Exclusive: Johny Hendricks is “Still in Shock” Over Georges St-Pierre Calling for Nick Diaz Fight

December 7, 2012
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Johny HendricksJohny Hendricks has been rocketing towards a title shot against UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, dispatching of three of the top 170-pound fighters in the world in quick succession: Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck and Martin Kampmann.

It seems he’s being held out of that shot, not due to a super fight between GSP and Anderson Silva as some had anticipated, but due to St-Pierre’s desire to settle some “unfinished business” with Nick Diaz.

His five-fight winning streak over some of the best fighters in the world, it appears that UFC president Dana White is more than willing to grant GSP his wish to fight Diaz instead of Hendricks.

Hendricks says he’s “still in shock” over this recent turn of events and jumped on the horn with MMAWeekly.com’s Travis McPherson to express his dismay over the situation and having to buck his nice guy image to become a “smack talker” to try and keep his name in title contention.

Check out this exclusive interview with UFC welterweight contender Johny Hendricks…

  • GoNoles

    so im assuming there is gonna be a bunch of articles saying the same exact thing over the course of the next few months or until white gives hendrix the title shot.

    • chuker

      yeah, it’s getting tiresome already. I get his beef but blah blah blah same thing over and over. Also right at the start he talks about getting “his” belt like GSP is a push over. I like watching johnny fight but i think he is underestimating GSP which is really hard to believe. He also said he gets rocked easy…i count 2 times in 25 fights.

      • Brodiem

        Been a lot more than 2 fights my friend. He does get rocked easy…… when you can hit him. Of course, I’m not talking about love tappers like pillow hands Fitch either.

  • b-soc

    Exclusive: Johny Hendricks is in shock that GSP took the easier fight which will bring him more money!!!!

    • Pseudonym34

      lmao. “easier” Diaz is a WAY better fighter than lucky punch Hendricks could ever even dream of being. The match up with GSP will be a bigger purse for GSP, Diaz and UFC than Hendricks would have been. The ONLY two reasons I don’t like the GSP/Diaz fight is that I think GSP needs one more “easy” one before he takes on a challenger of Diaz’s level and two, Hendricks is the “legit” contender who has earned a title shot. I wish GSP would have just UD’d Hendricks and THEN got to the good fight with Diaz. “easier” rotflmao.

  • DrRJE

    too bad Marquardt has another strikeforce fight…I think he’d be a good next opponent for Hendricks…

  • I’d be shocked to the guy has never got credit he didn’t even fight on main card for the longest if anybody saying he doesn’t have a point there stupid UFC is all about money

  • Jay32

    Most of the people posting on here clearly don’t have any idea of what is a tougher fight for GSP. Hendricks is young and has talent, but we saw that in plenty of fighters whom have come up and fought GSP.

    Condit vs Hendricks is a better fight all around and a more exciting one.There is no question Condit and Hendricks will face off sometime this year. Both fighters need more experience before squaring off with GSP.

    Nick Diaz vs GSP is a clear choice for those who want to see veterans and skill at its best. The Condit fight between Diaz was extremely close. Everyone GSP has fought, the stamina has gone to GSP. He wins by beating his opponent into exhaustion. However that will not be the case with Diaz. Diaz reminds me very much of a BJ Penn, strong boxing, tough take down defense, really good ground game, but he has a gas tank for days. This is a dream match up and could be a great rivalry depending how close the fight is.

    Anderson Silva vs Belfort II or Henderson II makes more sense then GSP. Henderson has stated openly that he would fight for either title and would love a rematch with Anderson Silva. That fight seems more explosive and exciting then watching GSP ground and pound Silva for 5 rounds in what would be a very likely outcome for the Brazilian whose wrestling is remedial.

    • Cptmats

      OMG Have you ever watched MMA before ?

    • Your_Dad

      Diaz’s boxing defense is sh*t and when has he had strong takedown defense? Diaz has spent years ducking wrestlers until now when a big paycheck is waiting for him.

  • bajafox

    The fact of the matter is Dana himself said that Hendricks is in no position to be making demands for a title fight. GSP will fight who he wants to fight, he’s earned that right and privilege. If he wants to fight someone who is not even in the top 10, then so be it, that’s his right as the reigning 170lb Champion.

    Too bad Hendricks is going the Sonnen way, there is only room for one Sonnen in the UFC. Hendricks and Bisping need to realize that.

    • But thats not right. Its not the fighters job to pick fights. And how can dana say he does not have a reason to want to fight GSP he is ranked # 2. Its an obvious choice

      • bajafox

        Yea, I’m not trying to justify this by any means. But the fact is Hendricks needs to relax and just wait his turn. The Sonnen strategy only works for Sonnen

  • GSP wanted to fight Diaz before his injury. He took things personal and Dana told everyone how pissed off GSP was. GSP has never backdowned or ducked anyone the UFC has put in front of him. Why Hendricks thinks this way is absurd. GSP just has unfinished business with Diaz ….. and wants to put a hurting on him. Easier fight, more money …. all secondary.

  • Joey

    Note to any UFC fighters that win #1 contender fights. Be prepared to be let down.

    I really think the UFC needs to figure out if it wants to be a sport or a WWE lite.

