Fabricio Werdum Relents, Expects to Face Travis Browne in a UFC Headlining Bout in March

January 8, 2014
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Fabricio Werdum_StrikeforceFabricio Werdum has been holding out for his promised title shot against UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, but has finally relented and says he will likely face Travis Browne in a headlining bout, likely in March.

While the UFC has yet to confirm Werdum vs. Browne, it’s a fight that UFC president Dana White has publicly stated that he would like Werdum to take while Velasquez is expected to be on the mend for several months.

“We saw what happened with guys like Rashad [Evans] and other people, when you sit around and wait,” White explained. “[Velasquez] could get hurt again and you could be out two years or whatever. It just makes no sense.

“I think [Werdum] understood where we were on that thing and we wanted him to fight.”

Werdum did understand. He thought about it a bit, and discussed it with his camp, eventually deciding it would be best to stay in front of the fans and take the fight with Browne.

“I had a meeting with Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta and told them I wanted to wait, but then I thought about it and saw that I would need to wait too much before my next fight. You don’t remember what you don’t see,” Werdum told MMAFighting.com.

“We don’t have a date 100-percent confirmed yet,” he continued. “But I believe it’s going to be in March. I already know that it’s going to be a main event, so it’s a five-round fight.”

The UFC hasn’t announced the fight yet, and already has three events slated for March, all three already having headlining bouts named. With Werdum headlining, however, it wouldn’t be surprising if the promotion adds a UFC Fight Night event to the schedule for late March or early April.

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  • I don’t see Cain losing to either of these guys, I mean unless they luckily win by KO.

    Cain is going to be a champ for a long time.

    • shakejunt

      if he can stay healthy

    • Cain is just dominating guys in every way. I wouldn’t mind seeing how he stacks up against Browne though. Is there anyone you can think of who makes for a great style fight for Cain? I honestly can’t.

      • Rence


        Just kidding. I mean, i think it could still be a good fight, but i dont think overeem has anything that Cain couldnt handle with relative ease.

        Something tells me that Cain is going to be our HW champ for a while. Honestly, i’m ok with that. I’ve never met him, but by all indications, in addition to being just a genuine BMF, he’s a genuinely good human being. What more could we ask for from our champions and ambassadors of the sport?

        So long as no one gives BJ Penn the bright idea to give HW another go (cuz as we all recall, he did fight Lyoto at HW several years ago, and by what ive heard he at least held his own)

        • Alistair is one of those fighters where it’s just interesting to see him fight no matter who he faces. Let’s see how him and Mir go. You never know.

          Cain will no doubt be champ for a long time. I just don’t see any holes in his game although I don’t think we’ve really seen his ground game tested.

          • Rence

            Lol i was really just kind of playing around. You had asked if there was anyone who’s style could make it a great fight, and so while i was more playing than anything, there is as they say, truth in the jest. I think with Reem being a banger and Cain being a threat to anyone standing it could be a fun fight to watch but in the end i just dont see Reem being able to take the belt from Cain.

            Reem’s fight with Mir is going to be interesting, Mir is not a “great” striker but has shown in some of his fights that not respecting his striking is a mistake. I just hope that Frank is smart enough to use his striking to set up a take down so he can use his ground game against Alistair. I really think it would be a mistake for him to think that standing with Overeem longer than he has to is a good idea.

            Youre correct that we’ve not seen Cain’s ground game tested, but part of that IMO is that by the time guys get to the ground with him they’re already in trouble from the striking game. Bigfoot in theory should have had a chance on the ground given his BJJ pedigree, and we know how that went for him. I think that the one HW who has a real chance against him is the one guy he wouldnt fight, that being DC.

            So it could be a while before we see someone else holding that belt. Which like i said, really not a bad thing.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Kongo rocked him a few times and JDS beat him, so he is nowhere near a world beater. I hate to play the “who has he beat game”, but he’s only fought 3 guys out of his 6 fights guys for the past four years. JDS 3 times, Bigfoot twice and Brock. Not tested yet.

        • natpaukar7

          excellent point…as far as styles are concerned he is relatively untested..though…each of those guys had a unique challenge to beat.

