Europe is Calling: German Flyweight Rany Saadeh

January 27, 2015
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Europe is Calling…

When you think of the worldwide MMA scene, different countries in the world come to your mind. Brazil, the United States, and Russia are on the front ranks. A region you think of less when reflecting on MMA is Europe.

But there are also a couple of regional talents who could actually make it in a big organization or have even made it already. In a series of articles about the MMA circus in Europe, we would like to present you some of those promising talents.

Let’s start with Central Europe, in particular with Germany. The first talent is a fighter from the flyweight division.

The flyweight division is the home of one of the strongest MMA talents of Germany. It’s Rany Saadeh. The 21-year-old fighter from Berlin holds a record of 6-1 and has won his four most recent fights, three of them for the British organization BAMMA.

In his last fight he secured the organization’s flyweight title with a decision win over Jody Collins.

His only loss came by submission in a fight against undefeated Englishman Pietro “Pitbull” Menga (12-0).

Saadeh’s strength is his stand-up. He earned three of his seven wins early by knockout. Besides his remarkable punching power, he has good movement and can press his opponent hard with kicks from distance and by using his knees.

If we can speak about a weakness, it could be Saadeh’s ground game. Not because his BJJ or wrestling is bad, but because of the lack of opportunity that he has had to show his skills. What we could see in his fights was more than solid, especially his control from dominant positions. One thing that we don’t know yet is if Saadeh is able to manage the game of a top contender with a strong wrestling background. Time will tell.

Nevertheless, Saadeh might belong to the European rising talents in the flyweight division. At the age of only 21, he has already got a ton of international experience and all doors are open to the youngster from Berlin.

Since the UFC will probably return to Germany in May 2015, it would only be logical for Saadeh to be part of the fight card in his hometown of Berlin.

Check out some clips of Rany Sadeeh


BAMMA Title Fight


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  • shakejunt

    ufc should sign the guy that beat him. 12-0 flyweight with decent competition.