    I mean I don’t think anyone doubts Diaz vs St. Pierre will be a great fight and will draw a lot of buys but if they are a legit sport they need to give the fight to the more deserving candidate. When you compare Diaz and Hendricks, its not even close. One guy has been on a tear knocking people out and the other just lost and is coming off a long ass suspension.

  • sethafuller

    I can’t believe some people think Diaz is an easier fight than Hendricks. Diaz dominated all but 1 (maybe 2) of his last 17 opponents and has not been dominated in nearly 9 YEARS. Hendricks lost handily against Rick Story 2 years and six fights ago, and barely squeaked out 3 of his last five wins. There is an argument that Hendricks has done enough to deserve the shot, but to think that Diaz will not be as or more competitive than Hendricks is silly.

    • Diaz does not even deserve to be in the UFC!!! he is a law breaking piece of trash.

  • Don’tBeScraedHomies!

    Johnny Who-Dricks? Nick Diaz has deserved this fight for YEARS! His loss to Condit was controversial at best and and a fighter vs. a lame-o Jackson point scorer in my opinion. Hendricks is a lighter Weidmen, good but not ready to fight for the belt. It’s their job to call out the champ, but only nieve fans gooble up their and their coaches demands as inaruguable facts. Hendricks will get his chance, if he does what Diaz has done and continue to prove the doubters wrong!

    • do what diaz has done? you mean break the drug policy and law over and over again. Hendricks is ranked # 2 and diaz is not ranked at all, regardless of what you think diaz is a piece of ****.

  • subidoo

    Hendricks is good, but he’s a dipshi%t. St. Pierre is not dodging him, he really wants to whoop Daiz’ ass. Then, I’m sure he’ll fight Hendricks 10 times in one night.

  • uncle

    Hendricks already knows the bad blood between GSP
    and Diaz so why is GSP ducking now don’t use Nicks
    tatics just keep winning

  • OpenYourEyes

    As soon as he knocked out Kampmann everyone was all “Yeah! Hendricks is the man! Deserves a shot!” and then it’s announced GSP wants to fight Diaz (who is coming off of a loss) and Hendricks complains (which he has a LEGITIMATE reason too!) and it’s all “**** Hendricks!” Blah blah blah. Hendricks DESERVES the shot over Diaz. Simple.

  • I’m pretty sure anyone would’ve been rocked from that Condit kick. I thought he recovered well from it. I do feel like the UFC is at a crossroads right now with their lack of a ranking system. Diaz is a great fighter but he lost his last fight and was busted for marijuana again. I understand that Diaz is a bigger draw and that dollars make sense but the UFC is going to have to learn to market these up and coming fighters better because they are the future of the company. Though I think Hendricks earned a title shot legitimately at least give him Condit and the winner of that fight the winner of GSP/Diaz.

  • Diaz is a tough fighter however he does not even belong in the UFC, he is a drug using, law breaking wanna be thug. just like his brother, GSP should not have the ability to pick his fights regardless of how long he has the belt. The UFC is for the fans, and the fans deserve to see the #1 contender fight for the belt not some slum that is not even in the top 10.

    • johnnybooker

      Chris, not to be a jerk here, but if the annals of every sports hall of fame was purged of drug users and lawbreakers, there’d be like 10 guys/gals left in all of them put together. Diaz is one of those guys I personally love to hate, and people like that are great for sports entertainment, which is the point of all sports…to entertain the masses. I have to say I’m a hypocrite here, because I am down on Silva for saying Weidman doesn’t deserve his attention right now (or his manager said that, idk), but I am happy as all get out that GSP will fight Diaz. Diaz will BRING it, and bring a cardio that will keep this fight going until the bell ends it, if one of them doesn’t get knocked out. GSP was annoyed by BJ Penn before their rematch, and laid a pretty big beatdown on him. I’ve never seen GSP this ANGRY with someone before, not even Matt Sera after his loss. This will be a war, and someone is going to get hurt badly. After all these years of hating Diaz, I’ve seen enough interviews with him to have some respect for him.

    • Oscar Sanchez

      what law did he break ?
      greasing?steroids? what ? weed really it’s legal how he uses it get ur facts straight idiot

    • Ron Couden

      What law has Nick or Nate broken? Are you new to MMA Chris?

  • How can someone say that GSP vs Silva would not be an amazing fight, and the greatest thing about it is maybe it will humble Silva a bit so he will stop with his attitude. or lets have a elimination tourny with GSP, Silva, Jon Jones and Sonnen!!! the UFC seems to be losing so many big fights to injusries during training. They also are filling up with fighters that are not willing to put it all on the line for a win, The UFC needs a Jump start and get back to where it used to be. Comments?

  • dont vote my comment down, im asking for opinion, i would like to know other fans thoughts?

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    No one is dodging Hendricks he’s just not on anyone’s radar yet, it took Diaz and GSP to build clout Hendricks knocks out one contender or two and thinks he’s entitled?

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    Years to build clout

  • Steve Wilson

    I have a lot of respect for Hendricks,earned his spot,for sure. I just dont understand his whining. I think GSP/Diaz is
    good for the UFC,and Johny has to live with that. He is on his way,I guess its just tough waiting.