Fabricio Werdum vs. Travis Browne Confirmed as UFC on Fox 11 Main Event

January 30, 2014
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11-Travis-Browne-TUF-17-Finale-w-478x270Heavyweight contenders Fabricio Werdum and Travis Browne will headline UFC on Fox 11 on April 19. UFC president Dana White confirmed the main event match-up in New York following the UFC 169 media day on Thursday.

The winner will likely earn the next title shot.

Werdum (17-5-1) had been next in line for a shot at current UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, but with the champ out for the next several months due to a shoulder injury, the Brazilian instead opted to get back in the Octagon to fight Browne.

Werdum will have been out of action for nearly a year by the time the April date rolls around, having last fought when he submitted Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira last June.

Browne (16-1-1) enters the fight coming off of back-to-back-to-back Knockout of the Night performances, defeating Gabriel Gonzaga, Alistair Overeem, and Josh Barnett in consecutive bouts.

UFC on Fox: Browne vs. Werdum takes place at the Amway Center in Orlando, Fla. The fight card will also feature former women’s bantamweight title contenders Miesha Tate and Liz Carmouche. Both women are coming off of loses.

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  • Alex

    Travis Browne is going to win his next 2 fights.
    The curse of the HW title still in, and even though I like Velasquez, his title is going to find a new home – around the waist of the man with TakeDownDefense From Hell.

    Werdum’s best win was that WAMMA champion, who pretended to be the HW GOAT by padding his record with cans and mismatches.
    Sorry, but it’s UFC, baby – and Browne is neither old not fat, so no victory for you this time, Fabricio.

    • taylor2008

      Browne only lost to Silva because he really hurt his knee. He would have beat Silva too.

    • The Guest of Guests

      I like Brown but I don’t see him beating Velasquez or Junior.

      • Alex

        Both of these matchups would be very competitive. All 3 guys are in great fighting shape, great athletes and sportsmen.

        Browne vs JDS would be a striking unpredictable war.
        Velasquez won’t take Browne down (he won’t even try, he doesn’t want to be hellbowed to oblivion), and will have to stand and bang with him. Now his striking is good, he’s fast and his footwork is great, but you know the HW rule – 2 defenses and then you give it to someone else! So Browne will beat him 🙂

        • stevies69

          IF Travis makes it past Werdum and JDS and then fites Cain, he WILL b taken down many times by Cain and Cain will be up tight to Travis which will nullify his power. Whole fite! Guaranteed! But u wouldn’t know how that works because u r too concerned with grammer…so much that u claim u cant read my explanation above. I’m sure u read it, so I’m not typin it again….Ding Dong.

    • solo

      So, you’re basically saying that curse will determine who will be the next HW Champion?!

      Oh, okay!
      Damn, if Cain can only know that.

  • Fox executive want their$back

    Hope they give us a cple more good fights lord knows fox is do for a great card. Their last few have been midget mid carder. Or guys no one gives a crap about after they took their money figered they scrape the bottom in give cards.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Browne will decimate that loser Werdum. He keeps crushing everything Dana puts in front of him. (BigCheaterFoot has his coming) Actually, Bigfoot will never be anywhere near another fight with Browne. As for Cain/Browne, I can’t pick either right now.

    • TheCerealKiller

      And IF Browne loses to Werum, I will leave this forum forever. Anyone else wanna make that bet?

      • DanMan

        settle down lmao

      • brad king

        werdum can strangle him what makes u think not possible.

        • TheCerealKiller

          Brownes only defeat is to a blown hamstring… if not for that injury, it would have looked like both Cain fights. What has Werdum done to impress you? Fedor? Obviously Fedor had started his Liddell skid. It happens to the best.

          • Alex

            LOL, Liddell>>>>Fedor.

            Liddell started losing because his chin cracked and because age got him.
            Fedor was younger than him, and got hit much less during the career. He started losing because he met better competition than ever before.

          • draven jones

            just like Anderson silva

        • Alex

          Werdum will not take Browne to the ground at all, let alone stragling him.

    • macarrech

      Werdum stand up has improved considerably in his previous fights. And we all know his ground game is among the best in the sport.

  • stevies69

    Barnett made a huge technical error by putting his head to Browne’s side when going for the takedown. If Josh would have put his head in the middle of Travis’s belly, he would not have been knocked out so quickly and devastatingly. I think Cain, if Travis beats Werdum, will beat him badly with his great wrestling technique. Everyone knows, or should, that you put that head in the middle of the victims chest or belly to avoid strikes like Josh absorbed.

    • Alex

      You’re living in a movie son.
      When you put your head in the middle of a belly of an opponent, you’re still open for an elbow attack, plus a straight knee can come to your face as well.
      Mind as well notice, that Browne sprawled perfectly against the cage and Barnett was stalled, the elbows haven’t come during some action of his.

      Don’t you act like you can actually judge technical errors of experienced fighters, you clown. Browne’s technique stopped Barnett, it will stop Velasquez as well.

      • stevies69

        Alex, the only time i am going to waste is the amont of time I am taking to tell u that u dear sir r an idiot and have never wrestled or u would know how wrong u r. And he cannot beat Cain nor JDS. He needs more time. Thanks for playn and hope u learn somthn sumday so u dont look and sound like an idiot.

        • Alex

          The only thing you wrestled in your life is a pillow on your bed, after your mommy kissed you good night.
          Maybe that’s why you come late to school every day and fail to learn any grammar at all.

          Every degenerate on the net can pretend they have an opinion of an expert, like yourself.
          I don’t pretend to be an expert, but unlike you, I’m smart, I watch MMA and I use my logic.

          • stevies69

            Well…sir…ur logic is not workin out for ya n this case. This is the last time I will waste my time with u. N case u have never learned this, allow me to explain…when u put ur head n the middle of ones belly with it turned to one side, it takes power out of the strikes and since one cannot hit to the back of the head, u can see punches and elbows coming and at that point u can change the direction of ur head. Being up tight and n the middle of ur opponents belly or chest, note Cain vs JDS 2&3, the power is lost n the strikes received and u also have an escape route by just exiting the exchange. U will NOT b knocked out by these strikes with all the power lost. Josh went in and planted his head on travis’s side and kept trying for the takedown even tho he was on his knees which was a bad deal to start with as wrestlers KNOW they need to stay on their feet until they are going down to the mat completing the takedown. This, my friend, is 100% fact. Assuming, like u did towards me, the statements u made, reassures me that u r indeed an idiot. I have more experience and more knowledge of MMA in my pinky toe than u have n or will ever have. Have fun learning if u ever try to take up fighting! Bye ding dong! And I may reply if u give me sum good ammo Alex…

          • Alex

            LOL what was that bunch of text.

            Learn to use paragraphs, commas and rules of grammar, and write the same thing again.
            Maybe I’ll read this time.

  • bajafox

    Unfortunately they’re fighting for 3rd best HW. Im a big fan of Travis, he had a great year and I knew he would meet Cain sooner or later. I just think it’s too soon to meet Cain. Can’t wait to see him fight JDS, he’s cracked the top 5 so that’s bound to happen.