Featherweight Champ Jose Aldo May Have Suffered Broken Foot in UFC 163 Title Fight

August 4, 2013
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Jose Aldo at UFC 136UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo defended his 145-pound title at UFC 163 on Saturday by defeating “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung, but may have suffered a broken foot early in the title bout.

“When the fight started the first thing I did, I kicked him and he put his knee, so the first time I kicked him I don’t know if I broke my foot.  I don’t know, it is very swollen,” said Aldo during the post-fight press conference.

“He knew that I was going be giving him low kicks, so the first combination I think he left his knee there.  I kicked straight at his knee.  I don’t know if I broke my foot.  It’s very swollen.  I can barely walk properly,” he added.

The titleholder attended the post-fight press conference, but departed early to go to the hospital and have his foot evaluated.

Kicks at a high volume are typical when Aldo fights, but he had to make adjustments early on to deal with the foot injury.

“I had to change my strategy.  I had to totally change it,” he said.

“We tried to control it in a different way.  Everyone already expects for me to be kicking low kicks, but I’m a complete fighter.  I always try to practice everything,” said the champion.

“Whereever the fight goes, I always try to use all my weapons.  I don’t only have one weapon.  I have a while arsenal of weapons for whoever is out there.”

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  • shakejunt

    while this is unfortunate news, i’m somewhat glad to hear about the injury because the lack of kicks was a confusing gameplan. now at least we know that he wasn’t going hands-only on purpose.

    • Ian Price

      Yeah, it makes sense now. I’m sure that was part of KZ’d strategy. If you get the knee just right, it can indeed break a foot bone