Exhausted Shields Gets Split Decision in UFC Debut

October 24, 2010
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Martin Kampmann and Jake Shields at UFC 121.

There was much anticipation surrounding former EliteXC welterweight and Strikeforce middleweight titleholder Jake Shields’ UFC debut at UFC 121 against Martin Kampmann.

For Shields it was no walk in the park, but the exhausted Cesar Gracie trained fighter pulled out a split decision victory, earning a title shot in the process.

Shields was able to get the fight to the ground early and mount Kampmann but Kampmann showed his resilience improving his position and worked his way back to his feet.

Following the first stanza, Shields commented in his corner, “It’s the weight cut.”

Shields hadn’t competed in the 170-pound division in over two years and he reported had a rough weight cut.

In the second round Shields’ fatigue began to show and Kampmann began to see success. Kampmann was able to fend off several takedowns and landed knees inside the clinch.

Heading into the final round Shields was wobbly on his feet and it looked as if Kampmann had an opening and opportunity to possible finish Shields and play spoiler in his UFC debut.

Kampmann, the superior striker, opted to try and submit Shields instead of separating and striking, a mistake that may have cost him the fight.

Shields’ grappling ability proved too much for Kampmann who came up short on the ground.

With the win Shields extended his win streak to 15 in a row and earned a shot at the winner of champion Georges St-Pierre and Josh Koscheck who headline UFC 124 on Dec. 11. Shields hasn’t been defeated since Nov. of 2005.

  • sargcentury

    Im guessing cecil peoples scored that fight 30-27 because he could be the only fool thinking that fight was that far apart.

  • chris49

    Horrible performance. Absolutely boring. Completetely gassed. Does not deserve a title shot. Should fight Fitch to determine #1 contender status, Fitch should be the number one contender anyway.

  • A-Train

    It’s hard not to give Shields some props. Kampmann is a sick fighter, both in the stand-up and on the ground. Yet Shields who could barely stand because he was so tired managed to push the pace of the fight and control the dominate position pretty much throughout. If Shields was anyother fighter, Kampmann would have knock them the f-out. But he couldn’t with Shields. Shields pretty much walked through some crazy knees to the face only to continue to control the fight. However, that being said, I think he needs to fight again before he gets a shot at the title. I just feel like if this weight cut is too much for him, he shouldn’t be fighting at 170. He would be doing himself and his fans a disservice by not demonstrating his full potential.

  • MrAdidas

    I had Kampmann winnig this fight. Shields won the 1st round, Kampmann won the 2nd, the 3rd round was close but Shields only had “control” for the last 1.5 – 2 mins of the round, but before that Kampmann was beating Shields for @ least 3 mins of the 3rd, but when Kampamnn decided to stay on the ground which is Shields strength was VERY VERY stupid, especially for such an important fight & fully knowing Shields was DOA & if Kampmann stands, Shields could barely stand, let alone take him down, which means Kampmann could have KTFO out of Shields @ worst Kampmann doesnt KO Shields but he clearly wins the 3rd round. Kampmann had to have known if the 3rd round is close @ all, he’s losing the decision b/c………..
    ONE: the UFC “NEED/WANT” Shields to win b/c of the $$$$ it will bring in for a GSP Vs Shields fight & TWO: If Shields loses to Kampmann, it makes the UFC/Dana look silly for signing Shields & almost “promissing” him a guaranteed title shot for his 1st UFC fight. I think Shields gets a crack @ GSP next, eventhough Fitch deserves to be the #1 contender or @ the very least fight Shields for the #1 Contendership, which WILL NOT happen b/c Shields would lose & the UFC would lose ALOT of $$$$ & Shields would have to start from the bottom or possibly the middle of the division, which = a long road back to a title shot.

  • MrAdidas

    CHRIS49: You are completely 100% right, after seing Shields in the 2nd round I was thinking Shields should drop down to LW b/c of how small he looked Vs Kampmann, but theres no way Shields could fight @ LW (healthy anyway). If Shields IMO – couldnt win Vs. Kampmann, theres no way Shields lasts 2 rounds Vs GSP. GSP would do the samething to Shields, like what he did Vs. BJ Penn, which was……… Bulk up with muscle, POUND the crap out of him & possibly “retire” him from ever wanting to fight in the same weight Division as GSP!!! IMO – Shields did not beat Kampmann, but with Cecil Peoples judging, its 99% guaranteed that whatever the UFC “wants/needs” Cecil is the deciding judge who will accommodate their “request” -hence- ALWAYS screws over the fighter who deserved to win. Cecil F-ING IDIOT Peoples was a judge for Rua Vs Lyoto 1, Nogueira Vs Jason Britz, Sean Sherk Vs. Evan Dunham & Shields Vs. Kampmann (how did Peoples give Shields 3 rounds?!?) MMA judging is getting more & more fucking pathetic, which is giving the sport a BIG ASS black eye. Y do they have Boxing judges judging MMA?!? It’s like getting a Rugby ref, to referee Football, makes no sense whatsoever!!! I’ve said it many times b4, Shields record is definately “misleading” in regards to his actual skill, hes a good fighter no doubt but he hasnt fought any top WW’s in yrs, he did fight Carlos Condit but that was over 4 yrs ago & he lost to Kampmann IMO – he barely beat Kampmann, yet Dana/UFC think he can give GSP a scare?!? I’m sure GSP was licking his lips after seing Shields look like a bum Vs. Kampmann lastnight. What a joke the UFC is becoming – in regards to giving fighters title shots. EX: BJ Penn was LW Champ so he gets a title shot for the WW belt “overnight”. BJ’s WW record was 1-2 & he still got a title shot over WW’s who have been fighting for yrs to get a chance at the WW title.

    • MrNiceGuy

      Agreed, Cecil Peoples is the worst judge in mma by far. He is an absolute disgrace to the sport, and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a cage or ring. That being said, he has never been a boxing judge at any point. Not everyone likes boxing, but as a fan of both sports, it’s a shame to hear people blaming boxing for Cecil People’s inadequacy. His clomplete inability to score mma in fact has nothing to do with boxing.