Every UFC 184 Fighter Drug Tested, Initial Results Garner No Positives

March 27, 2015
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All 22 fighters on the UFC 184: Rousey vs. Zingano event held on Feb. 28 in Los Angeles were drug tested.

California State Athletic Commission executive director Andy Foster on Friday confirmed that every fighter on the UFC 184 card provided urine and blood samples for testing. The news was first reported by Sherdog.com.

Ronda Rousey Cat Zingano UFC 184 weigh-inFoster indicated that the urine samples provided no positive results. The blood test results have not been returned yet, but are likely to come in sometime in the next week.

In addition to the urinalyses and blood tests, one fighter’s sample underwent carbon isotope testing, which is often used to determine whether or not a high level of testosterone result is naturally occurring or due to exogenous supplementation.

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Foster could not reveal the person whose sample was submitted for carbon isotope testing due to privacy laws in California, but he did say that the result of the test indicate no exogenous use. The testosterone levels of the fighter were naturally occurring, according to the test result.

Ronda Rousey and Cat Zingano were each tested outside of competition prior to their main event fight, and each returned clean results in the out-of-competition tests in addition to their fight-night tests.

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