Evolve MMA to Open its Doors to International Visitors With Vacation Training Program

May 1, 2014
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Evolve Instructor TeamEvolve MMA is home to one of the most decorated coaching teams in the world and the Singapore-based camp will soon be opening its doors to students from all over the world with the launch of the Evolve Vacation Training Program.

According to a press release sent out Thursday, the Evolve Vacation Training Program will provide overseas travellers from around the world the extraordinary opportunity of a lifetime to train under the largest collection of World Champions on the planet while exploring the hidden treasures of one of the most incredible cities in Asia.

The most renowned members of the Evolve MMA Fight Team at present are ONE FC 155-pound champion Shinya Aoki, UFC 155-pound contender Rafael Dos Anjos, former Strikeforce 170-pound champion Tarec Saffiedine, former Bellator 170-pound beltholder Ben Askren, and up-and-coming contenders Eddie Ng, Leandro Issa and Bruno Pucci.

While the coaching staff might not all come from MMA backgrounds, they have big reputations in their own respective fields with former Lumpinee champions Orono Wor Petchpun, Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn, and Attachai Fairtex overseeing the Muay Thai, former WBA champion Yodsanan Sityodtong in charge of the boxing program, and a team of ten BJJ black belts.

The Head Coach of the Evolve Fight Team is former wrestling Olympian Heath Sims who says that guests will get the same treatment as the existing fighters.

“Evolve MMA has the most number of world champion instructors on the planet and now we are formally opening our doors to overseas guests to experience what our students get to experience every day.  Now you can immerse yourself in authentic Asian martial arts, sightseeing, and culture on your next vacation, and unleash your greatness with Evolve MMA.”

For more information about the Evolve Vacation Training Program visit: http://evolve-vacation.com

  • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

    Evolve is acting like a club of a team sport and getting very good to great fighters as pro trainers.

  • onepunch

    A great idea to me. They did it becos many ppl were already interested, therefore a market was born. Some would be just a few days a week whilst on vacation, others would look to join One FC. What better place than Evolve mma. Once they seen how good u r or u able to demonstrate how good u r, well, the doors r open if you’re unsigned. Furthermore, there r those who want to train with the stars and at Evolve, they have in abundance and language is not even a barrier. A great way to open a new market to earn money and why not. Who doesnt want to train with the best? In my view, if Evolve MMA wanted to, they can even enter the mma promotion market as an organization or a combination of mma and muay thai fights in a cage. But they’re not going to do that as long as their relationship with One FC prospers as they currently r. I also believe that they r the most innovative and most profitable gym today. Y? Simply, they were the first to great an mma university for ppl who want to train at their own pace and now this.

  • VM

    I was just in there a couple of days ago and they are STUPIDLY expensive. Like to the tune of 200 dollars a WEEK, which is absurd! The guy’s rationale? Well it’s Singapore, everything is expensive here. Lawl at this s–t.