Evans & Sonnen Finally Getting Their Title Shots

January 29, 2012
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The next 205- and 185-pound title fights are set… almost.

When Chael Sonnen and Rashad Evans fought and won their respective fights at UFC on FOX 2 in Chicago, their destinies were mapped out with a chance of gold in them. The only problem is certain factors may prevent those title shots for happening as planned.

Earlier on Saturday night, the UFC announced light heavyweight champion Jon Jones would defend his title in Atlanta at UFC 145 in April. UFC president Dana White made it clear Rashad Evans would get the next nod saying, “He’s the guy who gets the shot. He’s been waiting a long time and he’s the one who deserves it.”

As long as Evans is clear of any longterm injury, he’ll meet Jones in Atlanta. Finally.

“I definitely want to put the rivalry to bed,” Evans said at the post-fight press conference when asked about the pending title fight with his former Team Jackson teammate. “I feel like I can beat Jon Jones. I’ve seen errors in his game I can capitalize on and I know it’s going to be a good fight.”

The UFC 145 pay-per-view is scheduled for April 21 at the Phillips Arena. The last time Evans visited this venue was in 2008 when he walked away with a memorable knockout win over former light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell.

As much as he believes it’s not going to happen, Chael Sonnen will get his rematch with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

White said on the Fuel TV post-fight show on Saturday night that Silva-Sonnen II will take place in June in Brazil. During the post-fight press conference, Sonnen indicated that he’ll believe it when he sees it.

“Do I think that he’ll sign to fight? No, I don’t,” he said. “They’ve offered him the fight four times and he said no four times! Mysteriously, he’s supposed to accept on the fifth? The saying is the third time is a charm. I’ve never heard of fifth time is a charm.”

White also said on the Fuel TV show the Brazil card will probably take place in São Paulo in a soccer stadium. Silva-Sonnen II is a “hot ticket,” according the UFC president, and something the size of a soccer stadium should be able to contain the thousands of fans clamoring to watch their Brazilian champion take on public enemy No. 1.

If everything works out like it’s supposed to, Evans and Sonnen will get the shots they’ve been waiting for. Hopefully for them, nothing else will get in the way.

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  • rainmandnomyar

    I dont see either of these 2 dethroning the reigning champions. Sonnon has a mouth big enough for championship wrestling and the spider will defeat him again. Evans isnt a bad dude but after him *(NOT)* putting away a fighter that was definately out classed last night, I just cant see him beating Jon Jones , because unlike phil davis , jones will be able to use his reach advantage.

    • opposition13

      I disagree about Sonnen, I agree about Evans outclassed. If i was Silva and didnt feel like getting beat up for almost 5 rounds then I wouldnt sign that fight either. I just thought it was chicken crap when he said his rib was broken…..waaaa, what a lame excuse.

      • me vs you

        why does he need an excuse for winning the fight? and it didn’t even go to a decision. oh boy, chael layed on top of him for almost five rounds, but he didn’t do hardly any damage to silva and he got his ass kicked with silva’s elbows from the bottom. in my opinion silva really showed why he is the champion in that fight. he never looked beaten and he finished sonnen with style. you all can whine that silva got beat for five rounds and he sucks, blah blah blah. the fact is, it doesn’t matter if chael beat him up for ten rounds, if silva submits or knocks him out in the last second.

      • bbtakayama

        I totally agree with you, anyone can fight with a cracked or bruised rib, such a minor injury. I bet Silva is so scared of Sonnen. Silva hasn’t beaten anyone nearly as good as Bisping, and only wins boring, controversial decisions. He should keep ducking Sonnen and only fight losers like Dan Henderson and Vitor Belfort.

        Haha, I love the “almost five rounds” what happened in the last couple minutes of the 5th round?

        • TKD

          @ bbtakayama: Can we all take a hit of whatever it is you are smoking???

  • Anthony

    Im with you opp13–I wouldnt be suprised if Silva hung it up and retired. Hes got nothing more to prove. If he retires today he goes down as the greatest p4p in the history of the sport. He gains nothing fighting Sonnen. Liddel tried to stay in the game too long and it kinda tainted his invincible status. Sonnens proven 2 be a tuff style for Silva. Id be very surprised 2 see him take this fight.Remeber: Pride comes before the fall.

    • MrAdidas

      If Silva does NOT fight Sonnen, then I”m sorry but Silva will not be the #1 P4P for long, b/c GSP & Jones will likely defend their title many more times. Silva not fighting at LHW makes not not give Silva the #1 P4P title, the guy fought in the WORST division & never fought many world class fighters. Silva is ALWAYS the bigger, stronger fighter with the longest reach Vs. anyone @ MW. Silva fought smaller guys, with shorter reach, if Silva wants to be #1 P4P he needs to fight @ LHW, so we can see if he is as good as he is, or was he only winning b/c the skill level was average?!? Name me another middleweight (not named Anderson Silva) who was even considered in the top 10 P4P, and then name me one who Silva has fought?!? I can probably pick 2-4 guys from every division who was ranked in the top 10 P4P, ALL EXCEPT…… Middleweight Division.

