Fabricio Werdum Did Jiu-Jitsu for a Girl, Got Tapped and It Paid Off

The things we do for love, y’all.

Apart from being the UFC interim heavyweight champion, Fabricio Werdum is also a multiple-time Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion. The badassery this man has done on the mats has translated to his reputation as being one of the standout jiu-jitsu practitioners in mixed martial arts today. But that’s today and not several years ago when he didn’t know what jiu-jitsu was and got shown up by his then-girlfriend’s grappler ex-boyfriend.

Turns out “Vai Cavalo” was one day confronted by a dude who used to date his former girl. The guy apparently got in Fabricio’s face and challenged him to a jiu-jitsu match right in front of the girlfriend and her family when they were all trying to enjoy a day at the beach. At first, Fabricio was the bigger person and turned down the fight, but the girlfriend, whose name is Larissa, ASKED him to do it.

My guy Guilherme Cruz from MMAFighting.com penned the words.

“I guess he wanted to embarrass me in front of her and her entire family,” Werdum recalls, “so he challenged me to fight him in a jiu-jitsu match right there at the beach.”

At first, Werdum said no. “I like women, not jiu-jitsu,” he told Marcos. Larissa, for unknown reasons, asked Werdum to take the challenge against the experienced opponent. She probably knew Werdum would lose to her ex-boyfriend, but still wanted to see it happen.

“She told me to do it, that it would be fun, but I declined. I told her I had no idea what jiu-jitsu was, but she eventually convinced me to do it.”

The match ended quickly, and Marcos only needed less than a minute to finish Werdum with a triangle choke.

Fabricio was still pissed off about the loss the next day, so he went and started training in jiu-jitsu at a gym belonging Marcio Corletta, according to Gui’s story. That’s when it snowballed because a year later, he won the blue belt world championship. Years after that, he won the black belt world championship. And years after that he tapped Fedor Emelianenko with a leg triangle in the biggest upset in MMA history.

So in an odd twist, Fabricio can thank his ex for pushing him to fight her ex-boyfriend. If it wasn’t for that, Fedor might still be undefeated and eating ice cream in adorable sweaters.

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