        • solo

          There’ s some emptyness in your comment. You’re throwing here something that happened almost 5 years ago. That Kongo fight, yea he got rocked and after he landed like 200 punches on Kongo. How silly of him to get rocked in a fight, right?
          JDS beat him, yea. We all saw that. And we also saw 2nd and third fight between the two in one year. What happened?
          Ok, yea he “only” fought 3 guys. But no human destroyed Bigfoot twice, JDS twice and Brock once like he did. Its not important is he a world beater or not, but to say he’s not tested yet imo is beyond any comprehension.

          • julian moran

            .. The Reem beat up Lesnar worst then Velasquez did.
            No human destroyed Bigfoot twice and JDS twice, because no human other then Velasquez fought them twice

          • solo

            are you really going with those arguments. c’mon man! doesnt make sense for me. so let me rephrase: no other fighter destroyed Bigfoot and JDS once. So…

        • Getting rocked by Kongo is no big deal. That guy is a big striker who has fought some very tough guys and I thought he redeemed himself after the other 2 JDS fights? My question is who can you come up with who can be a real challenge and actually take that title? I just can’t come up with anyone. I see Browne being a tough fight though if that happens.

      • julian moran


        • julian moran

          Werdum can hang with Cain standing and can sub him on the ground. Same goes for Barnett.

          • solo

            Werdum sub Cain? How do you think he gets him to the ground first??? He couldnt get near to take Reem down. Barnett? He’s not even in the picture, and DC slammed him bad.

          • julian moran

            Yes I am serious.I was thinking that Cain would take Werdum down, and Werdum would sub him. Or Werdum coud pull guard.

          • solo

            Ok. I just dont see Cain doing that when he has superior Boxing & Kickboxing than Werdum.

          • I really wish it was Werdum/Barnett. That style match up would have been some entertaining.

  • TheCerealKiller

    And Werdum loses his title shot! No PRIDE fighter will ever hold UFC gold again.

    • JDMMA

      Vitor could !!! but again he’ll get stripped right away after drug testing

  • Mma Fanatic

    A dream matchup
    JDS- T-Brown!
    I hope we see it someday!

    • Great call! I didn’t even think of that. I’m very interested to see who JDS does fight next. I’m sure he needs at least three solid wins to get that title shot again if Cain is the champ.

      • solo

        I would like to see Reem fights JDS, if he beats Mir of course. Those two should have fought a long time ago, and i believe people would still be interesting. Thats a great headliner for any show. How do you see Reem vs Mir play out?

        • JDMMA

          Yepp…we all saw Overeem SLOWS down after 2 misn…. I hope JDS batters him for grueling 3 rouds

        • I would love for Reem and JDS to happen and I can see it happening if Alistair can beat Mir. Not only a bit of a grudge match but to different styles that make for a great fight. As far as Mir and Reem goes, man that’s a tough one. I don’t see Mir winning by submission but I do see somebody winning by ko. I’ll actually be there for that fight card. I’m pumped.

          • solo

            Yea. I just think its good timing for that fight if Reem beats Mir. I agree, i dont see Mir winning by sub also so probably Reem by KO, even though i would hate to see Mir go 0-4 and than possibly retire. you’re lucky to get to be there, im jealous.

            P.S I have to say this to you, somebody with your name wrote some silly comment on one of the Matt Browne’s article. just saw it, thought you should know. you have any idea who it is?

          • Mir is still pretty young to but he’s done a lot. This is a rough win or go home fight though. I always wanted to see Mir fight Gonzoga or Werdum, I really thought those match ups would be very interesting.

            And thanks for the heads up I just seen the comment. It’s probably someone who doesn’t like our differences in opinion on Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman. It was decently funny I guess though, lol.

    • JDMMA

      It’d be great, but JDS’s striking is on another level

  • Obi-Wan Granoli

    travis has a real real good chance at taking cain out as cain likes to charge and press against the cage like barnett. then again, seeing what he did to barnett im pretty sure cain wouldn’t be that stupid.

    • deepgrim

      yeah i can’t see anyone trying to take travis down against the cage anymore. but cain could just beat him up in the clinch. glad this fight is happening, i think both of them would need a good test like this before engaging in a fight with cain, so may the best man win!