“Excited” Dana White Has No Idea How Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman 2 Will Unfold

September 28, 2013

Dana White at UFC 144During the UFC 168 World Tour stop in Los Angeles, UFC president Dana White talked about the upcoming rematch between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman. The UFC boss said he’s excited and has no clue how the rematch will go because you just never know with Anderson Silva.

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  1. I wanna see Anderson get knocked out cold again. Good way to end 2013

  2. Nah, Weidman will just submit him this time. You know, just for kicks.

  3. i want weidman to win and i think he can beat anderson without all the shown boating. i just dont like the layoff and then returning to fight the same guy. silva has everything to lose and everything to gain. it’s tough to beat a guy that has that kind of motivation pushing him. and if that wasn’t enough. silva just happens top be one of the top three fighters in mma history. i’m betting on chris. he’s all kinds of tough. and he knows he will have to be at his best. i can also see the ice man syndrome taking place here. remember after rampage clipped chuck and took the belt. it seemed like if you even touched his chin he was out. and chuck was tuff as nails. when the chin goes, you go with it! he did beat the axe murderer after that. and his chin was tested. damn i wish he could have fought forever. that dude was a knockout artist!

    • That’s a good point, maybe Silva’s chin is not what it was. I’ve been told (IIRC) by dentists that jaw bone density often decreases significantly over time even before you’re 40 (but it varies, obviously). There also seems to be this shift that happens when a champ is finally beaten for the first time since they’ve become well known, like suddenly everyone is able to fight them better because suddenly everybody gets more confident, but Weidman seemed to have that confidence from the beginning anyway. This 2nd fight has the makings of a real classic. I am really looking forward to seeing what Silva can do in a fight against someone who he sees as more of an equal. The first Sonnen fight was a bit like that I guess, and that was probably the most interesting fight Silva has ever been in previously.

      • I think the best thing that happened or didn’t happen for Chris was that he didn’t have to show too much to win. Chael had to show everything in the first fight. So Silva was pretty much ready for anything he brought in the second.

  4. Only thing he’s excited about is making money off the fight sick of all his promo bull seems like every fight is the greatest fight of all time .in my opinion all he cares about is counting the money he makes off of mma fans personally I haven’t bought a ppv in a while cost to much money especially when there’s 2 every month and every other fight is a rematch

    • If it wasn’t for Dana you wouldn’t be watching UFC at all. or maybe you weren’t around in 1992, ironic your name handle is $$$$$$$.

      • Maybe you weren’t around or your just stupid Dana white was chuck Liddell’s and Tito Ortiz’s manger at that time he didn’t have anything to do with the UFC other then that until it was sold to his investers years down the road for a million dollars so go wine on some other site

        • No offense, its whine, not wine.wine is a alcoholic beverage made from crushed grapes or some sort of fruit.

          • No offense but I don’t give a s*** Im not a writer now go back to checking everybody’s spelling nerd

        • he’s the reason we get so many free fights on FOX. and i would like some wine, thank you.

      • I agree with the point you’re trying to make, but I’m not sure if you realize that White didn’t buy into and become a part of the UFC until 2002, though obviously he was a fighter manager before then. Maybe you just mean that the UFC didn’t become successful financially until after he and his very rich friends took over the company, which is very true. He’s a lucky guy who enjoys what he does enough to work as hard as he does, and make a lot of money and get to meet all kinds of famous people, travel the world, etc.. Some people dismiss him as “just” greedy because they’re jealous. Partly it’s just luck, partly he has done a lot of good work, these are things people should try to just accept!

    • Actually, rich dudes don’t always care that much about money, they also tend to have at least a few big hobbies, and I really believe that Dana wouldn’t be in this sport if he didn’t also really like the sport. Even he has to do stuff that he doesn’t like, and often works long hours, but he keeps doing it I believe because he really likes what he does. Just look at how apprehensive he was about getting surgery, despite the fact that he was pretty sick, and how quickly he got back to work when he was recovering. Yeah sure, he’s not necessarily the brightest guy, and he can be a really ass, and maybe he’s kinda greedy too, but he’s an interesting guy, because he cares about what he does, and he’s relatively genuine. He often makes hints about how some of the things he says have a lot of PR spin in them, and he definitely says a lot of shit that’s just off the cuff, and that blend of brash, biased, genuine, often vulgar commentary mixed with the BS, the spin, and the more careful and calculated comments, are a big part of what makes the UFC such a marketable brand. Full on BS and spin, and full on honesty, are both much less effective or feasible in the contemporary business climate for pro sports. There’s a reason why nobody likes Gary Bettman (commissioner of the NHL).

    • Well, I do not know what your point is…UFC is an investment and when you do that, you expect returns and that is what he is doing. He can be an asshole sometimes but that is what makes him interesting

  5. It’s a fight anything can happen, but i think we’ll see a different “spider” this time. I do think Chris makes a great Champ. as for rematches i don’t care to much for them but this one will be different!!

  6. Money boy is a retard that can’t spell

  7. Wine lol what a loser. Learn how to spell. You’re the nerd and a big geek