Fabricio Werdum Has Eyes for UFC Belt, but Mike Russow is First (UFC 147 Video)

June 19, 2012
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Go inside Fabricio Werdum’s training camp and hear his strategy for taking down Mike Russow. Not only is he aiming for victory, but wants to be seen as a serious contender for the heavyweight belt.

UFC 147 on Saturday night is a crucial step for Werdum if he wants that gold strap around his waist.

Check out Werdum’s UFC 147 pre-fight video interview…

  • Lesnardo

    Werdum eyes the belt that JDS is holding.

    JDS stares at Werdum.

    Their eyes clash.

    Werdum avoids eye contact in fear.

    JDS upper cuts him again.

    This time it lands on Werdum’s eye.

    With a black eye, Werdum continues to eye the belt…from distance.