Fedor and Strikeforce Negotiations Ongoing

November 6, 2010
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Fedor Emelianenko

The process to get a new deal done between Fedor Emelianenko and Strikeforce continues as the Russian fighter closes in on the final fight on his current contract with the promotion. The negotiations are still a work in progress, but Strikeforce officials are hopeful the former Pride champion will be back in the cage for them in 2011.

Fedor hasn’t fought since a June loss to Fabricio Werdum. A defeat most MMA pundits consider the Russian’s first real defeat in his historic career.

Since that time, Fedor’s management group, M-1 Global, has been in talks with Strikeforce, but nearly five months later a deal is still not done.

“As everybody knows we have a negotiation ongoing with M-1 right now, and I wish I had a simple answer, but it’s an ongoing negotiation,” Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker told MMAWeekly Radio about the deal with Fedor.

Coker sounded confident about the dealings with M-1 Global, but the pen still has not hit the paper to sign off on a new deal.

“I feel good about it, I feel good about the negotiations,” he said. “Whether you’re dealing with Dream, or you’re dealing with M-1, or any foreign company there’s always a translation issue, and there’s always a cultural issue, and there’s just a lot of barriers that will come.

“We’re trying to navigate through the waters and get a fair deal for everybody.”

Following the loss to Werdum, speculation ran wild whether Fedor would return in a rematch against the Brazilian or possibly end up in a title fight against Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem.

With Werdum on the shelf until at least the second month of 2011, Overeem fighting in K-1 in December, and the recent signing of Josh Barnett, anything is possible. Coker believes they will get a deal done, and Fedor will be back stateside next year.

“Fedor will be fighting, I want to say sometime in the first quarter of 2011. I believe that’s when he’ll be fighting in the cage,” Coker stated.

Coker did shoot down rumors about a Heavyweight Grand Prix that hit the Internet last week, saying that it was pure speculation. Whatever the future holds for Fedor, there are plenty of match-ups for him in Strikeforce when and if negotiations are settled and he comes back to MMA in the United States.

  • Whitey

    Fedor should have signed with the UFC, if he had he may still be properly undefeated.

    • I don’t know, I think he would have faced a tougher road in the UFC. But that said, I still would have liked to have seen it happen. There are some great match-ups there I would like to have seen him fight.

  • steveO

    Whitey – Quit holding on to 2006. Fedor lost to Werdum, who got cut by the UFC (and knocked the ***k out by one of the young Lions of the UFC)… I loved Fedor in his prime, but the reality is the talent has passed his generation (Chuck L, CroCop, Coleman, etc..)

    The UFC heavy weight division is the most stacked group of fighters ever! (Cain, JDS, Lesnar, Carwin, Big Nog, Nelson, on and on…)

  • I bet the guys at M1 have a little voice in the back of their heads that’s nagging at them though. They have to be kicking themselves a little bit after seeing Brock’s reaction to getting “bullied” in his last two fights. Not saying Fedor would have won but Brock looks a lot more human than he did 15 months ago when they opted to sign with Strikeforce instead of the UFC.

    I don’t know about being undefeated though. The UFC HW division is some pretty deep water and all roads lead to Cain who looks pretty dominant right now.

  • mirko crocop

    Fedor, just what in the name of God above are you thinking? The longer you are out of the ring, the more likely you are going to lose your next match. The ring rust you had on you for Werdum was so obvious and you certainly don’t need that to occur again. You need to get in the cage ASAP and FIGHT. You have to have some of the worst management advice in the history of MMA. That is the only conclusion I can come to in terms of how long you are waiting in between fights. 2 fights in 2006, 2 in ’07, 1 in ’08….?????…2 in 2009, 1 in 2010?????? Such a waste of such a great fighter. I know you have injuries and you are getting older but I think you still have quite a few exciting fights to put on for the fans. Just compete to show everyone what you can still do.

    • Thank Fecal-stain and the rest of the goons at M1, they’re the ones steering the ship.

  • Whitey

    Fedor is still the best i don’t know if u guys sore the fight against werdum but he nearly knocked him the fuck out. Werdum’s jits is what saved himself. Fedor is still the best and yeah he might have harder fights in the UFC, but r u saying that in an MMA match Brock Lesnar could beat him?

  • Yes, Lesnar could possibly beat him. WOULD he beat him… I’m not going that far, I’m just saying it’s a fight. Yes, Fedor ALMOST KO’d Werdum, but he didn’t, that’s why they fight. Anything can happen. I still agree that Fedor is right up there at the top of the division, but there is definitely a lot more competition at the top then their was just 2 or 3 years ago. IMO

  • My biggest problem with Fedor is his inactivity and the fights he’s taking. Werdum? Rogers? C’mon, the Overeem fight was right there and they (M1) passed on it. They even made silly statements that they wouldn’t fight Overeem unless there was stringent testing for PED’s. Then in the same breath they expressed interest in fighting Barnett. Seriously? LOL

    The guy is still a top tier fighter but his days atop the heap as the uncontested #1 are over. The only way to get that status back is to start fighting on a more consistent basis and against top level fighters.

  • Loss – Fabricio Werdum – 6/26/2010
    Win – Brett Rogers – 11/7/2009
    Win – Andrei Arlovski – 1/24/2009
    Win – Tim Sylvia – 7/19/2008
    Win – Hong Man Choi – 12/31/2007
    Win – Matt Lindland – 4/14/2007
    Win – Mark Hunt – Submission – 12/31/2006
    Win – Mark Coleman – 10/21/2006
    Win – Wagner da Conceicao Martins – 12/31/2005
    Win – Mirko Filipovic – 8/28/2005

  • Whitey

    Hopefully Fedor does decide to give M1 global the boot. The problem that i have is that now he has lost will be offered another contract with the UFC? If he does sign with the UFC that might prompt fighters such as Alistair Overeem and Andre Arlovski to come to the UFC. In the UFC he would probably loose to Cain and JDS.

  • If he would lose M1 and all the nonsense that comes with them the UFC would sign him in a heartbeat (when his contract with SF is over). They would treat him like royalty and market him properly.

  • MMeh

    Wow, when you see that list of competition since Cro Cop in 2005 it is shocking. It seems clear that M1 has been successful in only one area, keeping Fedor from fighting elite competitors.