      Silva will be known as a COWARD if he does not fight Sonnen – FACT!

  • rainmandnomyar

    I just really hate listen to the crap that comes out of sonnens mouth. I do find silva to be boring but atleast he isnt a showboat. Maybe this time he will fool everyone and fight offensively , instead of defensively, Ha ha wouldnt that knock sonnen off his game plan.

    • bbtakayama

      I can’t believe people think Silva is boring. What is boring? His personality? Because you dont speak portugese? Are all of his highlight reel knockouts and submissions what bore you? He has had only 2 of 14 fights in the UFC go to decision. 8 KO’s 3 subs, and one Patrick Cote. Do you want him to get a mohawk and run after people with his hands down and get knocked out 4 times in 6 fights, maybe then he’d be more exciting? Holy sh*t, really? Boring? Post-Matt Serra GSP is boring. Sean Sherk boring. Baseball is boring. What more do you want to see, the flying butt pliers?

      • ToxicDLA

        Haha, well said sir. Silva does have a habit of dancing around and taunting a bit to get in his opponents’ heads and get them to come to him, but the only times looked somewhat unimpressive is when he’s fighting jiu-jitsu specialists who won’t stand with him. He respects a guy who’s dangerous off his back too much to risk getting caught (and he showed Sonnen exactly why by ending his title hopes with a triangle).

    • anderson silva has gone to decision 2 times in the UFC and shown to be by leaps and bounds the best striker in the UFC…countless finishes…how could you ever think hes a boring fighter? sure, the leites fight sucked…mainly because leites flopped on the floor the entire fight…but thats one fight out of a dozen awesome fights…and you say he isnt a showboat? i like anderson but he does have a tendency to be cocky in fights on occassion…i feel like your analysis of AS is completely off…

  • T Spoon

    I’d like to see Silva try to “clown around” with Sonnen. I think Silva might be nervous for this fight, it could throw him off. Sonnen knows what to do to win this fight. As for Jones and Evans, I can’t see Evans winning this at all. Jones is much more of a complete fighter.

    • TKD

      “Sonnen knows what to do to win this fight”…Are you joking? This fight will be nothing like their first fight, so keep dreaming on that!

      As far as Jones goes, I agree with you 100%.

  • Iamrozylo

    Silva went in specifically to submit sonnen last time (when so you ever see him enter the ring in a gi?). Silva will knock sonnen out within the first 2 rounds this time.

    • me vs you

      finally a voice of reason. i agree 100%. sonnen unconscious within first two. chael’s got nothing for silva other than wrestling. the kid can’t knock out silva, he tried and barely raised a bruise.
      silva’s gonna kick the **** out of him

  • kwite11

    I believe sonnen has silvas number, in the first fight silva didn’t do anything until the submission. Sonnen even dropped silva with strikes in the first round idk what fight yah’ll watched but sonnen did a hell of a job against silva. Just cuz he didn’t perform that well against bisping doesn’t mean the guy sucks, every fighter is human and have off days. Sonnen is the real deal, and he proved it the first fight and he will prove it again in the 2nd fight…

    • mmafan99

      Sonnen sucked in this fight because he wasn’t juiced up. Did everyone forget that Sonnen lost the first fight and failed the drug test?

      • xtutx

        TRT does not mean hes using anabolics for an advantage… if he didnt do the TRT he would be at a disadvantage… I wish people would read a ******* book before commenting.

        • TKD

          I wish you Sonnen lovers could understand anything beyond Sonnen’s lame explanation. He is a proven cheater, and always will be looked at as such!

        • he tested for abnormal levels of TRT tho…more then the allowed limit…who knows how much it helped him…but take into consideration silva had a rib injury…it will be very difficult for sonnen tonot only repeat that same performance but do it better this time and actually win…very very hard…i think that was the best sonnen there has ever been and the worst silva we have seen in the UFC and he still fell short…

  • Dave

    Jones was really excited in the post fight saturady night. Jones is so much faster than Phil Davis. Evans could barely get any good shots off due to the reach and poor boxing of Davis, how is he going to over come the amazing speed and accuracy of Jones?

    • TKD

      Evans is going to fold. I will definitely order this fight so I can see Retard Evans get beat worse than he was in the Lyoto fight!

  • mmafan99

    I guess that’s why he was suspended for 6 months. It’s because TRT is legal, right? Homer!

    • TKD

      LOL! Great point!!