Fabricio Werdum Wants to Show That He’s Ready to Be World Champion (UFC on Fuel TV 10 Video)

June 8, 2013
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Fabricio-Werdum-to-UFC-460x270UFC heavyweight Fabricio Werdum is on the cusp of earning a UFC title shot.  He takes on fellow Brazilian and MMA legend Antionio Rodrigo Nogueira in the UFC on Fuel TV 10 main event on Saturday in hopes of moving one step closer to a title fight.

The two have fought once before in Japan under the Pride FC banner. Nogueira won the fight by unanimous decision, but this time Werdum feels things are going to be much different.

“I think this fight will be a lot different than our last fight in 2006.  I was a newcomer, but Nogueira was already a champion in the event.  He was already very famous in MMA.  I was purely a jiu-jitsu fighter,” Werdum told UFC.com.

“He defeated me.  He used his experience against me as a young new fighter.  I learned a lot from that fight as well.  I lost to him, but I learned a lot from that loss,” he said.

Werdum has come a long way since that fight in 2006.

“The main difference for me in this fight is that I’ve specialized and evolved with my career.  Today I’m a more complete professional, and now I’m specialized in Muay Thai as well,” he said.

The 35-year-old has his sights set on UFC gold, and Nogueira stands in his way.

“All I want now is to have a beautiful fight with Minotauro.  I want this to be an impressive fight.  I want to show everybody that I’m ready to be the world champion,” said Werdum.

“I have this great dream of becoming the UFC heavyweight champion,” he continued.  “I’ve always chased my dreams and I’ve always achieved them, that’s why I know I will be the UFC champion.”

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  • Werdum is an awesome fighter and everything but I don’t know who I see beating Cain right now. I know I shouldn’t count him out, but let’s see how he does against Big Nog. Werdum/Hunt I wouldn’t mind. Hunt did hang in there a while against JDS.

    • Sir_Roy

      Let’s see how JDS versus Cain 3 goes (personally, I see Cain keeping his belt). But I think Werdum is the only heavyweight right now in the mix with either one. Him losing to Minotauro would be a significant upset for me. If Werdum gets by Minotauro, and if he has truly improved his MMA wrestling as much as he has his striking (which is what I’ve been hearing), than he just made the heavyweight division that much more interesting IMHO.

      Anxious to see how this all pans out.

      • Well Werdum won by submission. I don’t know what’s next for him. Nobody right now is the best, or the top guy except Cain really. We have Cain, JDS, Werdum, Overeem, Cormier, Nelson. All of these guys are capable of beating one another.

  • Sir_Roy

    I think Werdum wins this fight on the feet and that tilts this battle in his favor. His stand-up has gone 180 degrees in the past few years … to the point I’d label him second to only JDS in technical striking at heavyweight. Never thought I’d be saying that about Werdum. What he did to a top tier striker like Roy on the feet was epic, and really propelled him in my eyes as a striker to be reckoned with.

    Though, if they do grapple, that would also be absolutely epic. I see Werdum winning the grapple game as well … main reason is if they do hit the mats, it’s most probably because Werdum wobbled Minotauro in the stand-up giving, by default, an edge to Werdum.

    • adice89

      second to jds? Id say mark hunt would blast him if they were standing up. Roy nelson isnt that great of a striker. Hes good but not great. He just throws bombs that happen to connect, like a slightly better shane carwin ( in striking). Travis brown is a better striker than werdum also. Fabricio does have an OVERAL better game than all of those guys though.

      • Sir_Roy

        I was thinking of Hunt before writing that … which is why I injected ‘technical’ striker. Hunt has far better knockout power without doubt, and his striking is sharp, but Werdum is exhibiting some solid, solid Muay Thai skills lately. I don’t know, you may be right about Hunt. Need to see Werdum perform in the stand-up once or twice more I guess.

  • Lucas Freire

    Dude, what?!
    Finals of TUF Brazil,on Brazil,with lots of brazilian fighters and the video is not available here? Just what?