ESPN Video: Phoenix Jones, MMA Fighter Turned Real-Life Superhero

March 9, 2015
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MMA fighter Phoenix Jones (aka Ben Fodor) has taken on a new kind of fight — fighting crime on the streets of Seattle. Yes, for real.

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Check it out…

(Video courtesy of ESPN)

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  • TheCerealKiller

    I wonder if UFC/Bellator would sign him without a clause in the contract that he would have to give up the superhero thing?

  • Sir_Roy

    Lol. Fun little expose and good on him for winning his 2 minutes of fame. But c’mon, like I’m not the only one who rolled his eyes just a little? And I loved comics growing up, but a son scraping his knee on broken glass kind of pales to an “uncle Ben” type back story.

    My son scraped his knee … noooooo!!!!!! I shall smite thee criminals! By the honor of my son’s slighted kneecap so do I swear!!! Made me use up a few good bandaids damn you!!!

  • whisper

    Whats cool about him and why I think he’s a super hero is that all that sh*t talking doesn’t deter him from helping his fellow man. He rises above all the smack and jokes and continues to do what HE thinks is right. For that I applaud him. He has a strong mindset and doesn’t let what others say change his focus.
    Good luck with your MMA career Mr. Jones.