not working. Fedor destroys opponents still, Cro Cop hasn’t been anywhere near the monster he used to be since Gonzaga knocked his head off with Cro Cops’ own style kick. Even in defeat… FEdor is in another class on his own compared to Cro Cop who I’ve literally seen fear in his face as he went towards the octagon.

  • julianmoran

    If Fedor beats Rizo, i would love to see him in the UFC.
    Fedor vs Jon Jones in a heavy weight bout should be good. My money on Fedor.

    • DrkDisciple

      “I had a dream, an impossible dream” Martin Luther King

  • julianmoran


  • pooby

    Rizzo in da hizzo.

  • Towers66

    I still love Fedor fights. The way he keeps his composure in every situation is entertaining as hell. It would be fun to see him in the UFC. He is still a bad mofo, I don’t care what anyone says. Fedor will smoke Rizzo for sure. Should be a fun fight as most Fedor fights are.

  • lol fedors too clever for this guy! And to fedor beating jones I totally agree! Although I dont think fedor would be that successful in heavyweight. I think he would definitely beat jones

  • Towers66

    I think he would beat jones too. Imagine the amount of money that fight would make. It would never happen though.

  • I love fedor so much he is a legend one of the greatest and hes still no done 2 str8 after his losses on that note jon jones would murder him beyond all belief

  • Jones has never lost and beaten some of the best 2 top ten pound for pound almost never lost a round almost never hurt and never has been taken down I no I love fedor too I would root for him but come on jones would end his cereer

  • MaritalArtist

    Jones has never fought a heavyweight. Yes, he can probably beat up a few heavyweights, but fedor? Come on guys. His reach advantage vs HWs is largely negated. He can’t pull that hand holding crap with fedor, Mir, jds, etc. they’ll knock his block off! He needs a few years to bulk up first before thing against top 10 HWs.