Fabricio Werdum Wants to Wait For Cain Velasquez vs. Junior dos Santos Winner

August 14, 2013
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Fabricio Werdum 767SF-478x270UFC heavyweight contender Fabricio Werdum wants to wait for the winner of champion Cain Velasquez and former titleholder Junior dos Santos.

UFC Tonight recently reported the 36-year-old’s desire to wait for a title shot.

Werdum (17-5-1) has won his three fights in the UFC since returning to the organization in February 2012, defeating Roy Nelson, Mike Russow and former champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.  The Brazilian also has notable wins over Fedor Emelianenko, Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva and Alistair Overeem.

Werdum last competed on June 8, and expects to be back in action in February or March, but has no problems waiting a bit longer for a title shot.

Velasquez and dos Santos fight for a third time at UFC 166 on Oct. 19 at the Toyota Center in Houston.  They split their two previous meetings.

Dos Santos knocked out Velasquez to capture the heavyweight title on Nov. 12, 2012.  Velasquez avenged the loss and regained the title at UFC 155 on Dec. 29 in a dominating, one-sided unanimous decision win.

Dos Santos and Werdum have history.  Dos Santos knocked out Werdum at UFC 90 in October 2008.  It was dos Santos’ UFC debut and Werdum was let go by the organization following the loss.

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  • Isn’t Werdum more of a Submission-style guy?


  • Chase Brian Beebe

    he wants the easy route to the championship

    • Who would you like him to fight next? His resume is impressive. I can’t think of anyone or anything off hand so please help me out. Stipe Miocic??

      • Lucas Freire

        Stipe Miocic couldn’t handle Struve. I think Werdum is better than Struve in every aspect of the game. I mean, the Skyscraper has a kickboxing background, but he doesn’t look like it from the way he moves, with so much reach advantage and such a great ground game, he had potential to be the Semmy Schilt of MMA
        PS: Ignoring the fact that Semmy Schilt competed in MMA. lol

        • lol Understood. I just can’t think of another guy and Stipe is just doing well other then the Strueve loss.

          • Lucas Freire

            Because I think there’s no other guy. Werdum’s win against Nelson was over a year ago, since then he defeated two more guys, the only good match-ups for him would be DC/Reem and maybe Barnett, but they all have upcoming bouts, so I think the wise move at least untill october is to lay low.

          • Your right everyone is booked and he should lay low and fight one of the winners. I’d rather see him face DC or Barnett. I’m not as interested in the Reem trilogy right now unless it’s for a belt.

        • Dragon Kid

          Miocic’s striking has improved by heaps since he lost to Struve. His striking was very crisp & accurate again Nelson, whom everyone thought would take out with one punch. I reckon Miocic vs Werdum would bea good fight.

  • drkdisciple

    whether its JDS or Cain changes nothing…Werdum has no chance of beating either!!

    • Werdoomb

      but he does deserve a fight with the loser of the two.

      • drkdisciple

        Can’t disagree with that. A fight with the winner of Reem vs Browne would also be iinteresting.


    He should 1st fight the winner of Reem v Brown or the winner of Barnett v Mir. Or maybe fight DC if he beats Big country handily.. then get a shot

    • David

      This is the only comment that seems unbiased and makes sense. Except that DC is supposedly dropping to LHW after Nelson.


        But if Dc wins big, tko or something like?
        I could see Dana making that happen. Plus they were calling out each other a while back, both from Strikeforce. So it might make sense. Look at all the weird match ups lately as well, you never know who the ufc is gonna match up these days..

        • David

          That’s true and I don’t see DC dropping to LHW.

          • Werdoomb

            dropping down is a risky move for DC simply because he has never competed in that division and he is doing well in his current division.

            Contrary to what TUF noobs here think, MMA is not a video game. You don’t continue to level up and you don’t become a better fighter by losing fat.

            I’ve seen stocky fighters do worse after dropping weight.

  • Werdoomb

    Werdum is the best because he used to fight in PRIDE! Every UFC fighter sucks! My mom didn’t love me and my father called me Fathead. Real Fans don’t watch TUF, also known as MMA. My mom says I’m a Knewb to a personal life. I’ll be moving out of her basement in the next few years and moving in with my girlfriend from World of Warcraft. Mom says I have to go to bed now, stupid beatch.

    • Werdoomb

      lol at you.

      fake werdoomb

    • Werdoomb

      funny though,

  • FEARMJB4444

    Mir vs overeem winner next contender jk both are good just lacking off now.